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Awesome page bogdanow double :), glws mate! ;)

The g+ icon is need more space on the left side.

True, will fix it later tonight.

Superb :)

The only issue is that the error pages now look better than my website! so I look forward to purchasing your next template :)

Haha thank you :)

Great looking Error Pages!   A must have for any dark themed site.

This author goes beyond what is necessary and expected as I had an issue with SEF rules causing a bit of a problem unrelated to the Creatica files and Tony was gracious enough to diagnose the issue.

Thank you Tony!

You are very welcome :)

Any chance someone can do me a 405.png saying: METHOD NOT ALLOWED to add to the img folder?

I don’t have photoshop :(

Sure :) Here you go:

Hey thank you very much Tony, i’m very greatful. :)

You are welcome :)

I have noticed that the footer-background.png image that stretches the length of the footer does not do so on the iphone, the search button overlaps it.

I changed the footer .container { width: 552px; part of the css code to footer .container { width: 480px;

It now shows correctly on my phone.

I should ad as long as they don’t turn turn phone portrait side up lol

hi, i like this, any way to combine it to use on wordpress site?


That’s not possible out-of-the-box. You’ll need to hire a developer to integrate it.