CouponHut - Coupons & Deals WordPress Theme

CouponHut - Coupons & Deals WordPress Theme

Version 2.8.2

Create that amazing deals or discounts website with CouponHut, a clean modern responsive design, drag and drop page builder, custom widgets and rating system included.

CouponHut has been expressly designed and developed to create a world’s best practise Coupon and Deals website, powered by the world-wide CMS WordPress

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You need a sticky website so that your visitors engage with your content and share your coupons with their family and friends for a low abandon rate, right? Studies show that today’s users are mostly engaging with web content on their handheld devices.
This means your new website needs to display beautifully across a wide range of different devices; desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets of all shapes and sizes. And who needs the hassle? CouponHut has takes care of all of this for you and more. Developed to cater for the plethora of today’s electronic gadgets, tablets and smartphones leaving you nothing to do, except take over the world with your amazing coupon code deals!

Deals and Coupons

Deals & Coupons

Everyone loves a bargain, and with your new super website chock filled with incredible good deals and coupons.
Of course the basis of CouponHut is built on the solid foundation of a world class eCommerce website, but more on that later, right now what you need to know is that you can do so much with CouponHut right out of the box.
Percentage based discounts, time triggered events and offer expiries, CouponHut has all the smarts, all that is missing is your great offers.


Dedicated Ad Blocks

A great way to increase your passive income on a high traffic coupon and deals website is to offer valuable advertising space to your partners, but who has the time to mess around with tricky CSS or HTML or even worse yet, hack into PHP to get your ads looking right? Ain’t nobody got time for that!
With CouponHut you get a bunch of different easy-to-use Widgets carefully selected to fit the most common ad platforms and sizes so that you can populate your website with classy looking ads in minutes.

Deal Expire

Time Based Triggers

Every good discount hunter loves a time triggered discount – who can resist 50% off that only has five hours remaining?
We have put this information right up front so you can display the expiry as a thumbnail on your homepage and the click through to the full offer has the cool icons, countdown clocks, company information and every element you need to explain your offer.

Rating System

Rating System Integration

A good offer can build your business with a single sale to the right customer. This could be achieved with outbound marketing or affiliate network offers, but nothing works as well today as Word Of Mouth.
This is why it’s crucial to have a rating system built into your website. People today look for that influencer rating in every deal that that make, and we get this. That’s why a Star Rating system has been completely integrated into the core of CouponHut.
No messy coding and no unnecessary Plugins slowing your website down.

Filter Search

Advanced Customer Filters

People love Search! They love to dig around and poke about your website to see if you have what they are looking for. It has to be clear, simple and easy to find, and that is achieved with CouponHut via a series of easy to use, yet very advanced built in Filters.
Use a slider to unveil what expires first, show a series of dropdowns to select a particular brand, category or company. It’s all right here, right out of box.

1 Click Demo Install

Pre-built Pages

You want to get up and running fast, so we built a series of the most common pages that are going to create the foundation of any coupon and deals website. These pages have been carefully created to suit the specific situations you need, we know you are going to love them.

Page Builder


Need to create a specific element on a particular page and then create it on other Posts, Pages or the entire site easily? We did too, that’s why we packed CouponHut full of amazing Shortcodes that will help you achieve your dreams with simplicity and sophistication.

Shortcodes are exactly what they sound like – a series of pre-built code snippets that you can use anywhere you see the Text Editor in the backend of WordPress. It’s as simple as Copy and Paste in Word, yet what you can achieve is pretty neat.

Buttons, Blockquotes, Accordions that expand when clicked and so much more.

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More Features

  • WordPress 4.4+ Ready
  • Membership registrations.
  • Rich Snippets
  • Rename “Deal” post type
  • Rename “Deal Company” and “Deal Category” taxonomies
  • Fully Responsive
  • Built with Bootstrap 3
  • Extremely Easy to Setup
  • 1 Click Demo Install
  • SEO Optimized
  • Clean & Minimalistic Design
  • 700+ Google Fonts
  • WPML Support and Translation Ready – *.po and *.mo files included
  • Custom CSS Field
  • 2000+ Iconsmind Premium Icons
  • Threaded Post-Comments
  • Free Updates
  • Documentation & Theme Support

10 Page Templates

  • Browse Companies
  • Browse Deals
  • Browse Categories
  • Expiring Deals
  • Popular Deals
  • Front Page
  • Blog
  • Contact
  • Full Width
  • Page With Sidebar

10 Custom Widgets

  • Daily Deal
  • Deal Companies
  • Deal Categories
  • Deal Filter
  • Deal Search
  • Mailchimp
  • Image
  • Social
  • Recent Posts
  • Twitter

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Support covers getting setup, trouble using any features, and bug fixes. Send your questions via the Support tab of the theme. We’ll do everything I can to help, as far as it’s not connected with 3rd party plugins or modifications.

