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Hi, I recently purchased your template and noticed the search bar is not hooked up to anything and I didn’t see any documentation about it. Is there a file a need to edit to hook it up, or do I need to find my own search solution?


Thanks for showing interest in our template.

The theme do not support the search functionality, as we have planned this for normal HTML users. But you can easily add Google search in our template.

Mannat Studio

Hello again,

It’s your friendly pain in the backside again :)

Just a quick question – I’ve been testing the contact form, and when I get notified of the email message, I see the name & email, but the message itself doesn’t show up in the body of the email.

Can you advise how I might correct this?

Thanks as always,


We check it twice time on our end. The form is displaying its body message. I think you should try it with real message. :)

Hi again,

Thanks for your note above, and happy new year :)

I’ve tested this several times here - – but although I receive an email, the phone & comment is not appearing in the email body.

Obviously it’s important that this works.

You can see the source of the PHP file here – Can you tell my why the email body (comment & phone) aren’t appearing and how to resolve this?

Best wishes


Let me check it for you. :)

I am having the same problem as bumpandbeyond. I am receiving the email from the contact form but the message is not displaying. The name, email address, and subject are though. the content of the message isn’t.

Hello blulo,

Thanks for showing interest in our template. The bumpandbeyond need an extra field of email in contact which we don’t have. So we check it many times here, and form is displaying all fields correctly. If you mail me i can send you screenshot of form.

Mannat Studio :)


Just a quick question about the boxed version. I have added “boxed” to the body class, though it looks nothing like the demo on themeforest. The site is left aligned and has no side shadow. There is also no background to some areas of the site. I have tested this both your original and my edit file. Please let me know if there is code missing or a file.

Just reply you on email :)


Fantastic theme and beautifully coded. It has been a pleasure to use this template – thankyou.

Rated 5 stars and highly recommended.


Thanks for this lovely comment. :) Glad you like our work.


Thanks for your amazing work on this theme. I love it!

What portion of the script is responsible for the smooth scrolling? I’d like to make some changes but I can’t seem to locate it?

Thanks again!

Please contact from our profile page for support. Also elaborate your question :)

I’ve contacted you through PM about adding fields in the contact form.

thanks. I’ve resent my inquiry and explained further my problem is. I just want direction if I wanted to add new fields in the contact form, no need to validate.

hi, have you received my message? I still havent got any response.

Reply your mail :)


Could you please explain how this theme can be clubbed with a shopping car (CMS integration).

Also the demo and the screenshots dont actually show how Coyote theme can be used as an e commerce site. Could you please point out or share with me screen shots for me to see its integration with e commerce (shopping website).

I really love the theme and would like a quick feedback as im interested in purchasing a theme suitable for e commerce urgently. Does it provide integration with e-commerce?

-Tanvi Shah

Reply you on mail :)

Very well designed template – really love it-

I just want to ask about maps section. How can i put a marker on that map?

Please refer to the map author website given in the Google map JavaScript file. From there he demonstrate how to add marker on map. :)


I’ve been experiencing an issue with the menu not working on Android phones/tablets. You tap it and nothing happens. I tested this on a desktop scaled down to mobile size and it seems to be an issue with Google Chrome.

Also, is there a way to disable the double tap feature for displaying the navigation on mobile devices? It works on iOS devices no problem, but I’d rather not have the toggle and just have it show up with 1 tap.


Sorry to be persistent but I’d really appreciate a reply. Thanks.

The support is only provided through profile page contact form. :)

I already submitted a request and never received a reply. That’s the only reason why I used this comments section.


Hi, how can i set the same transition effect for all the slides? I want the fade effect not random.


For Which slider you want this effect to work. :)

I mean the main slider in the main page.

Please contact us from our profile page contact form, let us send you setting over there. :)

How can I add a checkbox to the contact form?

Hi, I want to buy your theme, but I need to have it fully responsive. It looks it’s not works. Here is screen from my nexus 5 -> and when I emulate any device via google chrome emulator it looks the same, not responsive. Fan you fix it please? Thank you

Please remove themeforest Iframe. :) Or check here

Has anyone who has purchased this theme been able to add a marker to the map? I have asked the developer for help but after telling me to go to a link I can’t find in a jquery file, they are no longer responding.

I’m sure it’s really simple, just wondering if anyone here has found a fix?

Hello papastevesey,

We are making a big update to the theme including this issue too. Please have some passion this week we will release the next version. :)

Never mind…I figured it out. If anyone wants to know how, just pm me and I’ll send you the code.

can’t enable boxed layout. please send me instructions

Replied you on mail. :) Thanks

yes, I wrote you back and sent a link to the installation. Didn’t you receive that message?? Replacing the ‘wide’ class with ‘boxed’ is not working right. The responsive function are not working right, no shadwos are visible

You only missing the box-shadow effect. i have mailed in detail about the changes. :)