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The previous post link does not work. I have posted lots of codes already but somehow when you try to look at on the previous post. Link does not work! So therefore you cannot view the old post you have posted.

Advice on this?

Hello. Can you please send me your problem along with a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile?

i have a article site which is not wordpress, will it work on my site http://www.indiagrowing.com/coupons

Hi. well, you will need to manually import all the content yourself into WordPress, it will require some work, there’s no automatic migration process

Just bought the Couponize theme.

Is there a quick start guide?

I’ve already installed it, but I seem to have a sidebar on my homepage?

Also have do you add a companies info (not copuon) like you have for Modena?

My site is www.vouchercodefinder.co.uk

Hello! You’ll need to create a new page with the Homepage page template and select it as your homepage in Settings > Reading

As for the other question, I’m confused, I don’t have any Modena theme

Hi, I have some pre-sale questions. I see you show coupons in a list view. Is it possible to show coupons in grid view like the widgets on your front page?

Also is it possible to show grid view of companies and not coupons? I want the front page to be one big grid with companies and when you click on them you go to the company page and see their deals. Is that doable?

Because I see you already have the part where you click on the company and see their deals. But anyway to do what i need?


Hello, unfortunately that’s not possible by default. All the pages that are available are already on the demo, there’s no hidden stuff.

Hi, how can I earn money with this kind of website?

Hi. You can buy this theme and start promoting products from other websites that pay you if you find them customers.

e.g. Some stores will give you a link to promote their products and, if you find a buyer that will buy a product using your link, you will get credit. You can use amazon or any other website that pays you to promote their products

By using categories either I can use them as Coupon Categories like Laptops, TVs etc. OR I can use them for store pages like Amazon, Walmart. I want to use both the things Coupon Categories as well as Store Pages. Can you help me in that please?

Hi, categories are meant to be used as stores, as the demo shows, it’s not possible by default to use them both, sorry.

Pre-sale questions: Can I as Admin limit how long the coupons can last on my site? Can coupons be listed by location (Or search by location)? Can people pay to post?

Hello. Coupons don’t expire in the theme, they can’t be listed by location and requiring payments for posting can be achieved, but with a 3rd party plugin, since this is related to functionality and not to the theme :)

Pre-sale questions:

1) Can the users, register in my site? if not by defect, what plugin think you that can do it? because i want the users have a perfil with the coupons that they was see, is say, the user in his profile can see the coupons that he see in other moment for example. Or that the user can keep the coupons that he think are important for him and he wants see the coupon in other moment.

2) I see in the demo in the down of the coupon that put for comment you need logged in to post* i can redirect the url for my personal register form?? or the register form is the newsletter signup… i dont undertand this…

3) Can i put a register form for the users can add coupons??

If i need a plugin of 3º, please, can you say me what plugin can do it??

4) Can i put Categories?? for example when put Companies, i want put Categories, for example, MADRID, BARCELONA, ZARAGOZA, etc… and the user that want add coupon, can put a categorie of this. Understand me? thanks.

Thanks, and wait.

Hi, I can leave some screenshots, but can’t provide direct access to our demo due to security reasons.

ok, thanks. where i can see the screenshots? thanks. =)

i have, sent to you in private message Freecharge Promo Code

Hello, Page 2 & onwards giving 404 errors for all tag pages. http://www.ecouponswala.in/tag/amazon-discount-coupons/page/2

I have answered there

Thanks, Working Now…

Please delete this comment. I was mistakenly typed my login info here & the re edit it.

Theme hasn’t been updated for two years?

Hi, the theme works fine with the latest WordPress versions.


I am interested in this template but before buying it, I have a few questions:

- Is it possible to change the /coupons/ word in the URL of each coupon with another word for example /comparer-cashback/ ?

- The template is updated again today ?

Thank you in advance !


1) You can change it, but it would require quite some customization in lots of files. if you’re familiar with PHP, it shouldn’t be hard, but if you’re not familiar with coding, it’s not that easy

2) I’m not sure what you mean. The theme is fully supported, it wasn’t updated because it works perfectly with all the recent wp updates

Okay, I’ll buy the template. Can you detailing me all the files to edit ?

Hi, please post a new message with your question so I can verify the purchase

is there’s a way where the buyer send a message to all merchants asking for future deal?

Hi, that’s not possible, sorry


I would like to turn off Related posts in the theme. I’m not finding the option in the theme options or Word Press options. Is there a way to turn off related posts for this theme, if so where is the option?


Hi, you can add this to style.css

.single-related {
display: none;

lbj56 Purchased

Hello, Could you please advise me how to set up the custom fields for Coupons. They are not outputting values as expected:


lbj56 Purchased

Realized it was because the WP All Import plugin free version did not allow. Now my issue is that all dates are importing with 01/01/1970 so my coupons are all “Expired”. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi, the theme uses a custom field to set the expiration date, I’m not sure how that plugin works, but it will need to be modified in order to use the custom field used by the theme in order to store the expiration date. I can’t offer further support for 3rd party plugins I’m afraid.

Hello, master! I’d setup “pauseOnHover” on main.js but when I use Chrome (last version on windows) it is not working. Is there another way to pause the carousel? And about change the cycle of the animation from “slide and pause” to a continuous sliding items?


Hi. Does it work on all the other browsers except chrome? Have you tried clearing the browser cache?


igorx81 Purchased

Hi, after one of the last WP update (some months ago, I can’t remember the version the problem started with, now I’m using 4.6.1.) the expiration date is no more being saved in the database. And if I update an old coupon date, the _single_date value is deleted.

Can’t find out why this happens. Thanks

Hi, sorry for the very late reply. Are you sure you don’t have any other plugin conflicting with that custom field?

preview link hacked man!