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Latest Updates

Version 2.8.1 – 14.02.2017

- Added Image Carousel Shortcode
- AJAX Search Deals fix
Changed Files

Version 2.8 – 05.02.2017

- Removed cart from nav menu widget
- Add notice when there is an error with theGoogle  API key
- Fixed "Hide Cart Icon" option
- Fixed "Print" image in WooCommerce Orders
- Fixed Company filter search
- Sort Deals Filter Fix
- Added pricing checks in content-deal.php
- Google API notice moved to the back-end
- Image Widget Field - Remove Image button
Changed Files
- assets/js/scripts.js                               
- .../shortcodes/shortcodes/latest-deals/options.php 
- .../theme/options/general-settings.php             
- inc/hooks.php                                      
- lang/theme.pot                                     
- loop/content-deal.php                              
- loop/loop-deals.php                                
- partials/content-sort-deals.php          
- single-deal.php    
- style.css                            

Version 2.7 – 21.11.2016

- Higher image resolution
- [Edit] deal button fix
- Fix disappearing featured image
- Fix iOS bugs
- Fix image blur 0px
- Mobile fixes
- Added pricing checks in content-deal.php
- Google API notice moved to the back-end
- Image Widget Field - Remove Image button

Version 2.6.9 – 02.10.2016

- More precise Google Maps cities
- Fixed typo in hooks.php line 616 - "show_updates" 
- Content/Excerpt Fix
- Added Google Maps marker tooltip for single deals
- Submit deal without registration option fix
- Child theme stylesheet fix
Changed Files
- inc/helpers.php         
- inc/hooks.php           
- loop/content-post.php   
- single-deal.php         
- style.css               
- template-submit-deal.php

Version 2.6.8 – 12.09.2016

- Fixed duplicating company name check and user is no longer able to change his company name after doing it once
- Latest Deals shortcode now doesn't show expired deals
Changed Files
- inc/hooks.php
- inc/includes/class-wc-submitted-deals-tab.php
- style.css 
- template-submit-deal.php

Version 2.6.7 – 30.09.2016

- "My Company" page fix
- Bug fixes
Changed Files
- inc/hooks.php
- inc/includes/class-wc-submitted-deals-tab.php
- style.css 

Version 2.6.6 – 25.09.2016

- Submitted Deals/My Company Pages 404 Fix
- Front-end Edit Deal not working fix
- Added "Unyson Editor Shortcodes " support
- Updated *.pot file
Changed Files
- framework-customizations/theme/manifest.php   
- inc/hooks.php                                 
- inc/includes/class-wc-submitted-deals-tab.php 
- inc/includes/class-wc-user-company-tab.php    
- inc/widgets/twitter/class-widget-twitter.php  
- lang/theme.pot                                
- single-deal.php                               
- style.css                                     
- taxonomy.php                                  
- template-submit-deal.php                                  

Version 2.6.5 – 17.09.2016

- Added: Option for sidebar in Submit Deal page
- Added: Submit Deal form doesn't submit deals when the user hasn't entered his company name
- Added: Each Company can have only one user
Changed Files
- .../theme/options/general-settings.php      
- inc/helpers.php                             
- inc/hooks.php                               
- .../deal-filter/class-widget-deal-filter.php
- partials/content-header-screen.php          
- style.css                                   
- template-submit-deal.php                    

Version 2.6.4 – 09.08.2016

- Included ACF as a plugin
- trim() on the Google API request
- Deleted default "SubsolarDesigns" twitter name
- Make the single deal header box content in `do_shortcode()` function
Changed Files
- Every file containg "get_field()" and "get_sub_field()" is changed
- Deleted includes/inc/acf directory 
- Deleted includes/inc/init.php       

Version 2.6.3 – 29.08.2016

- Hide "Submit Deal" fix
- "Submitted Deals" and "My Company" child fix
- WP All Import - additional field fir EU date format
- Deals with expired date still shownig fix
Changed Files

Version 2.6.2 – 10.08.2016

- Added notice in the option panel for the "Register as Company" to enable the WooCommerce user registration
- Fixed deals categories and companies pagination nug
- TGMA Fix
- WooCommerce Endpoints Fix
- *.pot localization file
Changed Files
 deleted lang/
 deleted lang/en_US.po

Version 2.6 – 18.07.2016

- Documentation Additions
- Single Deal list item styling
- Option for deal submit by registered members (not as a company)
- hooks.php, function_exists check
- "Show Sidebar in Categories and Companies Archive Pages" fix