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Good luck with sales :)

thank you!

Always a pleasure to see something bold.
Congrats and wish you the very best with sales :)

thanks again! :)

Awesome template glorm, glws mate! ;)

thank you!

thank you! much appreciated.

Any chance this will be a wordpress theme at some point?

We don’t have a timeline yet, but yes, we’d like to turn this into a WordPress theme.

Does it come with demo files just like the live preview demo?

Do you mean the photos and illustrations? Unfortunately I can’t include those images due to copyright issues. Thanks!

Very nice work, good luck guys !

Thanks a lot!

Is it possible to easily place a logo where it says “Creative Agent”? Thanks

Yes, really easy! :)

Dear Glorm,

Just bought the theme. Can you please tell me the size for the .png, the code and the how-to for placing the logo where it is “Creative Agent”? I’m not a power user so your help will be very welcomed.



Find this line in the HTML at line 32:

Creative Agent

<!- Site Title ->

Replace “Creative Agent” with this:

The size of the image can be anything. I recommend about 400px wide if it’s rectangular shaped logo. Place your logo image in the img directory.

Thank you for your purchase!

Dear glorm,

I cound’t see the image and used the wrong button to ask you to repost.

Sorry for that.

Can you please repost it all?

Many thanks,


Here’s the code you’ll need:

See line 32 in the HTML : <h1><a class="brand" href="index.html">Creative Agent</a></h1> Replace with: <h1><a class="brand" href="index.html"><img src="logo.png" alt="Logo" /></a></h1>

logo.png would be your logo image.


Dear glorm,

And the logo shouldn’t be wider than 400px, right?


I recommend it for aesthetic purposes, but it will be fine if it’s larger than 400px.

Dear Glorm,

I did it with 250px so it’s almost the size of the main circle. But I will try other sizes and choose later on.

I’ve changed the colors, including the gradient background and did more changes by now on the home page.

I’m seeing that this theme is more than a great looking theme: it’s very user friendly.

Also, it’s a really responsive theme and works fine even in a first generation iPad – no crashes, menus working perfectly, great looks.

So, 5 stars for you and thank you for the very quick support.

Good luck with sales.


Thank you so much! :)

Is it possible to configure the slider so the delay between images is shorter?

Yes, it’s easy to configure it within the included JavaScript file. It’s using Flexslider, which comes with lots of animation options: http://www.woothemes.com/flexslider/

Great theme! Just to let you know, the form plugin your using doesn’t work in IE 9 or lower. Doesn’t show the placement field unfortunately – have you got a work around for this at all by any chance?

cheers Peter

Hi, thanks so much for letting us know! The update is now in the review queue. We’ve added label on top of input fields when the browser does not know how to handle placeholder attributes of HTML5 .


Great template and documentation :-)

I’m having trouble getting the twitter feed to function. Have done exactly what you said in the documentation. I wonder if it’s to do with the div id=”tweets”.... the id “tweets” doesn’t appear in any of the css files.

Any ideas? many thanks Jen

Yes, it’s because Twitter has changed its API. We’ll try to update the template ASAP. Thanks!

That would be great – thanks

Still no update for Twitter? :/