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Very nice template! Nice Web 2.0 look!

Clicking on the small circles on the homepage (from left to right) will cause those showcase images to misalign. Not sure if this is what the first poster meant here, but just letting you know (using latest Firefox).

I was trying to work with jParallex but epic failed. I’m gonna buy this very soon just to see how you did the jParallax thing..

Great work!

Hi! I need some help again, please. :)

1. How do I change the number of slides? For example, right now, I only want 3. I tried deleting the 4th and 5th slide and removed the the navigation for it. Unfortunately, it just got stuck on the 1st slide. Can you tell me how to do this?

2. Once the slides are finished, it stays on the last slide. Is there something I can change so it starts over?


Very good! Would you make a WordPress theme for this? I intend to use this for the home page of the website, and I need a WP theme to match the style…

Hi, i love the template just have a small problem, not really a problem of sorts just dont know how to fill in my details on the contact page so i can receive the emails sent.

Thanks a lot for the support.

You need to use php to make the contact form work. This is only the html file and you will need to put php on top in order to send the form on email.

erm….. how do you go about doing that?

if you don’t know php we recommend talking to a developer. You can find one on the forum.

Beautiful template. Just bought it :)

Thanks a lot for the support

Where can I find the ie6.css file that is being referenced in the template? – thanks

Thanks a lot for the support.

Starting with this project we decided not to provide IE6 support anymore. We joined the resistance front against IE6 :).

We forgot to delete that line of code in the html, that’s why you see that reference there, but the actual css doesn’t exist.

I’m guessing the theme should display ok in IE except of the png fix, and some paddings and margins.


I have a problem with the work page. I have added some more projects inside the section and it doesn’t arange it properly. When I add 9th work, it doesn’t appears as a 3th work on a 3th line, but as a 1st work on a 4th line. So there’s one epmty space now. After each 3th added work I add: div class=”clear_container + two break points.

Where’s the problem? Thanks.

Hi, thanks a lot for the support.

You’ve missed out that the div from the right side has another class “last_project”


Awesome design guys. I am very interested in buying it but I would require a wordpress version, just wondering if you were planning to develop one?

Thanks, Matt

Thanks a lot for the support.

Yes, we are planning to do a WP version of the Creative Juice template after we finish our SiliconApp WP sometime next month. Hit follow on our profile page to stay tuned.

Excellent work! :-P -> FAV .

Next month?! I can’t wait that long… will $50 help push things along?

That’s Awesome, I’ve wanted to up date our company site for a while now but have just been waiting for the right theme to come along, and I think this is it.

There are two things that would make this site perfect, first, a blog, and second would be a large widget ready footer. As there is no side bar adding this would create easy navigation and give us some where to add social media feeds, latest blog posts etc.

Just food for thought.


Can’t wait for the wordpress template! It’s going to be so great! It already is, I just need an easier way to update it! Also, question, Is there any way to incorporate video?

sure it can. If you need help with anything contact us on email.

Is there anyway I can get the text layer for the logo? I have the font, just can’t get it to look the same exact way you have in the samples.

sure, send us an email and we’ll provide a text layer psd. But honestly, i dont know why you need the exact text in the logo, is your project/website going to be named Creative Juice? If not, all you need to do is modify the kerning in PS

Just wanted to publicly say thanks for the assistance that these guys provided. They were more than willing to help me.

OK, well I am going with someone else’s theme as I cannot wait another month for you to do a WordPress version. Good luck with the sales.

An?ther well designed and coded template from WebCrafters.


very beautiful & pixelperfect design!!

Great design man. I am considering using this for my website. I have never used a wordpress template before and wondered if you would be available to help me fill the content in and what you would charge?



Good work !! I wanted to know the font’s name ” Creative Juice ” please !

Cocktail Shaker is the font.