Discussion on CouponHut - Coupons & Deals WordPress Theme

Discussion on CouponHut - Coupons & Deals WordPress Theme

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How long it will take to install?

Installing is quick and there is a one click demo install included (doesn’t include demo images).

Hi please tell me how to change or add “cities” and “countries” on search header???

Cities and countries are automatically populated from the locations that are chosen for each deal.

I want to change the city name that is “Dallas” to “Dallas Fort – Worth” can you please help me ?? I can’t find any option to change city name

The names are automatically taken from Google Maps, there is no option to rename them.

Please update the CouponHub Theme to latest version in Envato Elements as it shows last update 5.1 Thanks

Thank you for the feedback. It is now updated.

How to edit featured Coupons?

Can you please rell me how to change single deal page social media icons?

can you please tell me how to change header search bar “city” and “contries” please it’s urgent

Please contact us via the Support tab of the theme here and describe the issues you are having in details. Thank you.


glibert Purchased

Hello Good day.

I’ve got a message from the plugin Advance Custom field Pro asking for the license key to update to new version?

Where can i find the license key to update the ACF Pro plugin because some features are malfunctioning.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

License key is not available as it cannot be issued in theme. You will need to purchase it or just wait for a theme update that will include the latest version of ACF Pro.

Hi. We are having this error on the homepage.

Note! Make sure than you have published one (and only one) page that uses the “Browse Deals” Template.

You will need to create a page with the Browse Deals set as template. Take a look at this section in the documentation – https://subsolardesigns.com/documentation/couponhut/#browse-deals-and-companies-pages

Hii, pre Sale Qsn

1-Would like to make a website that Offers on food, spa, restaurants, hotels deals can I customize the theme this way, do you have ready made demo 2-does it have paid memberships for users and can they redeem the offers they want the moment they want them! In restaurants or other service? Thanks


Maybe you will find our other theme -CouponSeek (https://themeforest.net/item/couponseek-deals-discounts-wordpress-theme/21816376) – to be more in line with what you search for.

You will also probably need the paid WooCommerce PDF Vouchers plugin in addition to our theme. You can find it here – https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-pdf-vouchers-ultimate-gift-cards-wordpress-plugin/7392046 .

To see if it has the features you need, take a look at its documentation – https://docs.wpwebelite.com/woocommerce/woocommerce-pdf-vouchers/.

how can we make money with this theme? Can we use on local store?

You can use it with all kind o stores and publish their deals.

I tested your search filter and have a few questions: 1. is it possible to add more search options, for example you have a city and a country, I also need an area-region. 2. I tested the search and noticed that I can’t select a city if I don’t select a country first. the question is, how does the search filter work? I’m under the impression that it pulls this data from google maps and doesn’t enter the field when companies are added as part to be entered. so in this case, if I’m right, it can be said that if I don’t want maps, I won’t have cities and states in the filter. Am I right? please explain


1. You will need to customize the theme in order to add move search options and filters.

2. The search filters pull the data out of all the deals you have on your website. So depending on what location you have selected for the deals, those Countries and Cities will appear in the filter. If no location is set for any deal, no countries or cities will be shown in the search bar.

Hello dear friend. The theme I bought from you is installing, but when you go to your Plugin settings, you will see this message “Install theme compatible extensions”, but when you choose to download additional plugins of this theme, you will get an error that cannot download 4 plugins (Page Builder, Breadcrumbs, Backup & Demo Content, WordPress Shortcodes). Hope you will take the time to support me to complete the installation. Thanks

Hello, the WooCommerce warnings are not a bug. There is nothing to worry about, the theme will work correctly anyway. They will be removed in the next theme update.

Hello I’m waiting for this update to fix the bugs where I can’t edit the pages, I’ve been waiting so long. Please give me the answer so that I can operate the web smoothly. I have sent you more error information in the support email but have not received a response yet. Looking forward to your interest soon. Thanks

We have answered you via the email ticket.

Hello, is there a way to disable email notification whenever I edit a deal? I only want the email notification for newly created deals. Thanks!


Are you using wordpress.com as a service? If so there is an option in Settings > Writing which you can disable so you don’t receive notifications – “Send an email when a post or page changes”.

Question before buying:
I need options like in the picture: Print coupon; or download as images.
1. Does your theme have these options built in?
2. What addons do I need to add these features?



Yes, the theme comes with the functionalities that are shown in the online demo. For each deal you can attach an image which can be used as a coupon code. This is a built in feature of the theme.

Hi, I have just sent a message in SUPORT area, my visual editor is not working!


Answered via email.

I have a couple of questions before I buy. We are looking for a website solution that will compliment a printed coupon book in multiple local markets. All the coupons will be for local businesses (think pizza places, etc).

1. Is there a way to set up these coupons for redemption in person? For example scanning a barcode, qr code or some other way at a physical location?

2. Is there a way to insure that each individual user can only redeem 1 coupon and not reuse it multiple times?


Hello, thank you for your interest in CouponHut, unfortunately the theme supports only 1 coupon code per deal, and no QR redeem.

For these features, we recommend you our other theme CouponSeek ( https://themeforest.net/item/couponseek-deals-discounts-wordpress-theme/21816376 ) and the WooCommerce PDF Vouchers plugin ( https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-pdf-vouchers-ultimate-gift-cards-wordpress-plugin/7392046 ).

is it support RTL ?

Unfortunately, CouponHut doesn’t natively support RTL support. You can implement such feature using plugins or hiring a freelancer.

can i use this theme on multilabel websites ?

Yes, you should have no problems using it on such website,

There is no platforme of support (just mail), and answering requests takes a lot of time. 1- the menu of categories does not support a sub-categories and display them as parent cat ! how to display a menu with categories and sub-cat? 1-i activated the woocommerce feature but when you add deal to cart , there is no action and the page went blank !!

Hello, we answered to your support ticket.

Cada empresa puede publicar su propio cupón pagando una membresía?

Each company can publish its own coupon by paying a membership?


There is no membership fee feature in the theme. You will need a freelancer to implement that for you. The theme is also compatible with WooCommerce Memberships ( https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-memberships/ ) and Wooommerce Subscriptions ( https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-subscriptions/ ) plugins, which can also help you to create the feature that you request.

Hello, do you offer any extra customization service ? Also, what page builder can i use ?


We do not any further customizations services outside of what support provides. As for the page builder – the theme uses the Unyson page builder.

You can read more about the theme and its functionalities in its documentation: http://subsolardesigns.com/documentation/couponhut/