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Great Theme! I noticed however that the search button is not working on the mobile view.

Hi, You saw an error of search button on which mobile device? We checked our demo again and see this work well :)

I’ve tested it on an Android phone, and also on my desktop by just resizing the browser to a mobile width. Tested in firefox, chrome, and IE.

yeah, I saw the error on browsers when resize theme, but didnt see the error on real mobile devices, checked on Samsung S4 which run on Android OS, let us debug this carefully and we will send you the feedback on this later :)

Hi, great theme !

Is it possible to change “load more” to auto load like Pinterest?

I hope every img add the like,share and comment botton will be better!


Yes, this needs to customize the theme to work with infinitive load :) Please send us a ticket at at http://support.joomlart.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit. ( Select option JMTC) with detail information, our support staff will send you a detail about this within 24 hours :)

Hi. Is forecast to upgrade magento 1.8?

We will update this in the next few weeks :)

Please download the new package to have the latest updates :)


How can I setting the “load more” items?

I mean when I click the “load more” button,

I want the page to load 50 items at one time.

Because I have many stuff to sale.

Please teach me where can I setting(change) to load 50 items or 100 items at one time?

Thanks :)

Hi fernandowei, You can change the setting of loading option on backend settings :)

This is an amazing site template. I have a question though, about syncing the accounting part on the back end. Do you have any documentation on syncing POS and/or purchasing capabilities you can share? or is that after i purchase?

Hi there,

seems like new products dont show up on the home page

How can I arrange that?

thank you so much for contacting us, could you please submit a ticket at http://support.joomlart.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit. ( Select option JMTC) with detail information, our support staff will send you a detail about this within 24 hours

hi, i have a problem with this theme on fixing menu bar. I just wan simple drop down as you have with other theme. Please could you answer my ticket. here is my ticket detailed:

Ticket ID: DJQ-413-55788
Subject: Menu
Department: Technical - JATC
Type: Issue
Status: Unassigned
Priority: High

Please send a msg via the ticket, we will follow up and reply you soon

hi dear, You guys giving wonderful service. I really appreciated. Anyway, I have some remarks with theme; I hope your technical department will look at it.

Thank you so much for your comment. We will take a loot at your feedbacks and consider to make improvements in our products.

Thank you


watermark shown on every category/list pages and product pages but not showing in homepage.

i am really appreciate if you do it quickly.

Could you please describe it in more detail and submit a ticket at at http://support.joomlart.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit. ( Select option JMTC), Our support staff will check and send you a feedback soon :)

Excellent…........ :):):)

Thank you again for your technical support.

Great Theme! Is this compatible to a gateway where I can charge a % on top of affiliates products?

Hi, is that a magento extesnion? if the answer is yes, the theme can work compatible with it :)

Billing Department:

Yesterday we purchased your JM CRAFT theme from ThemeForest.net. We were very excited to use this theme as we have look at literally hundreds of themes and this was the winner by far. We purchased the theme and went to install it just to find out that this file is NOT compatible with Magento Go. Had you informed us of this we would NOT have purchased this. We have purchased Hundreds of files from ThemeForest and this is the first time we have had this type of an issue. We immediately filed a trouble ticket with ThemeForest as this file is of no good for us.

We need a refund ASAP as we were forced to use our second ( and definitely not preferred ) theme choice. If we were in any position to be able to use this we would be more than happy to keep it but we can do nothing with it. If you have a means of installing this on Magento Go we are open to canceling the refund.

Please contact us ASAP as to how to complete this refund.

- A hopefully disappointed client.

Hi netninja,

Thanks for the comment of our JM Crafts. We are so so sorry that our themes will not be compatible with Magento Go .

Regards, joomlart

support is a laugh here, i get (late) answers, redirecting me to a PAID subscription page. SRSLY!

I have to pay to get descent support?

Also, pre-sales link leads me to a 404 page?

Are you guys for real?


OK, I check it now

Hi, Our support staff thought that you are a member of JMTC club of joomlart.com so that he sent you a document guide link, he will send the solution to you now. I’m so sorry for this misunderstanding :)

Regards, joomlart


i’ve posted the ticket.


We are facing the issue in the ajax load more.

Admin Configuration: http://puu.sh/51OWa.png

Front end Pager div html not found where there has the 23 records.

http://puu.sh/4Z8Nt.png http://puu.sh/4Z8O2.jpg No. of records are 23 as per i’ve traced the most reviewed data. http://puu.sh/51P0m.png

Can you please reply with the updated version or suggest the fix?

We will follow up your ticket and get back to u soon :)

Serious problem,

I want to move to the web site root directory but did not respond to email from 3 days

I had already pay 40$ extra for the installation site

Muhammad Yousuf

This is ticket #KVH-650-79432

still waiting…

Please check your mail box daily, our support staff already sent you the feedbacks

How do i remove A Product of Joomlart.com. Powered by Magento from footer and update payment mode icons? I cant find that under any static block

In documentation you have mentioned that “Footer Links” static block has A Product of Joomlart.com. Powered by Magento but its not there.

Hi sankey, those info can be found at the file of app\design\frontend\default\jm_crafts\template\page\html\footer.phtml


Can you help me pls? I am stuckling at Extension Installation. How to add your extension to server?

There are 6 extensions: JmBasetheme JmMasshead JmMegamenu JmProduct JmQuickview JMSlideshow

To which folder should I upload these extensions in? I tried to upload them direct to my shop root, and tried to upload only sup folders from these extention folders, but nothing show up in my shop admin area. Any help please. Thank you.

Hi, You can directly upload the extension folder on shop root, if you got the problem as your description,please submit a ticket at thttp://support.joomlart.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit. ( Select option JMTC) with detail information, our support staff will send you a detail about this within 24 hours

Hi..thank you for your reply, I made it :)...very beautiful theme. Thanks.

Installation instruction are unclear and not complete

Also, this is for version 1.7, Version 1.8 is available on joomlart website. I would like to have the most updated version.

Ticket created: EUJ-512-32689

Good to know. Can you please check my ticket for my other questions. This is an urgent matter for me. EUJ-512-32689

We got your ticket , we’ll send you the feedback soon :)

Please download the upgraded package to have the latest version of theme which is compatible with Magento 1.8

hi i just purchased your theme its very nice but i m stuck on menu can you plz tell me how to edit or delete menu item from top menu also tell how to edit mega menu i also gothrough your tutorial but cant able to find the solution as your screen shot describe in tutorial so plz guide me how to edit this asap also i didt know much about magento so please guide me how to edit and delete unnecessary item from menu bar url http://chandnipun.com/myfairlady waiting for your reply

Could you please clarify where you bought the theme?

purchase id sangeetjass@gmail.com order number: Order number: 614db3ce405e11e39f2a842b2b692e1a it is purchased by my friend id and i m working on this so please tell me the solution boss

Please use the account which you buy theme to have full support. For now you can manage our Mega Menu extension by using the user guide http://www.joomlart.com/documentation/magento-extensions/jm-megamenu

  1. Is the new QuickStart file for 1.7 or 1.8?
  2. fresh install: please mention that for JmMegamenu one also has to install the lib folder (/Extensions/JmMegamenu.v1.1.0/lib)
  3. What is updated else, apart from update to 1.8?


    1.Quickstart is for magento 1.8? 2.Please install this extension on root shop folder ( same as other extensions) 3.New version only add feature of compatibility with Magento 1.8