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Hi Im new to flash but I like the fact when you move the mouse over the preview it enlarges to the full size image is that what this file is meant for ?

Hi smcrobert,

I’m really sorry for a delay… You are probably watched my Flash files and clicked on this one. This is my file from ThemeForest…

All the best :)

Hi navigator,

Can you give me some examples of how to populate the ‘Share’ links in the footer?

Thank you. -A

Hi ahirsch,

first of all thank you for buying “Crazy Thurzdays”. Answer on your question:

In the proper place in href=”#” instead # put following links. For example:" target="_blank"" target="_blank"" target="_blank"" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" 

I hope this is helpful for you, if there are any problems be free to contact me.

All the best :)

Hi Navigator,

That’s definitely helpful, thanks! What should I be putting for the forward e-mail link though?

Also, are there any other helpful code snippets you can think of including?

Appreciate the help.


Hi ahirsch,

The simplest way for sending email from Html page is using mailto. How to use it read here. It’s just one line of Html code and really easy to use.

Instead of link “Send Mail” you can put “Forward email” or “Unsubscribe Instantly” or anything you need…

Regards :)

perfect! good luck with sales! ;)

Hey, thank you for nice words :)

Hi navigator,

I like your template, very stylish, elegant and well structured work – in my opinion. Please forgive me for my silly question, I have never used any email template before. Could you tell me please, where can I find some short tutorial about how to use such a template? I want to issue my own newsletter soon and if I can manage it, I want to use a pre-designed email template. I guess, such a template consists of a bunch of html+other files and I have no clue how to use it with Outlook for example. :) My main email software is Outlook, I have a private internet subscription, I have no own web server – that is my technical background. The persons I want to send newsletters use Outlook and those common free email services (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc….) For me using extended characters is also very important and usually it is a problem, because most fontsets don’t include my national characters. So the first step must be replacing or embedding a suitable font. (I have it) Thanks for your attention. Best regards, fbyte.

Hi fbyte,

thank you for interesting in Crazy Thursdays :)

Here are the answers on your questions:

1. In a sweep I found this tutorial for sending html newsletter using Outlook. There’s a many of them just Google it :) 2. Newsletter is just one html page with css embedded. 3. You must find some web place to store your images. There’s a lot of them (flickr, imageshack, your domain…) 4. Crazy Thursdays is tested with all major mail clients (Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo). It was mandatory for TF to accept it.

So, I hope that this is helpful. If you decide to buy Crazy Thursdays and need some more help, just send mail using my profile page email form.

Greetings :)

Hi navigator,

Thanks for your thorough reply. I will train myself to understand how these email templates work. I also will investigate how to use extended characters without any loss. After these I think I will be ready to start my own newsletter – and will choose this template, this is really very nicely designed. Best regards, fbyte.

Edit – double post :)

Hi, I Really like the template. Before I buy (and I apologize in advance if this is a silly question) does this template work with Aweber or Mailchimp ? Thank you.

Hi egeem,

thanks for your interest in Crazy Thursdays. Don’t worry, it’s not a silly question. I didn’t try template in Aweber or Mailchimp, but if they accept pure html page as Email content there shouldn’t be problems.

Kind Regards :)