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Hi Wizio Team, after testing your awesome theme I have it now on my website. Now I want to set some settings in the Costumizer but I only get a emtpy page. I have deactivated step by step the plugins but it doesn’t helps. Do you have any Idea why I always get the empty white page?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind regards, Britta.

Hello Britta,

Can you provide us a login username and password for your admin via the email support@wizio.net We’ll check and test your customizer to find the issue.

Kind Regards | Wizio Team

Will you help me resolve the following error for my singlemomsignite.net site? Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_theme_mod() in /homepages….../index.php:9 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /homepages/../......./htdocs/singlemomsignite/index.php on line 9

Hi there,

This seems to be something with your system. As we can see, you are using WAMP for localhost and maybe is something there, because the “get_theme_mod()” is a default WordPress function and it’s not depending on the theme.

Kind Regards | Wizio Team

does this theme comes with some page builder plugin?

Hi again, Including the Slider Revolution on the homepage is really easy without using any page builder and we’ll help you doing it!

Kind Regards | Wizio Team

Thank you! I’ll buy the theme then :)

You can rely on our support to create your website! :)

Social Share section is riding too high into the content of the page instead of at the bottom of the content where it belongs. How can I fix this?

Hi pondalchemy,

You can fix it by adding this line of code in “Appearance -> Customize -> Custom CSS”

.single-page-content footer.entry-footer { clear: both; }

We’ll add this fix into the next theme update. Feel free to contact us, if you have any other issues or questions about the theme.

Kind Regards | Wizio Team

Hello Wizio, That fixed it! Thank you, Pondalchemy

You’re welcome!

The header banner for my site, www.pondalchemy.com does not show up on mobile devices particularly on cell phones. It just has a blank white space where it should be. I tried it with all 3 Header Layouts and both the Normal and Fixed Header Styles but still does not show up on cell phone.

Hi there!

We’ve just tested and your website is opening on our mobiles (iOS and Android also). Can you send us a screenshot to our support email, so we can check what exactly get as an issue – support@wizio.net

Kind Regards | Wizio Team

HI, I just bought the template but i have some bugs :

1) Featured Post

I don't have the Check "Display This Post as Featured" option. I would use the Tabs Header.

2) Custom CSS

I put my email and login, but nothing happen, i can’t connect and write custom CSS, or use the Wisiwyg..

3) Problem with the main menu, when we click to some items, we still have the old template.

Hi there,

1) Please, check do you have installed the Meta Box plugin, which is needed for the theme’s full functions. 2) The Custom CSS is included into the Appearance -> Customize and if you can access to the WP Admin, so you are able to write on it. 3) The main menu is a Demo and most of it links are to the demo website. Just delete it and create a new menu for your needs.

Keep us in touch how you going with setting up the theme. Kind Regards | Wizio Team

Thx. I have installed the Meta Box, now it’s ok. Just to check Slider options and not Post options. But i still have the WP login problem when i try to edit the design via Customize. It ask me to reconnect, but it’s impossible.

We tested it with the latest WordPress version and it works fine for us. Can you send us a screenshot or provide a temporary login and password for the Admin area, to take a look at your problem.

We have a little problem with your theme. The dropdown menu does not scroll in mobiles. You can check it out in our website inorantes.com. How can we solve the problem?

Also, we would like to remove the word category in all the pages referred to any category.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Just navigate to Appearance -> Customize -> Custom CSS and paste the following code to fix both issues.

.category h1.achive-title { font-size: 0; } .category h1.achive-title span { font-size: 24px; line-height: 1; } .mobile-menu-wrapper { overflow: auto; }

Keep us in touch does it worked for you? Kind Regards | Wizio Team

Thank you so much, folks! It worked perfectly fine. Best Regards!

hello I’m a new on Amazon affiliate marketing I want to create the Amazon Niche site that should look like this website http://www.reviewexpress.org for that I need the same theme for my new website. Can I get it?...and can you tell me theme name?, please. Thanks

Hi there,

The reference website you’ve sent us is using this theme here – https://themeforest.net/item/sahifa-responsive-wordpress-news-magazine-newspaper-theme/2819356?ref=Wizio Otherwise you can buy also our theme and using the WooCommerce framework you can create an affiliate marketing website.

Kind Regards | Wizio Team


We have a problem in our cozmo theme. Title tags in our posts have suddenly dissapeared. The page shows us this warning: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/inorante/public_html/wp-content/themes/cozmo/inc/styling/fonts.php on line 30

Is it possible that a plugin is making this error? How can we solve it? It is essential for us to solve it soon!

Thanks a lot

Hi there again!

We have been deactivating and reactivating every plugin and title tags have appeared again. Nevertheless, the warning is still there everytime we go to the customize menu. Looks like it’s a google font problem. Seems that it’s not affecting the page by now (apparently), but makes us feel uneasy. We have launched our web this very week, we are starting to get good traffic and we can’t fail now. Can you do anything to help us?

Our website is inorantes.com. Thanks in advance, folks!

For what is worth, except for this little problem, we are extremely deligthed with your theme!

Best regards!

Hi there!

Looks like the problem is only when you’re using the Customizer, right? Because, as we can see on your website, everything works fine without any warning.

Let us to check where could be the problem, but maybe we will need an access to your website admin to check the Customizer. Give us some time to take a look and will answer you in a couple of hours.

Kind Regards | Wizio Team

Can you provide us a login username and password for your admin via the email support@wizio.net We’ll check and test your customizer to find the issue? Because we have tested the theme on our demo website and there were no errors.