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Pretty Cool! =)

Kepp up the Good work.

-Bryan G.

I like it. I noticed that that image is a little blurry though.

Love this. I’m new at web design (I have the dummies book to help me!!) so how do I insert this into my site? I have a page that clients normally go to but have done a complete re-design and hence should they type in that address I need them to go to this page.

Thanks and lovely work.

ukdesigner: look up on the net for 404 pages. .htaccess is the most popular what to function 404’s – there are other techniques though.

Here is another way to use this file – these should give y’all some ideas. We already designed one similar, otherwise we would have purchased the file, but is a creative way to do it.


None of the links I have supplied use this file for sale by the way, just I have seen it before, and figured it give purchasers ideas on how to integrate YA’s file

Great design! It’s very clean and effective… but I can’t seem to figure how to switch from the included php file in my Wordpress theme to this.

Great support… thanks

is including html files . tks .