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Very impressive! I wish that it has grunge background but I don’t know how to create floor effect in the background! Might consider buy it soon. Great job.

Your American Friend, Erik

Very nice design!

My only complaint is that it appears too wide on my setup( 19”, 1024×768, FF 3 .0.11) has about a good 20-30px of overflow causing side scrolling.

Very nice looking though!

Thanks Erik and Mike!


Your right, the contentframe is 960 px wide. The showcase buttons (flaps) on the side cause the horizontal scrolling on a couple of pages.

I will look into it, see how I can change it

Looks perfect! I’ve been trying to get mine coded, but you did a very good job! I will work on mine more, but if I can’t get it, I am going to buy this version! Congrats Grub!

Me Likey…:)


Ivor Envato Team

Excelent work @grubforce really good!

really excellent work grubforce!!

This is Brilliant!!! But you probably already know that don’t you? haha…anyway, keep it up!

Hi guys, thanks i’m glad you like it! ;-)

what is the name of the font u used in logo ? please


The font used in the logo is called ChunkFive

You can download it here:

I can’t make the text scroll bar to work on my computer. I have CS4 , Mac OSx. Everything works fine but there is no scroll bar in the text, like the one in the Preview> About Us



Thanks for purchasing my theme.

Please email me a link so I can look a your version.


Thanks for sending a link, I’ve found the problem and just uploaded an update. I expect it to be online in less then 24 hours.

I wil post a message when the update is online



Looks fantastic. Only problem (and this may be fixed when the update is live), is that in IE6 , the vertical inline scrollbar on the ‘about us’ (and maybe other pages) doesn’t work at all. Also, the arrows to press on the same page for the images to move up/down doesn’t work in IE6 either. IE7 is fine. Maybe you purposely haven’t supported IE6 (don’t blame you), but just asking.

btw you can get rid of the scrollbar at the bottom by having an overflow-x: hidden iirc.

Hi Storm,

I didn’t see that problem in IE6 I will look into it asap.

IE6 is a real nightmare, grrrr… But it worked fine otherwise it doesn’t get approved here.

@btw, thanks for the tip ;-)


Could you please explain the structure of this template? If I move all of the files from the styles folder to the root level all of the links to the images/css/scripts break?...

Any advice?

Hi Zuffbox,

Al you have to do now is update the links in the html for the images/css/scripts

The links are now discribed as ”../../core/core_images.. etc”

You have to change that in “core/core_images.. etc.”

I don’t now your editor but coda and dreamweaver have the same option to change the code like this in one simple step for al your links.

Hello -

Great template, thanks. I am just getting into it and I have a question. I would like to include either a Quicktime Movie or audio track (ala Soundcloud) Is there a way I can have it show up in the container box without changing the size of the box and adding scroll bars?

Thanks – KC

OK – I figured out that I can replace the image with my player, but I wonder if there is a way to keep the image and make the player go over top of it like the text at the bottom?

Just send you an e-mail

I really wish i had seen this prior to purchasing the psd only template =-(. The work is fantastic and would of saved me so much time.

Great work Grubforce i will have to send you a link to my take on this once i have finished turning it into a working site

Hi ezdesign,

I’m looking foward to your version of the site.