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This is really neat :D

Nice Tumblr theme! Love it!

Thanks guys :)

Nice!! Wordpress version pls!!

I am thinking of buying the theme, I really like it. I looked at your blog and I see you have a jquery effect for the pictures. how do you do that in tumblr, is it a css that you need to add if i want to put this effect on this theme ?

thanks for your interest in the theme! lightbox on my blog is set up through adding some code for hooking up jquery lightbox. i’ve found this site to be helpful: http://enddesign.tumblr.com/post/211434433/tumblr-lightbox-tagcloud

i can help you out with implementation if you run into any issues. but check out that blog article, it covers a lot of ground and is quite helpful.

Thank you very much, I will set this up tomorrow, it should be fine, the blog article is very clear.

Now that I bought the theme I have a few questions :

1. When you post a quote without putting any tag, the quote box appear not in front of the date but slightly after. Could you check on your side and tell me where the problem is in the code ?

2. I have a problem with the notes, the count as you can see on my page differs from yours, the note icon doesn’t appear, and the layout of the user the liked the post looks weird. Anything you suggest about that ?


3. Still about the notes, do you think it would be possible to make it appear on the same bar than the tags instead of under the date ?

Thank you for your help !

woops, just realized i cant post code blocks.

i’ve uploaded a text file that has instructions with code, hope that helps.


thank you for your amazing answer

- for the problem with the quote post without tag, there is an exemple of what happens when I don’t put any tags :


- for the .notecount, I confirm you that it was completely missing in the style.css file, you may have to update the package.

however i still have this problem :


as you can see the note count is now good but under the post, the notes dont display well. Could you tell me how to resolve that ?

Thank you !

hey fromparis - looks like there may have been a mixup on the css file (my apologies)

can you try to overwrite it with the css from here: http://www.rasterboy.com/tumblr/themes/cream/css/style.css

just copy paste it into your local style.css

hopefully that will take care of most the quirks, if not let me know. once we resolve, i will update the package hosted on themeforest. sorry for the inconvenience!

File has been updated with the updated style.css file.

“Links” entries in Tumblr do not display in this theme. Any ideas or suggestions? The entires are there, just not displaying at all.

hi toonstudio, can you use email contact and shoot me an email? i’ll send you udpated css and tumblr code that way (as it takes longer for updated package to post on themeforest)


Is it just me or is this theme not IE friendly?

i Like this theme too! but not realy easy, when u first time to understand how to enter the news… if it possible plz improve this feature. thanks!

and one more, except CREAM in high right corner could i write in the same style.. my WORD ?

hey donock, you can do so by using the included PSD to make the graphic, then overwrite the cream logo image that’s currently there.

and Wordpress version pls!!


i want to add a link on the “branding.png” image so it can go to my offical site

how do i do this?

thanks and great theme!

hey de_caulfield can you reach out via email and i’ll email you the code blocks and instructions? cany figure out how to post code in comments. thanks!

my font is ENORMOUS in Internet Explorer but in Chrome/Firefox it’s fine. How can I fix that? I’ve even tried overriding the CSS with the default CSS .

hi nitrodave, which version of ie are you targeting? you can create ie specific styles using conditional tags. if the font size is overall larger at the same scale, you can just set the body font-size em to a smaller size (ie .8em) which will scale everything accordingly.

this page should be useful: http://raven-seo-tools.com/blog/2698/applying-ie-7-layout-fixes-using-conditional-comments

let me know if you still have issues, thanks.

I never got any technical support for my purchase. Got a refund from Theme Forest.

not sure what you’re talking about as i never received a support request via email nor the comments here.

might help if you’ve actually purchased the file, as it seems you haven’t.

:) very nice!!

Love the theme style, but is there any way to get this with a different color scheme?

sorry, not at the moment. did you have a specific color-scheme in mind?

So, this is my first theme purchase from here. While I am a graphic designer, I am not a web designer and am completely lost when trying to figure out how to get the theme to work via my tumblr. Theme Forest doesn’t give any kind of instructions on how to implement themes and I can’t find anything on Tumblr. I have tried simply copy & pasting the html into the html section of tumblr customization but it doesn’t work. Please help.

hi, have you read the readme file that’s included in the download? it should explain everything step by step. the only thing i noticed was instead of searching for yoursite.com, you’ll need to search and replace rasterboy.com as i didn’t fix the location the files are pointing to.

I might be learning something about Tumblr here (my first experience) but it seems like I can’t remove any of your personal content. I can change the references, but can’t remove your custom “Graffiti” in the html code or move your copyright info somewhere else. Is this a limitation of Tumblr or is it something I can talk to you about.

ie. I tried moving your copyright information and removing the graffiti, but then Tumblr force changed it back to including it.


hey trez, shoot me an email and i’ll help you troubleshoot this issue. please provide your site link in the email as well so i can see what’s going on. thanks.