Creativ Stage* - HTML/CSS

Creativ Stage* - HTML/CSS

Here the HTML / CSS themeplate of a compact site for you business or small internet service company.

It contains a fully designed website, including the following pages:

- Home page With big showcase to show latest developments or steps in your service
- About us A simple and clean page to tell more about your company.
- Services overview A overview of the offers services or area’s of your company
- Services page A page that explains more about a service or owrk area.
- Blog overview A page with the latest post and a vertical showcase slider for more blog entry’s
-Blog post A page with the complete blog entry.
-Contact pageSimple and clean page with a contact form

The download features 2 complete sites in 2 different colours

update 6-7-09
Problems with custom scrollbars resolved.

Special features

The template contains sevaral Jquery plugins

- JFLow for je homepage showcase
- JScrollpane for customized vertical scrollbars
- JCarousellite for the horizontal en vertical showcases
- PNGfix for png files fixes for IE 6
- A separate javascript file for custom javascript

Other previews

Black preview
Classic preview

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