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Congratulations Great work bro, Good Luck :)

Thanks Bro :)

GRT Looking Theme!! Curious (I clicked on demo as I am looking for an ‘app’ assist theme and saw your awesome demo here) How does it relate to the ‘app’ title, just curious AMAZING THEME!!

Sorry but is your question about how i can call it an APP theme??? :)

Excellent work ;)

Thanks :)

Very good! Simple and clean :) Good luck with sales!

Thanks :)

Very pretty, love the login form… Quick pre-purchase question…

Can we use the login form to password protect the entire site – so only people who have logged in can see the blog, the contact page etc?

In other words, until you have logged in, all you see is the front splash page?


No, its actually the default login form, but there should plugins to do so

Thanks Jasdeep

I almost forgot, you can set the pages to password protected instead of public. Its already inbuilt in wordpress.

And homepage will work as well. In short yes you can do that. :)

Nice. Good luck with sales!

Thanks :)

Love the theme, but I’m having a terrible time trying to get the slider title, text and icon link to fall in place correctly. They hover up at the top-right behind the menu button. Any thoughts on how to fix this? I’m pretty sure my photos aren’t overflowing into text div.

Also, for the content sections below the slider, I can’t seem to add the glyph icons into the section headings.

Finally, is there a short code for the video embed? Haven’t quite figured out how to call it in the WYSIWYG editor.

Thanks for the support!


I am interested in buying this theme but i need to know if the colours of the theme are customizable?


Currently its not but i’ll be adding customization in coming updates. :)

Hello, I am a purchaser of your theme, ‘Crealand – Responsive app landing theme’. And I am Korean.

I am using IE 8 as browser.

I wonder why it shows an error with theme option menu every time.

The error message is “Expected identifier, string or number” file : smof.js Line : 212 code : 0 URI: http://snek.co.kr/wp-content/themes/crealand/admin/assets/js/smof.js?ver=3.5.2

Can you give me some direction to correct my homepage?


Great Theme, could the theme be used or integrate with an ecommerce site.


Sorry but i haven’t implemented e-commerce yet into this theme :(

Please let me know I am very interested. Thanks

Hi, how can i modify the slider interval duration?

What ideal size should the homepage images be?

Homepage Slider is not working please help (check the private mesage). Thanks


Prepurchase- question. Does your theme work well with the plugin “Formcraft”?

Thanks, Tomy

Haven’t tested that so really can’t say :)

Hi again and thank you for your reply,

I had trouble on earlier multi-purpose themes that had require.js. This is the problem: I have checked your website and found that the plugin you are using is using require.js too, you should contact the plugin author and ask him if it’s possible to use the plugin’s require.js in “no-conflict” mode or make a clone require.js for the plugin.

Is your theme an Ajax theme btw?

If we don`t have any conflict with any of the matters, I will gladly buy your theme.

Regards, Tomy

Amazing work..

Few things… - if the username exist, is there a prompt for the user to create another account - I notice there is no registration page for the wordpress demo but available in the HTML version - Can the Facebook Registration Plugin work on this theme?

Thank you in advance!

It has popup for the login button,but like i said in my earlier comment the registration button doesn’t exist like in the HTML demo

Thx. Do you have email address that I can contact you outside of this?


Is it possible to embed a video into the Slides on the homepage. e.g. in slide position 1 we would have a video instead of an image.

Thank you


Right know its not an option to embed video in slides

Thanks Jasdeep