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hey my website doesn not look anything like the demo provided also your documentation is incompetent to solve my queries and also there is a missing custom fields option in your documentation I need lots of help with your theme.

1. font does not look anything like the demo

2. how to add category images?

3. how to divide reveal offe,r show coupon, visit offer

my wordpress is installed at

krates jaques98

Please remove my earlier comment I did not know it was public I have figured out the rest two points only problem is font looks really bad please help

also GD Star rating is not working on my coupons and also I dont see the video next to subscribe now


1 & 2, I see they look identical to my demo, what’s the problem?

3) Show Coupon will show up if you only have the coupon text added. Reveal offer will show up if you have both a coupon text and an URL, it will redirect the user to that URL. And visit offer will show up if you only add an URL

Hi, Where do i apply my licence key in couponize theme ?

Hi, no need to apply the license key anywhere :)


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purchase code : a4f9a55c-5b9f-49bd-8d40-78c9857ce91d

some questions : 1) how translate the calendar ( on submit coupon frontend for example ) 2) vertical dotted line on item are not visible like on the demo. please check : how fix it ? 3) How can users suscribe and see and edit their deals ?

Best regards, Nathan

Hi, the /general/ link isn’t working. As for the frontend coupon submit, what’s the URL you’re using for it? Can you provide a sample account so I can login as a test user?


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Other question : How to change coupon page url to Is it possible ?

Hi. It’s possible, but requires a good deal of customization in order to achieve that. You will need to replace every occurence of “coupon” post type to bon-plan and replace single-coupon.php to single-bon-plan.php and then reset the permalinks. If you’re not familiar with coding / WordPress, I’m afraid there’s no easy way of doing it


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Can I ‘re-activate’ an ‘expired’ deal and ‘keep the same url’ & extend the expiry date? That’s the only question I have before I buy this awsome theme!


duapay Purchased

May I please get a quick reply, I’m just waiting for my answer before I make a buying decision!

Hi. Sure, you can modify the expiry date anytime from the coupon dashboard page


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Is this theme SEO optimized? Is the coupon title the title tag on Google search engine? Is the coupon description the title description from SEO perspective? In the sitemap.xml, what are the categories, coupon categories or popular companies or both? Again, Can I re-activate the expired deal and keep the same URL and further extend the expiry date?? Thanks

Hi. Yes, this is SEO optimised. And you can always install a 3rd party plugin such as Yoast

Coupons from some pages eg. this just disappear even if set expire “never” but when I go to edit and update the page discount codes appear again.

Hi, please post your question using the account used to purchase the theme


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Hi, I have purchased this theme but I’m unable to install it on my wordpress site. This is the error message I get from WP. “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”

What do I do? Thanks


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duapay Purchased

I have 4 categories and want to show only 2 under the ‘popular companies’. Note: ‘Popular companies’ that appears on the home page at the bottom as a slider and not as a ‘widget’. I have figured out how to display a selected number of categories under the popular companies “widget”. Help me with the one in the ‘home page’?


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duapay Purchased

Please reply ASAP! I have added an image to a category and when I add coupons under that category, I don’t see the coupons when I click on the same category!! When I click on the category, all I see is the category image and not the coupons!! However, I do see the coupons on the home page! Please reply ASAP. Thanks

Hi, please send me your issue via the contact form on my profile, including also the URL and a WordPress admin account

Hey, could you help me?

>how to apply css (font, font-size, text-color) on: coupon title coupon discount coupon button text and link on blog posts (specifically on blog posts)

> is there a way to limit the number of “categories” shown in the button “browse”?

If you can, please check



The selectors are, as follows:

coupon title: .item-thumb h2

coupon discount .item-thumb .value.secondary

coupon button text: a.input.secondary, span.input.secondary

as for the link, i’m not sure what link you’re reffering to


i like your theme -

Can you recommend a good plugin for for this?

I would like something that: Can offer cashback and / or donate functionality.

Thanks Daniel

Hello. Good plugin for what? I don’t understand.


denos89 Purchased

Hello! I manage the website I would like to have the last 5 published articles on the slider under the sliders, how can I do it? Thank you!

Hi, the website isn’t loading for me. But unfortunately if you want to modify the default home page template, you’ll need to customize it

when i install the theme why will show The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

Hi, you will need to upload the theme via FTP. Your host upload_limit is lower than the archive size. Or you can contact your web host to increase the upload_max_filesize

Hi, I just wanna ask how to make a form like this -> and link it to the “ADD COUPON” button. What plugin to use to make a form like that? Thanks!

ok I will send it now, thanks


thank you so much! :)

Three quick questions before buying:

1. in the carousel: is it possible to change the width of the screen on mobile devices, i.e. show only a single item at a time? (important) 2. can ALL text passages be translated into a different language? (important) 3. is there a native way to get rid of “main-slider-wrap” in the header or do I have to manually do it in CSS? (nice to have)

Thanks :)


1) I’m afraid that’s not possible by default

2) Yes

3) Either CSS or you can remove it directly from the php code

Hey sir, how are you?

I have a question, I can use this theme just if I have a wordpress plan? Or I can upload the theme with wordpress free plan?

If I need a plan…what plan? Personal, Premium or Business?

Hi. I’m not exactly sure what you mean, WordPress is free to use, you’ll need a domain name, a hosting and WordPress which can be downloaded from On you can’t use 3rd party themes like the ones from ThemeForest

Hi, I want to create NEW COUPONS and POPULAR COUPONS slides that is similar to demo. So, please teach me how to set up them.