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Thanks for the update FinalDestiny! Sounds good, I’m eager to purchase ;)


I would like to buy this Couponize Template, but i just want small modification on this layout, i just want you to remove mobile enable css, i want same how it will look in web browser same should display in mobile too.

Please let me know if this is possible if i will buy the template, then today itself i will buy this. Waiting for your reply.

Note: This layout should work same to same for all browser, e.g IE 7,8,9, FireFox, Chrome

Thanks, Raj

Hello. That’s not possible, the foundation framework is responsive-only.

is there any css or js if i will remove those still it will work as a web browser view on mobile also?

Everything is based on percentages, so there’s no easy way to NOT make it responsive. This is a standard, why wouldn’t you want it to look good on mobile devices and tablets as well?

WordPress version is ready and was submitted to ThemeForest. :) Should be up by tonight or by the beginning of the next weekend.

Any updates to wordpress version?

it’s waiting approval

WordPress version available here :)


The WP-version has a page of a specific coupon. It would be great to add it here.

Hello. I’ll consider it for the next version

Great! When will it be released?

I don’t know, sorry.

Hi My slide show stopped sliding help will be really appreciated.

Hello. Please post your problems using the account you used to purchase the theme.

Hi, how delete the option to remove images on the slider in the responsive? Thanks

When you do resize (530×728) pictures disappear in SLIDER. Are only text. I need that images look.

Please see this image:

can you help me?

Hello. Please post your URL

Hi there,

I would like to change the height of the flexslider but i can’t figure out how I can reduce the height to 250 insted of 350 how I can do that ?

What’s your URL?

I dont have a URL yet but I tried to change it with your original files and I can’t reduce the height of the flex slider on the homepage. Would be great if you can tweek it and send me the zip files updated in my email.

You should go to style.css and edit the height for .main-slider

it’s currently set to 350px for desktop

FinalDestiny, how do you make the Submit Coupon on the home page move to only registered users to submit content and charge for submission???

I haven’t bought it yet, i need to make sure it does what i want. You have the submit button on the front page and that doesn’t work for what i need. Can you please answer the question if it can be moved??

I paid for this and its not installing, its says could not find compatible plugins. I think i have installed the current WordPress.

Hello, you have bought the HTML template, the WordPress version can be found here . HTML template is plain static and doesn’t have dynamic functionality


I am trying to create dynamic html using javascript

I have created the li tag which appends successfully in the ul tag.

In the debugger tool I can see the HTML code but nothing is shown on the slider.

Below is a sample code.

div class=”popular-companies flexslider” ul class=”rr slides” id=”store-list” /div


Looking forward to receive your reply.


Unfortunately I can’t understand what you want to do, but I think it’s related to customizing the theme, unfortunately I can’t provide support for customization requests.

Hello FinalDestiny ! ! !

You are doing a great Job . . . A small doubt before placing an order. When we install a wp version we will be having a backend dashboard where we manage all coupons i.e adding stores, coupons, etc . . . But in HTML version how will i be able to add stores , coupons ?

Thank you

Hi. HTML version is static, you’ll need to add them in the source code, there’s no way to dynamically add them

I dont see the php process.php contact form file. Please help!

Hello, if you saw it in the documentation, it’s a mistake on my end, as there’s no built-in contact form integrated in the theme :) you can use a 3rd party plugin for that

I want to buy this theme. Can you please tell me that which language its built. Can I install it ?? Will I need any developer to install this theme ?? Can I add coupons and store after installing it ?? Please revert soon. Thanks

Hello. This is the static version, it doesn’t have any functionality, just the look/design. If you want functionality, you’ll need to get the WordPress version which can be found here .

The WP version is in english but it can be translated in any language you want using the po/mo language files. Installing it is easy if you’re familiar with WordPress, it’s also included in the documentation.

Can you help me as I am unable to assign logo to a created category? There doesn’t seem to be an option to browse and select an image.

Hi, please post your question using the account you used to purchase the theme

Hello, I have a php rebate/coupon website that is not responsive and will like to purchase this template for it. Can you take a look at my website and let me know if this template is compatible?

Hello! This is a HTML template and will come as seen on the demo, with the same content and everything, it’s possible to integrate it with your content and make it dynamic, but requires quite some customization

this use a cms?

Hello, no, it’s a HTML template.

This Html template has the update as Wordpress template (popup coupon etc)?

Hello, no.

=/ Any expected to launch?

It will not be added in the HTML template, those features are just for the WordPress version

hi im new to this ..this ..what is easier HTLM or Wordpress version..i need to use it in french do you have laguage pack and do you have videos on you tube to teach me how to use your template..thks

Hello. HTML isn’t dynamic and for every modification you’ll need to edit the code, the WordPress version is easier and the admin panel can be used to add new coupons and posts. No videos are available, but it’s the same as the normal WordPress posts / pages, nothing different.

Show coupon needs 2 clicks before popup is shown. Firefox 42.0. Chrome works fine.

Hello. what OS?

Windows. anyway, solved it. Added Touchstart solved it.

//closing the box if the user clicks outside it jQuery(document).on( “mousedown touchstart”, function(e)

This also solved the “cannot close popup” on IOS safari