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Hey, total newbie question but how do I get the contact form to work so that it sends the info to my email address?



For the contact form to work you need to find a developer. We suggest zou trz on the forums, there are a lot of guys there that could help with that.

We’ve updated the files.

The contact form is now working.

@teambudgie – you could also use something like Machforms or Wufoo to add the form to that page without hiring a developer. Cheers

You have an error which can be seen in the firebug console on your demo as well as in all versions of the download.

This error is caused by a blank cufon replace in the footer area:


An easy fix. I just deleted that line.

Just Awesome Could you tell me what kind of font you used for the logo. Thanks.

Thanks a lot for the support.

The font used for the logo is Cocktail Shaker ( ) and it’s a paid font. Hope it helps,

HI, I wonder how can I post videos to this portfolio temp?

Hi, Thanks for the great work~! I’m not sure why the work category menu, like all work, web design, logo, etc. is not working on my end…

Hi, it needs to be coded with JS or PHP , we only provide the design & HTML /CSS for this project. Alternatively, we’ll release soon a WordPress theme with all these functionalities enabled.

Great Site!! Nice work! Cool that you’re in the free file of The Month. Wonderfull!!

Can’t wait for the WordPress version.

Hi, your template is great! But please tell me, in the contact page, the form is not working (form action=”#”), can you provide php script for mailing function? I’m so lazy to find it on the web and implement, maybe u already have it? Also, that page needs to be converted .php instead of .html and i need to change all links in the menu.

Sorry, we don’t have the skill set to make the contact form work, thus don’t have any scripts to share. Maybe someone here can help you? Maybe try the forum?


We’ve updated the files.

The contact form is now working.

Thanks for your patience.

Eagerly awaiting the WP version…this design is wicked and the support has been world class as well…well done and look forward to more creativity from you guys!

Thanks a lot for your support. We hope to bring it soon, at the beginning of next month, but we can’t promise anything certain yet. We’ll keep you posted.


Just to keep you guys in the loop with what are we working on, we’ve attached 2 screen shots on our profile page

Don’t forget to hit follow to stay tuned with the releases :)


Any news on the WP version of this yet? :D

Actually yes.

ETA : later next week :)

Excellent! That should further help fill your coffers…deservedly so I might add ;)

Any updates about the release of the Creative Juice Wordpress theme? I have been eagerly awaiting it for over a month now…

We know, we are waiting to upload Creative Juice WP for more than that and we are very excited on how it came out. We promise you that is just around the corner. We are talking a couple of days tops.

Cheers and thanks for your patience.

Good news, we’ve just submitted the Creative Juice WP version to the review (29 in the queue).

Here is the link to the live preview: Creative Juice WP

We promise you’ll like this one, we developed a 1 click auto install feature that will install the theme as you see it on the live preview. Nice eh?

We’ll keep you in the loop.

Cheers, The WebCrafters

Nice Template.

It’s featured in our Blog here

Cool thanks for the support.

So, 4 days now since you submitted this and nothing yet? Is Themeforest typically this slow?

no, usually it takes less time for a project to be reviewed and aproved but this time they had some problems with the system and had to freeze the review queue for a couple of days.

Dont worry, we’ll let you know as soon as it’s accepted. Thanks for your patience.

the WP version just got accepted, take a look at it here:

Hi guys,

We are going through a re branding process so from today the WebCrafters is known as ThemeFuse.

Also, to celebrate our brand new name, we’ve made an awesome new project called WebStudio that we’ll release in a couple of days.



Following your requests we’ve updated the project with a functional contact form.

You just need to re download the archive if you already bought the file, if not hurry up and put $15 to good use :)

Cheers and thanks for your patience and support.