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I have a couple of questions. I have been setting up your theme to function as a blog. But there appears to be a problem with how the navigation menu appears at top of the home page.

I would expect the items to appears as a row, running from left to right. Mine appears as a single column to the right of the logo area.

Any ideas? Thanks, Mike

Other questions:

1. When I tried to download your data importer, I get a dead link.

2. My slider only accepts three slider images. Your documentation indicates that up to ten works.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks..

Ok, found the alternative link for sample data in the comments

Hello. Thank you for purchasing the theme. If you still require help with setting it up, please send an email to support@webdesignpla.net

Hello WebDesignPlanet,

I have not been able to contact you in regards the technical problems with your theme. You have not replied to any of my private emails. I am forced to write you again here at the comments page in a public forum.

Please contact me immediately via email so that we can discuss these technical issues.


The issues you mentioned are being taken care of right now.

I tried viewing your demo and was hit with an “exploit virus” threat which my anti V caught

I went to preview your theme and there was an attack on my computer by a virus, luckily picked up by Norton!

Hi!! first of all congratulation for the theme and I have to say that it’s one of the best I’ve ever purchased. I bought the cosmos theme a couple of weeks ago and I have a problem with the main menu. the menu is displaying vertically to the right of the logo instead of horizontally. my web site is http://www.pessebristassumpcio.com/ and I need your help!!!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Your faithfully,

Alex Donate

We sent you an email.

I sent an email to your support address at support@webdesi*.net .

Please let me know if this email is not functioning.

It would be really cool if this was updated for responsiveness. I’ve noticed a lot of older themes on this site getting the treatment. :D

This functionality should be introduced next month.

I have two issues. First issue regards the categories page. When I set up a link to the categories page, the only title that shows is for the first portfolio item vs. showing the category title with subtitles for the portfolio items. Can this be fixed? I have a deadline. http://www.onenationcorp.com/categories/books/

Second issue, the twitter widget is no longer functional.

Please let me know what I need to do in order to get this rectified.

Thanks for your assistance.

Just wanted to give you a heads-up that your live preview doesn’t appear to be working.


We are aware of this issue and we are working to fix it. Thanks for letting us know.

Hi there! I just updated my wordpress version, and my homepage slider disappeared. Do you know why it did this and how to recover it?



We are working on an update to this theme. It should be ready within two weeks from now.

Beautiful theme, no issues, just need to make what I hope is a small change.

On drop down I have a MORE>SPONSORS>SPONSORS (then second choice) PARTNER.

The issue is with the 2nd drop down.. it is displaying to the LEFT of the tree and some of the text is being shoved OFF screen. I could easily solve this if instead of it displaying to the left, it displayed to the right. Is this possible? I’m guessing it’s a CSS adjustment, but not sure what to adjust, please advise.

Hello logosi. Can you please send us an email to support@webdesignpla.net ? Don’t forget to include your website URL!

email sent days ago.

Your demo is not currently working.