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yO it’s cool man , Welcome To Forest :)

Thank you very much :)

Very nice design :)

Really really nice work , Man! :)

Great page :) welcome to TF

Before I purchase, I’m not interest in the countdown. Is there a simple way to remove the plugin without screwing up the PSD ?

Yes of course, you could simply delete the countdown and/or progress groups from the PSD . If you need them removed from the template as well, purchase the template and write me through my profile page, so I can send you a detailed guide on how to remove them from the HTML .

Nice work! How can I add a third number? I have more than 99 days :(

Unfortunately that is currently not possible.

I like it very much :)

So this should work (as is) if I download & unzip this to my PC and open index.html? If so, it’s not. The default timer of “Febuary 4, 2103” isn’t counting down.

Well yes, but you need to be opening the template through a web server, which you could actually do on your computer. It can be Apache, IIS or any hosted web site.

As long as you are opening it with http:// in the address bar everything should be just fine.

This is so, because of the way LESS & jQuery are loaded.

Hello How should i do in the timer.js to start from 10-00-00-00 Ten days left??

Thanks for a nice coming soon page.

Best Regards Icemanmx

Hello and thank you for the interest.

To set the counter to start from 10 days, you need to set your target date exactly 10 days from now. It depends on your timezone, but for me it is currently 15th of January 19:55, so I set the target date as “January 25, 2013 19:55:00”.

This is done in ./js/style.js

The default timer is set to “ February 4, 2103” you may want to update it as the timer does not work as is. You state in your documentation that “This documentation is meant for people with little or no knowledge in HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript.” but a person with no knowledge would have no idea how to make it work..as well as create a php file for the contact form….just sayin ;)

Hello and thanks for the interest!

The template and documentation has been updated accordingly, now it should be easy for anyone to change the date. The template is already in the review queue.

As for the last thing, I can’t include PHP scripts as this is an HTML template. I’ve tried once, but Envato rejected the whole theme :)

Thanks for the update!

Thank you for the great customer support!

I don’t see the count down numbers ?

Nevermind,,I had to upload it to the server to see it working.

I’m glad you’ve managed to get it working.

Hey, this looks great :)

I would like to use this page and add two buttons below the ribbon. How difficult is it to change the layout of the page?

Hello, it’s quite easy actually. Just follow the documentation to edit the template and add the desired buttons.