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Thanks bro :)

Clean work! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Thank you so much AirTheme :)

Great work -

Thanks mate :)

Nice work. Good luck with sell!

Thanks mate :)

Thanks mate :)

Looks good guys… quick question: What’s the knock on effect of removing the blog preview on the various home pages? Particularly on the parallax bit just underneath it.

I’m not great with javascript and I’ve had some issues with moving divs around on other parallax templates. Ideally I’d like to either remove the div entirely, or at the very least be able to replace it with content of my choosing… will the size of the container mess with the way that parallax works?

Cheers in advance.

Thanks for showing ineterest, please do rating for this. :)

I’ll rate it when once I’ve uploaded everything for sure… it’s going well so far! How can I access the font styles for the text in the slider though?

Found it in the assets folder, thanks.

Hi, I just purchase your template. It looks Great. Good Job :-)

There is small bug, can you advice fixe? In body fixed version the sticky menu is not center the page but floats right outside the box.


Hello ohh I see, but the option panel is just for demo. So you will not face this issue in your website. But we will try to fix as we update our theme with more features. Please rate it if really like. :)

Yes it happens and in real web. Could you advise fix?

I would rate it. I realy like it :-)

Drop me a mail I will do this next week. Thanks :)

Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing your theme – will it be a Wordpress version in the future?

Thanks, Josh

Thanks for showing interest, yes there will be a WordPress version. But don’t know the exact time, because we are working on my other HTML templates to convert into WordPress.

Please follow us for upcoming items updates.

Mannat Studio

Looks fantastic.

Is there a relatively easy way to disable the smooth scrolling & paralax effect?

Thanks, yes with change of just few lines of code in custom JavaScript you can disable both.

We provide free support if you face any issue regarding theme.

Mannat Studio

I’m having some difficulty with the menu displaying properly on mobile, and getting drop downs to also function as links.

Right now the drop down options get cut off – it doesn’t display all of the links I’ve posted, but has a certain height that it drops down to, and if any items pass that point, they are hidden. I also have to click twice on the hamburger stack for the menu to show up on a mobile device. Here’s a screenshot illustrating the items getting cut off: [link removed]

Lastly, on normal desktop screen, I can’t press a main navigation tab that’s also a drop down and have it link to it’s own page. It just toggles the drop down from showing/hiding.

Any help is appreciated!


Is the updated version available yet?


Yes, its ready to download. :)

Is there a way I can disable the toggle and simply have a normal drop down menu? Or keep the toggle only for mobile and have that be a double click to go to the page?

How do I turn on the “boxed” version?

Just add boxed class to opening body tag on all pages. :)

Hey just purchased and downloaded, very nice! One issue though, have uploaded the folders to test on my site and none of the sliders are working, any ideas? Cheers,

Send you mail. :)

Hi, love the parallax effect. Does the Twitter plugin/stream work? I’ve followed the instructions but its not pulling the tweets and displaying them?

ahhhh… ok, thank you :)

Thank you for your speedy response, by the way… This is a superb template. Seriously great work :) Well Done!!

I appreciate your kind words, if you really like please do rating for it. :)

Hi there, nice work. I have a few concerns prior to buying.

A. The vertical scroller in all browsers is being changed to a very narrow and then invisible scroll bar. Can this be disabled, as I hate scrollers you can hardly catch hold of to use properly? It’s actually a bad idea to change a viewers usability experience by doing things like that.

B. When in the portfolio and clicking on any image whilst the page is at the very top, the lightbox content when loaded appears below the horizontal menu bar. When scrolling down, it then appears correctly. That wouldn’t look good if I were to buy this and use it for a customer.

Both above issues are on desktop and laptop machines. I haven’t checked it on a mobile device – yet.

Look forward to your response

Thanks very much for your swift reply. I shall grace your account with payment tomorrow. :-)

Rate it if you download :)

Will do. I will keep you posted – Thank You :-)


Great theme!! How do I update the map on the contact form?

Thanks for showing interest :) Just update the below code with your in main.js
center: '-6.14687, 106.850746'

Mannat Studio

Hi there,

Two (hopefully quick) questions:

1. I have removed the search box in the code, but would like to center the menu. Are you able to tell me how I can get the menu / navigation to center-align across the navigation bar background?

2. I am not sure if you can help with this. I’d like to have a static image, full-width (which I’ve done), but I would like the navigation bar to be on “top” of the image with a transparent back. The transparent background is not a problem, but is there a way for me to “move the image up” so that part of it is under the navigation? I’m trying to achieve the sort of effect that the transparent navigation has here:

Thanks in advance for any help / guidance!


Hi again, sorry, I’ve worked out #2 – I just need help centering the menu, please. Sx.

Hello again,

Can you tell me what lines of javascript to remove if I want to keep the logo and menu area (header) at the top of each page, instead of them being hidden when I scroll down.

Thanks again!


Hello again,

Sorry to be a pain with all my questions! One more, I fear. I’d like to have a bit more space to the left and right of the layout than I currently have. Is there any way for me to reduce the on-screen width / increase the left & right padding overall? I’m not too worried about the mobile version, just version on a computer – 960px wide +.

Thanks again!


Send me PM from my profile page. :)

Hi i want add vimeo iframe but the vimeo don’t scale to mobile or tablet version :( Can you help me pls?

Send us link for your live site. Will check and revert back. :)

To anyone thinking of buying this, I just have to tell you that the support is fantastic – the lovely theme developer is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and I can only say that from my personal experience, I really recommend them! Sx.

Thanks for your kind words, we really appreciate your time and effort for this. :)