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I have installed the theme but the feature image is no longe loading and loads text.



Hello, sorry for the very late reply, what’s your URL?


Considering purchasing this theme as it looks great, but noticed it has not been updated in awhile. Is it compatible with WP 4.9.x?


Hi, yes, it will work fine, sorry for the very very late reply :(

why last update in 2014 ?

Hello there, sorry for the very late reply. I didn’t release any update because the theme works just fine with the latest WordPress version,, without needing any update :)

Hi, I modified the template and everything. but the problem is when i change the site language to arabic, the posts doesn’t appear anymore. So I have to keep it in english but it makes me to have problems inside the posts . they don’t look good.

Hello there and sorry for the late reply. Can you post here a URL where the posts aren’t looking good? :)

no it’s not about that, the problem is when I change the language of the website from english to arabic, the posts doesn’t appear anymore unfortonately ..

hi, one question. does the theme allow to sell coupons? i’d like users to pay for posting their coupons but for what I see in demo you just add coupons for free nor user registration, am I right? please let me know.

Hi, this feature isn’t available I’m afraid. It can be implemented, but only with a 3rd party plugin for the payments, the theme only lists the coupons

Hello, my images for coupons are coming out blurry… - why are they showing up blurry. what should be the size for coupon image? Thank you so much

Hi ! I’m interesseting by your theme. But in the description, i don’t see if in the package there is the page “add coupon”. This possibility is very important for me. That is to say that the internaut can add coupons ? Tank you for your answer. best regards.

Hello and sorry for the very late reply. Yes, the “Add coupon” page is included within the theme purchase

I want to convert my coupon website which is based on WP coupon theme. can I convert it couponize?

Hello there, sorry for the very late reply. This would be possible only if you’d migrate the coupons manually, as each theme is differently coded.

How do I go about change the URL structure from to

Hello there, this is not possible as those are the default WordPress URL’s for the “category” taxonomy.

hello dear i was install the theme and added some coupons but it didn’t appear in the home page please help..

It seems like there’’s a problem with your language, because if I switch to English, everything works out fine. Unfortunately I can’t guarantee support with RTL languages currently, sorry for the inconvenience. If you want to keep using that language in the dashboard, you can request a refund and I will approve it.

:( .. I sent a refund request , please accept.

Hi FinalDestiny,

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” I’m sorry if this comment distrubs you “

Please send me the problem along with a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile, sorry for the late reply.