Discussion on Craftly - Hobby and Crafts WordPress Theme

Discussion on Craftly - Hobby and Crafts WordPress Theme

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Hi, i’d like toknow how to manage shop’s pages. I don’t know how personnalize them.

Hello, Dear Customer! It’s possible to manage shop’s pages like in default WooCommerce store. For example, click WP Dashboard => Products => All Products: https://prnt.sc/AXKRLYdp7-E8 Here you may view list of products: https://prnt.sc/AXKRLYdp7-E8 Click any of them and change content inside: https://prnt.sc/hkf1oapsQLdm Concerning the store page with products – this is classic WooCommerce post-type page. Also you may create an alternative shop page via shortcodes. It is possible to add products in any page (including home) using shortcode: [recent_products per_page=”12” columns=”4”] Just insert this shortcode in your Text Block element via page builder and check results at front-end. If you have further questions – please submit a private ticket at https://mwtemplates.ticksy.com/ and we will assist you. Best Regards!

Hi, I just need a link to the place in your documentation where it explains how to change the phone number in the header. I’ve searched it and watched the videos but I can’t find where that info is located in your tutorial. Thank you!

Hello, Dear Customer! To change this information – please click WP Dashboard => Appearance => Customize => Theme Header: https://prnt.sc/pujDsNWFFDcf Then publish changes and check the results at front-end. Also, we recommend you install and activate this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-widgets/ Best Regards!

Me encanta este tema para hacerle la web a una clienta, pero veo que lleva año y medio sin actualizarse. Tenéis previsto continuar dando soporte y actualizaciones?

Hello, Dear Customer. Sure, we have plans to provide updates and support for this product. Best Regards!


I would like to use the licence on my site. I have to move the website on another hosting and I lost my last data. Can I have your permision please.

Thank you!

Hello, Dear Customer. Please send us an email at support@modernwebtemplates.com with the link/login/password for your WP Dashboard and we will assist you. Also, do not forget to include in the email a description of your issue. Best Regards!

I am getting a wordpress warning that the Plugin Snazzy Maps is required for this theme. But if I try to install the plugin I get a critical error.

Hello, Dear Customer! In this case please download this plugin here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11TdccqaUTKEVRu8YNvNxR4yewkM2kiQc the install it manually, by uploading via WP Dashboard => Plugins => Add New. We hope this solution will help you. Best Regards!

Hello.Tell me, please, is it possible to add a field for customizing an order in each product? This refers to a text field where the buyer can write his special wishes for the order. Now I use the contact form, but, unfortunately, it does not have a binding to a specific order and therefore does not fit: /

Hello, Dear Customer. In this case please use the following solutions:
https://wordpress.org/plugins/add-fields-to-checkout-page-woocommerce/ and https://wedevs.com/105722/add-extra-field-to-woocommerce-checkout/ These steps will help you to add custom fields in checkout page. Best Regards!

Thank you!

We are glad to assist you! :)

The previous question has been resolved(by importing demo content pages). Tell me, is it possible to make a product page full width without a sidebar? :( http://demo.dollines.com/product/handmade-doll-with-tangerines-grapefruit-spruce-branches/ PS And at the bottom, the slider of similar products is still incorrectly displayed.

Hello, Dear Customer. Please submit a private ticket at https://mwtemplates.ticksy.com/ with the link/login/password for your WP Dashboard and we will assist you. Best Regards!

And tell me please, сan I make a store page full width without a sidebar? https://dollines.com/shop/


Thank you for informing us about positive result.

Hello. I am having some problems with the position of items in my store. Please take a look. I don’t know how to fix it. The product slider is displayed incorrectly below. https://dollines.com/product/doll-eyes-with-holographic-effects-8-22mm-033-080

Hello, Dear Customer. Please submit a private ticket at https://mwtemplates.ticksy.com/ with the link/login/password for your WP Dashboard and we will assist you. Best Regards!

Hello. Unyson dont work. I installed different versions of Wordpress. It is now version 4.9.1 :( Error 443 for ALL elements as this: “ThemeFuse/Unyson-Portfolio-Extension” Github’а. (cURL error 7: Failed connect to github-api-cache.unyson.io:443; Connection refused)” https://i.gyazo.com/aabc3391af739b50ff36eb7bcef174c9.png What can I do?

Hi and thanks for the message, we would be happy to assist you. Please use our support system for technical questions https://mwtemplates.ticksy.com/

503 Service Unavailable No server is available to handle this request. :’(

Hello, Dear Customer!
Please, read the following recommendations:
Best Regards!

