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Very nice indeed.

Although the three item images that move on mouse over on the home page had a very erratic effect in Firefox 3.5.7 – Glitching all over the browser window I’m afraid.

The load time seems very slow, so perhaps the script had not finihsed loading at the time, but it was offputting as the site loaded up.

Just thought I’d let you know.

The design is beautiful and best of luck with it – hope you fix the bug soon! Definate bookmark!

hello Sticker, it’s not the scripts fault, it’s our server where we host the live preview that is very very slooow lately. We’ll to upgrade it asap, but on a normal server the load times are minimal. And, also on Firefox 3.5.7 i cant seem to find any erratic effect or glitch with parallax. But of course, if you dont like it you can easily disable it, it’s not mandatory by any means.

I see! That makes sense…

As I said – lovely work. Hope it goes well for you!

Help please … I didn’t see it in the file but how do I turn off the moving images but keep the scroller? Thanks!

Thanks for the support.

When you’ll change the screens with your own, in div class “project_screens” don’t keep any of the classes inside, just redo that part with your screens in.


Great looking theme, you know there has to be a WordPress addition now! ;)

Great theme. On the Work page whats the third image along? the on enabled “Interactive Company”? Looks interesting!

glad you like it Miles. Wow, you really spotted that one! It’s actually a work in progress that we’re crafting in the lab. It’s still very early to divulge right now, but, as they say: good things come to those who wait ;)

If you create a Wordpress version, I’d kill for it. Literally, Kill.

great work on this one… I like the design

Hey bro,

I agree with Miles the “Interactive Company” theme looks very interesting like i can say now with just the part of the pic :)

Do you got some full pictures for me or can you write me when you finished this project?


Thx Massix for the interest, but unfotunatelly we cant show more than that sneak peak. And sure, we will keep you posted when we finish it.

You spelled “PRIVECY STATEMENT ” wrong. it’s “PRIVACY”

Glad to see that some users are so interested in our themes, and read every text written in there.

Thanks for noticing.


Definatly interested in this theme but there are a few bugs. Is this because of your server as you mentioned earlier?

For example, the “your message” box in the contact from doesn’t expand properly when entering text or draging the corner down. Maybe it’s just me. Im using safari.

Also how easy would it be to add a drop down box option on one of the contact boxes? I would love for clients to be able to select a budget range rather than entering there own for example.


Loue it and purchase it!

Hey Guys, I just want to congratulate you on a job well done, I really like what you did, GOOD LUCK WITH SALES :D

Sa traiesti, multumim pentru aprecieri ;)

When will the WordPress version be available?

Is there a blog page available in this theme? I’m confused because all of the preview images have “blog” in the nav, but it’s not in the live preview. I’m just wondering if you turned it off in the nav on the live preview for some reason or if it’s really not included??

By the way, I love this theme! $12 seems like a steal for this…

indeed, we wanted to create a blog page and introduced it in the PSD menu, but later we decided to leave it only for the WordPress version, which will eventually come but not right away.

Where can I get the font for the logo “Creative Juice”? That’s the main reason I downloaded this template. And I saw that you provided links to download the fonts on this template but not for the logo. Please advise. Beautiful template by the way :-)

Thank you

Hello HalfNut, actually the font for the logo is not a free font like the other one we used for the titles and so we couldn’t provide it in the archive. We used Cocktail Shaker font for the logo, available for purchase here:

Hope it helps.

Thanks for the support.

The font used for the logo is Cocktail Shaker, it’s a paid font and you can find it here

(later edit: haha, we both posted in the same time. And that’s what I call customer care … lol)

Can’t believe this is free, even though I just bought it!!!! :)

don’t worry, it never really was free, it was just a glitch on the homepage.

while its not anymore :|

Nice Theme! I really like it! Good luck with the numbers! Paul

Glad to see this back up… lost it for a sec yesterday with the whole freebie glitch…

Please could you respond to the contact form problem I previously posted. Just checked again today and the form is all over the place.

Really want to get going with this template but not really keen on having any bugs.

Hi Chalky,

Thanks a lot for your interest in our work. Only in Safari you can drag the grip and resize the textarea. This can be easily resolved by adding:

textarea {resize: none;}

to the layout.css.

Let us know if we can be of more assistance.