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Hi Dilip! nice debut welcome to TF :)

awesome landing page, good luck with sales mate! ;)


Thanks mate :)

I know why PierreBorodin comment was reported. Damn funny.

I really want this for my new network app. One question, where does the registered users info go? It is setup to connect to a new database?

We have added the form elements for the login and signup field. You can set up your own mailchimp / aweber / ... forms in the layout.

Ah…thank you! Gonna go get it right now.

Is there video/youtube support in the main home page slider?

Yes. You can add your vimeo / youtube videos to the slider. :)

Hey buddy, if its just the landing page then why do we have a login there? I dont wanna confuse people that if they login here, they can use same details to login on the app. Can you please clarify.

Awesome Landing page BTW.

Its up to your choice. If you don’t want login / register page, you can remove it easily. Check help file for instructions.

Sorry 1 last thing – Can i just keep android play logo and remove rest? I am just building android app for now??

Yes. Buy the theme and check help file for instructions.

Such a clean theme! Is there an option to show an android phone with a hand instead of iphone?

Thank you!

Yes. You can do it. Buy the theme and read the help file for instructions.

I guess I thought I was smarter than I am. I don’t even know where to begin with this, how to I upload all of the files to wordpress?

This is a HTML theme and you cant directly upload to wordpress. You can only upload to server, contact your hosting provider for instructions.

I was wondering if there was any way I can get this theme as a Wordpress theme? That would be swell!!

WP version will be released soon..

Hi, just having an issue that hopefully you can help fix. Everytime we load the slider image the resolution drops causing the image to be blurry on the site. Thanks for your help…...

Tried to erase, but we fixed the problem… thanks

Live Preview seems to be down.

Its working fine now.

Any news on a WP theme?

Planned for it. Will be released soon.


It is a very nice template. But the slide down form seems to not be working. Could you please let me know how to make it work just for newsletter mailing list registration?


We have added only the form elements for the login / registration field. You can set up your own scripts in the layout.

The web page background image repeats in resolutions greater than 1400 px horizontal.

Send a mail through my profile page.

Hi, I can’t find the background picture you’ve included in this page. Do you have it by any chance?

Go to images/slider_bg.jpg and replace it with your image. If you want the background used in the demo, send a mail through my profile page, will reply back with the image and Author credit details.

I sent you an email as requested. Can you please email me that picture as soon as possible? Thank you!

Already replied the mail with background attached on 24th Oct. If you have not got it in inbox, pls check the spam folder. :)

Hi! Great landing! What is the version of foundation that you used? Thanks

Foundation 3. Update for Foundation 5 is on its way in next few days.

Ok, thanks a lot!

hello prior to purchasing just wanna know are the login php files already created or is this template just aesthetically showing login without actual functions? If so please let me know, i need a page that is already set up for logging in and redirecting to a back end site! could you please confirm!

We have added only the HTML elements for login/Register content. You can link your custom script there.

Hi There,

I am interested in purchasing this theme, I jus have a few questions:

1. Is most of the editing/ customization done in HTML or in CSS? 2. Is it possible to add extra customize fields to the Sign Up menu? If so, is it difficult to do this?


Most of the changes in HTML only. Only 1 or 2 in CSS. Adding extra fields for Signup form is easy. And i am ready to help on this. Buy the theme and read the documentation. If you still have questions after that, contact me through my profile page.