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Excelente job Vamtam! One pre – purchase question – How do you manage the parallax effect? Is is part of the drag and drop builder? Jordan

Hi there and thank you for your comment. Parallax effect is controlled from the “column” drag and drop element. Here is a detailed guide:

Regards: Nikolay

Very nice theme :)

Thank you mate!

Wow, this is so beautiful! Bookmarked.

Thank you!

Hi, very nice template. I am really interested in buying it. I checked it on my Ipad and works great, on my Samsung Galaxy phone there is a little glitch, the load more button in the portfolio doesn’t seem to work.

Thank for your interest in DO.BIZ! I checked on Samsung Galaxy latest model and load more button works.

Good job!Good luck :)

Good job!Good luck :)

Thank you!

Looks great , congrats ; good luck with this one.

Kind Regards,

Thank you Bedros, luck is always needed :)



Very clean design, good luck mate. :)

Thank you mate!

Bookmarked! Very nice template.

Is there any simple gallery option for this site? Something like WP gallery? So that images can be uploaded with multiple uploads and than they open in lightbox?

Is it possible to remove top part with “archives” “tags” in blog layout 2 blog version? And maybe put some header?

Thanks for reply.

Thank you!

1.You can use NextGen gallery or the native WP gallery with the theme. Please note that htey come with their own styling.

2. Header widget areas and Page title area can be switched on/off on a per page basis.

Regards: Nikolay

Good Job, GLWS ;)

Thank you so much!

I love your theme. Will you do this one for Drupal 7? The small font is very light and hard to read. Is it possible to have it dark dark gray color?

Hi, thank you for your kind words. I am afraid we don’t intend to convert it into Drupal any time soon.You can change the color, size and type of any font on the site from the admin panel. Best Regards: Nikolay

Lovely theme. Mobile menu does not open on Droid v. 2.3.4

We’ll look into this for the next update, but note that Gingerbread’s stock browser has only 1.4% market share ( and it is more than three years old which limits our implementation options. The off-canvas mobile menu uses CSS 3D transforms which are only supported in Android Browser >= 3.0

Love the design, great colors very corporate, GLWS man!

Thank you!

One of the reasons I love your themes apart from design is the fast speed which sets you from most others on TF but can you provide options to have square highlighted hover in the menu. Really don’t like the rounded effects at all. Cheapens the look in my view so If that can be addressed will purchase immediately.

Great work though!

Thank so much for your kind words! You can remove the effect by adding this code into the Custom CSS area: We may add an option in the upcoming update if this effect bothers many people.

Best Regards: Nikolay

Looks like THE theme for me. just two questions: 1. “translation ready” means that I could run it on four languages without Problems? 2. are there any colour restrictions? Maybe I have overlooked that information or it is included in the layout-info. thanks in advance for Feedback!

Hi Nikolay, have purchased your theme but can’t find the “WMPL-plugin” you mentioned and the qtranslate which I have currently installed does not work with your theme. Can you please tell me where to find the WMPL-plugin in order to get the site going in my four languages? thanks!

Happy New Year!

Thank you for choosing DO.BIZ.

The plugin WPML doesn’t come with the theme, if you check my answer, I said you WILL NEED WMPL :)

Please note that none of the themes on Themeforest come with this plugin pre-packed. We are not the exception. This is not e free plugin, you can get it form the link below:

Qtranslate is an alternative but we haven’t tested it with this theme. In my opinion it is difficult to use and not that stable.

If you decide to use it and have issues, you can open a ticket providing ftp and admin credentials to see if we can help you.

Regards: Nikolay

yes, I know, that the WMPL did not come not with your theme – but I didn’t even find it on wordpress-plugin-page. So thank you for the link! I have already seen that the qtranslate might have issues. thanks for help!

Awesome Work! Keep the good work up! :)

Thank you so much!

Really nice and clean.. Pre-purchase question. Is there an easy way to remove the move over ‘pill’ effect of the menu?

Hi there, It seems that this “pill effect” bothers some people so will include an option to remove it from the option panel in the next update. In the meantime you can insert this code into the custom css area: Best Regards: Nikolay

Two questions:

1. Would I need to install wooCommerce for the ecommerce aspect for the theme or could I use another ecart?

2. The example site shows singular purchasing…can we also sell recurring payment products?

Thanks for your attention.

Thank you for your interest in DO.BIZ!

1 The theme is only compatible with WooCommerce, so yes you need to install it.

2. This is not available out of the box. You will need an add on.

Best Regards: Nikolay

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theme options- layout – header – top bar text.

Please next time kindly submit your question as a ticket on our secure Help Desk so that our dedicated support team can further assist you.

Vamtam  Help Desk | | Solutions

Thanks so much!

Nikolay Totev

yeah I do not know English Russian

theme already bought and regretted not buying better

Hello vamtam, your work is very very good.

I want the menus on the home page to be on the side and not at the top like you have in the template.

I want it on the side just before the slide.

Is this possible.

I will buy app as soon as you confirm if its gonna be possible to do it.


We can give you direction how to do it but please note it is not couple of lines of code :)

i will be glad to follow your direction and also assure you of my understanding of the lines of codes that it would take to get it done.Are you now assuring me of your help in this regard so i can make my purchase immediately.

That would require custom development at this time unfortunately there’s no quick css to make that function the way you’re describing.