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Hi, how can i make the logo link to my homepage.


Hi jpvazquez,

The logo is set up in a div and therefor can’t be a link without w3c errors.

If you want to make the logo a link, you have to rewrite the html and css.

Please send me an e-mail so I can get back to you with the solution.

Not sure if you fixed the IE6 issue. I am working on a template for this site and noticed a couple of IE6 issues: 1) The scroll bar as mentioned above 2) The arrows for the images as mentioned above 3) Any links inside the page specific div tags do not work. So for instance, on pages where is says “back to overview”—you cannot click on. IE6 does not recognize that it is a link. Also the homepage links for the images do not work either. I wonder if it is a jscroll issue?

IE8 works great and is compatible for this.


Hi VA design,

The problems you mention above is a conflict between pngfix and Jscroll. I’m still looking for a way to get it working in IE6

I just purchased this item and it is really cool except problem on two pages. In 1024×768 resolution home and services page have arrows on side that cause scrollbar to appear horizontally on the page.

Can this be fixed.

Other than that I am a happy purchaser :)

Hi jkaushall21,

Thanks for buying! :-)

Your problem can be fixed by adding this to the css script:

body { overflow-x: hidden; }

looks really great, but i cant see the demo.

Sorry about that its fixed now.

Can I add links on service’s image?

hey i bought it but your contact page is not sending emails could you please inform me what im doing wrong..

Sorry Bryo,

But this theme doesn’t have a working contact form.

To add a simple one you can search and use this opensource contact form.



does this template easily upload on ?