Hi again, Can I change loader on the page? Or at least loader color ? Marta

Hi, but I would like to have preloader like in demo but in other color. How can I get this lreloader(the file to change it)?

I put my own preloder but the background is black…:(

Hello, Dear Customer!
This image has name preloader.gif and locates in /wp-content/themes/craftly/img/ directory. Just replace it with your custom gif image with appropriate colors and you’ll receive desired result. The recommended size is 128×128 px.
Best Regards!

Hi, I can’t send any messages from contact form on home page and I don’t have any idea why…http://kreative-welt.eu/ Could you help me? Marta

Ok, so I have to use plugin to translate? It isn’t just settings in your theme?

Do you see ths text in polish as me? Or in your languagee? (I think it isn’t to translate…)

Hello, Dear Customer!
If you follow the link that you sent the first time, the website are found in german language.
You can send the private ticket on https://mwtemplates.ticksy.com with following info and the screenshots what you want to change the exact:
Link/login/password for your WP Dashboard.
We strongly need exact information about these both points.
Best Regards!

Hi, could you help me to change colors in some places on my page? Link http://kreative-welt.eu/ I would like to have different color (not this pink) in main menu after hoover on the text. Also in footer menu the arrow before the page name. Also under the slider – theres is purple-pink part with the contact info. And the pink color on the header part (with the page title) on each page e.c. http://kreative-welt.eu/schnullerkette/

Can I change these colours? Could you help me to do this? regards Marta

Hello, Dear Customer!
First of all, you may change background, color and overlay color of sections in Unyson Page Builder. The manual about ho to use Unyson Page Builder you may download here:
It will help you to perform many changes with content and colors on your current website.
If you want to change colors for the custom areas in theme – please use Yellow Pencil plugin.
Also please visit this link in order to understand, how this plugin may change your website: https://www.wpexplorer.com/customize-wordpress-theme-design/
Best Regards!

Hi, could you help me how to remove breadcrumbs on the pages? I would like to have on title. regards Marta

Hello, Dear Customer!
If you want to hide breadcrumbs area for all pages, please click WP Dashboard => Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS in insert here the following code:
.page_breadcrumbs.background_cover { display: none; } Then click “Publish” button and check result on front-end.
Best Regards!

I have purchased your theme and would like to get support with editing theme custom colors. What do you need from me to help do that? Thank you, A

Hello, Dear Customer! Please submit a private ticket at https://mwtemplates.ticksy.com/ and we will provide you with solution. Best Regards!

Currently I do not have any significant issues with this, but as things are moving really fast, do you have any plans on updating the Theme to be up to date with current Wordpress versions (5.x)?

Hello, Dear Customer! Yes, we have plans to update theme. But you may also us theme without any issue now, just install this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/ Best Regards!

Im having issues with the menu.

its not showing up in new pages.

Please help

Hello, Dear Customer!
Please send for us the private ticket at https://mwtemplates.ticksy.com/ with the following info:
1. Link/login/password for your cPanel or similar hosting control panel.
2. Link/login/password for your WP Dashboard.
We strongly need exact information about these both points.
Best Regards!

Hello there,

I’m considering buying Craftly theme and I will need help with two things.

1) I wish to apply my custom colours to the theme. Can I change them myself in .css?

2) I wish to optimise this theme also for another language. Basically, I’d love to have English version as a main domain and Polish version in subdomain. Will you be able to give me a hand with that please?

Thank you, Agnieszka

Hello, Dear Agnieszka! Yes, we can assist you in these 2 points. We will help you with colors changing and theme translation. Best Regards!

Hello! I’m really inclined to buy your theme, but I would like to know if I can change the color theme for the ones in my Visual Identity, a.k.a., logo and color scheme of my brand (mine was made by an actual Designer and was really expensive, so it’s something important for me to make use of). I read that you offer 3 “up and ready”options, but none of them matches the Visual Identity of my brand. This is the only feature keeping me from buying the theme, that’s why I’m asking you before I do it. Thank you very much!!! Amanda Ourofino

Hello, Dear Customer! We can add for you custom color scheme. Please specify what color scheme do you need and we will assist you. Best Regards!

Thank you very much for your reply. I’m gonna decide on that then. :)

Sure, Dear Friend! If you have additional questions – please ask us. Best Regards!

hello the theme of craftly can be translated into Spanish?

Hello, Dear Customer! Sure, this theme is possible to translate to Spanish with the help of Loco Translate plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/ Please read this helpful article about how to do this: https://www.wpzoom.com/tutorial/translate-theme-loco-translate-v-1/ Best Regards!


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