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i purchased your theme and have on problem with the sidebar. the twitter, feedburner and facebook counter doesn´t work:

fopen(_twitter_counter.txt) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /www/htdocs/xxx/xxx/si/wp-content/themes/cracks_theme/functions.php on line 403 can’t open file

the theme folder has permission 777. what could it be? thx

Hi Tassadan and thanks for purchasing!

This works for me, in the root folder (not the theme folder):

_twitter_counter.txt – 644

_rss_counter.txt – 644

Hope it works!

hey thx for your answer but it doesn´t work. i just created the 2 txt-files an placed them in every folder, root, theme, wp-content etc. there´s still the same error.

could you tell me the content of these files? i just created them myself without any content but it seems that this causes an length-error.

Those two files allow to make a simple cache system to get the RSS readers and twitter followers, instead of making request in each page view.

The problem is the permissions to create / edit the content of these files if you can’t set the permissions on the root folder, so theme can create the files I can help you if you drop me an e-mail with ftp data.

But I will be on vacations from tomorrow to 22th August 2011.


Hi Adrian.

How can i translate the form? better yet, how an I edit the text inside the text field?


Hi juanulis!

Please what form do you need to translate, contact form or comments form?


I need to translate both

Just open the comment file and change the strings.

For the widgets displayed on the sidebar just change it on the admin wordpress panel or in sidebar.php


Can I have a little support here please? I do not want to show related entries, how can I remove them from the posts?

Just deactivate the plugin

Hi, I just bought your theme and uploaded it. However the menu isnt displaying properly.

When i look at the code in fire bug i see the menu div is missing the id

As you can see the class box is empty. And there is no, id. I added id=”menu” in furebug and it worked. So i looked in the header and found:

<?php wp_nav_menu( array( ‘menu’ ?> ‘menu’, ‘menu_id’ => ‘menu’, ‘menu_class’ => ’’, ‘container’ => ’’) ); ?>

but i can’t see anything wrong with this. Can you please help?

Hi Jayza and thanks for purchasing!

Just open the documentation and navigate to the part where menu is explained, just need to create a custom menu with your desired links / sections.

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate on asking,


Hi Adrian,

Thanks for your help. I now have another problem. I had finished customizing the theme and finished building my site. But today, randomly the pages all disappeared. I went to recreate them but it comes up with an error message saying “You are not allowed to edit this post.” I am confused as to why this has happened. Any ideas? Any help will be much appreciated.


Hi Jayza!

It seems to be a wordpress problem, not about the theme I googled about it and found this possible solution, hope it helps:


Hi Adrian,

I’ve got a problem with the plugin “YARPP”. It shows the related posts twice. How can I solve it?

Here is a screenshot:


Hi Tim!

First time noticed it, Did you edit any template?

Hi Adrian,

nope, I didn’t edit any file. Do you’ve got any solution?

Will this theme work on I’d love to buy it. Also, any plans for a light/white version of this theme?

Hi elmerm!

Yes it worked always, I’m not planning release any more colors for the theme, but there are some PSD included to customize it as you want.


Why is the top navigation different between Ontuts theme and this version which is supposed to be the Wordpress version? Is it possible to have the Ontuts navigation if I buy this Wordpress version? I like that one better.

Hi elmerm!

I have changed the navigation since Wordpress users claim for more sections and dropdown menu, you know :)

hello how can I change the name cracks ontuts for empreendedornota10 name of my site?

I replied you on mail!

Nice theme, it was pretty simple to figure out and customise.

But the admin panel/back-end is a bit basic, I had to do all the modifications to the .php & style.css file via an FTP text editor to save time.

Do you have any plans to update the admin so pretty much all the main tweaks can be made without having to directly edit the php & css files?



Hi dean15!

Thanks for your feedback and purchase, as you can see is a bit “old” theme and I tried to keep it simple focused on blogging and customizable via plugins.

What do you think it needs on the admin panel?


I am getting this error when I view categories: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /var/www/html/w p-content/themes/cracks_theme/archive.php on line 110

Hi jiyosub!

Did you solve the problem?

My crack theme settings don’t seem to replace the variables in the php. For example, I have twitter set to my account, but the link in my site goes to$cracks_twitter?%3E

The theme looked great in the demo, but when I got it I became aware how hard it is to use for someone who can’t manipulate .php. It’s certainly not worth the $40 I paid for it. Now I’m going to have to pay my web guy to move things around in the sidebar because it’s not all done with widgets. If you have techy experience this is a nice clean little theme, but as I said for the price tag it should do A LOT more. At the very least the entire sidebar should be done in widgets and not just an admin area that you can’t move things around in.

Hi liztomey!

The theme is actually revised by me and by the TF admins and it’s widget friendly, you can add things in the sidebar really easy imho.

if you have doubts or just need some help just give me back an email.

Thanks for purchasing btw!

Hello, great template. I want to change my BG to a JPG (currently it is using PNG) but I also don’t want the BG to tile. How can I change this? Sorry if this has been answered before, I don’t have much web experience.

Nm, I found it. I changed the background line in the css


The live preview is not working? Also would it be possible to make it responsive please?


Hi Rob! It should be easy to make it responsive, but I’m not planning it atm. Cheers!

Maybe be you update this template for the new Wordpress version ? Or maybe a discount for this old template ? :)

I wish this theme was consistently updated by the author for future releases of wordpress… but shame it isn’t. It’s broken for updates above 3.1/3.5.

I would have bought more of these skins had the designer been more consistent with his updates.

I used to own a fighting game site, and this skin broke on 3.4/3.5 updates or earlier.

I was going to launch a new site with this skin, but I won’t anymore since the designer isn’t around anymore. I want my money back, but won’t happen since it’s past 2 years now.

Oh, and no [Mobile] Responsive plans!? Fail!