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i absolutely love this template. My question is, what if i wanted to make a top banner to fit the space provided where “latest project” is featured. Is it possible for it to fit within the rectangle and will i be able to take out the view project button?

Yes it can be done, but you’ll need to do some minor HTML modifications.


I’d like to disable the parallax stuff and just have 5 bits of slide show cycling on the front page.

I tried commenting out the line:

<script src="js/jquery.jparallax.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

but this didn’t do the trick.

What can I change to make this work?

Many thanks on a great theme!

If you know some HTML it’s easy, you’ll have to edit the div in the index.html where the parallax images are. Replace the images with a single one of your own.

Could you post a code snippet showing what you mean?

I replaced the three divs holding the parallax images with one div holding my own image.

This appears to break the cycling of the slides. The slide attempts to cycle, but cannot move past slide #1.



I bought the html/css template a couple of weeks ago but the contact form isn’t working.

I’ve changed the email in sendmail.php and tested it on our servers. When you click the ‘send message’ button, the whole form animates up to nothing?

Any thoughts on whats going wrong?


Hi mate,

Thanks a lot for your business. It’s odd, it works just fine on our part. You know what, give us a link with your site to see the issue in action and try to find a solution.


Hi – Did you manage to look at the contact form to see if you can see whats going wrong with our contact form? Really need to get this sorted!!

Many thanks

Thanks for getting back to me!

The site can be found at

Look forward to your reply,


Hi ThemeFuse,

I’ve converted your template for a Drupal application, but the jquery scoller doesn’t dots between the previous and next is stacking in IE 7 .

I’ve dug and dug and my css code seems to be the same as yours with a few variations.

I’m stumped. Any suggestions on what is conflicting?

Hi bramick,

It’s hard to see what might be the issue, especially if you implemented the theme on Drupal, which is a platform we are not familiar with.


It was a CSS issue that I got figured out. We just had to assign a width to ul.navigation.


Would be really good if you could get back to me…...

I purchased the theme with an apparent ‘working’ contact form. This does not seem to be the case!

As previously posted, the form can be found at

Many Thanks

Hi mate,

Sorry, it’s possible that we over looked your message by mistake. Sorry for that. Regarding your issue, it is very strange because we did all the tests on the initial files and all is working well.

Our guys took a look on the link but can;t identify the issue.

There is one solution. To the problem. To give us your FTP credentials (ON EMAIL OF COURSE ) and let us investigate further. (hello [at] Thanks.

First i congratulate you for the job! its a great template.

But, i need your help! I have some problems with the accents in the titles, you know in spanish doesn´t works properly.

Is there any solution?

Thanks! My regards

hi maresposito,

Yes there is a solution of course. You have to change the font by generating the cufon font again. Read the documentation as there is even a video tutorial there.

The problem is that the font we’ve used doesn’t have the accents you are looking for.

When you generate the cufon js again you need to use a font that you know it has all the characters you are looking for.


Hey ThemeFuse, nice design overall, i just have once complaint (bug) to report.

When you open the template in Opera, the footer doesn’t stand still on the index page, whenever you change the slide it will go up or down.

You can see the bug even here, go into live view click on remove frame and you’ll see what i mean.

Hope you will fix this soon.

Hey mate,

Thanks for your comment, but unfortunately we can’t see this issue you are talking about. Please tell me what version of Opera are you using.

Thanks for your business and please come to our AfterCare Support Forum if you encounter any more issues. We don’t offer support here in the comments.



Do you have a Wordpress version for this site? I love it, but need a Wordpress version.

Yes we sold this wp theme here until recently, but not anymore. Unfortunately I can’t give you a link because that will violate the terms and condition from Theme Forest.

Cheers and thanks for the interest in our work.

how is de H2 font to use in theme????

the font is MgOpenModata? how can i do accent this font….

yes, the font is MGOpenModata but you can replace it with any font you’d like (that has the accents you need). If you dont want to use a custom font (like MgOpenModata), you can revert to a system font like Arial, which i’m sure has all the accents in spanish language. Just delete from the CSS file the “MgOpenModata” references.

If you need any help it, just post your question to our dedicated support forums at

Thanks!! i can change font, and use :D Thanks!

what happened to the wordpress version? Is there a reason i should not be using it? remake that as a wordpress file dude that thing was awesome.

all our WP themes are available on our website. Unfortunately, we can’t post a link due to Themeforest policies.

Does your HTML or WP version have a lot of video support? like for the motion graphic category, can it play .flv and or quicktime videos? As I don’t see any videos in your demo’s.


All our WP themes have video support. We use pretty photo in almost all our themes. You can check their website, and see all the video files you can load.

Our WP themes are not sold on Envato, and unfortunatelly I can’t give you a link here as it is against the rules.


Hi Guys and great template,

Now I know this has been asked but I still can’t find the resolution.

I want to remove the parallax stuff, as it just jumps around the place in every browser I have tried and is just wierd. Even with a single image it still remains:

Check my Link:

Can someone please please please put me out of my misery!

Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

Hello mate, we’d love to help but responding on the comments here is not the best way to do it. So please head over to and create an account in order to post your question in the dedicated support forum. Our team will help you out in no time.

Hi, love the template but also the love the Creative Juice logo font.

Are you able to tell me what it is?


Hi there,

The font’s name is Cocktail Shaker and it’s a paid font so it’s not included in the archive.

what font is this in the banner??

The font’s name is: MgOpen Modata, and it’s a free font. You can find it here:

Hey can you tell me how to add sub menus the main menu ?


Hello Kyle, we’d love to help you out but we don’t offer support in here, on the comments section. We have created a dedicated Support Forum on our website, at and you can head over and ask any question regarding our themes. You just need to create an account, which takes no more than 10 seconds. Thanks!

We would love to help you on our dedicated support forum. It’s hard to track and organize support here, so we created a dedicated support forum on our website.


My contact form is not working. did i put my email in the sendmail.php file correctly?

$the_myemail     = base64_decode($_POST['']);

Hi Sean,

No that’s not the correct spot to put your email. We’ve just made an update to the project, it’s in the review queue, that will make the replacement very easy. (On line 5 and 6, you’ll see the comments in the file).

Today or tomorrow the update should be up, so you only need to download the archive again for the file. If you are in a hurry, drop us an email on hello [at] themefuse [dot] com and I’ll send you the file by email. Hope this helps.

Cheers and thanks for your business.

So far I’m having a problem changing the theme color. I save changes and it doesn’t change color? Can I possibly edit this in photoshop and change color tone to my liking?


I cant get the email form to work, i have tried everything you have written here before without success. Any ideas why its still not working?

I need this urgent, please help me solve this..

Please be so kind and address this on our support forums. I understand this is urgent, and we’ll make a priority of sorting this issue out for you, but you’ll have to come on the forum. We don’t offer support here in the comments.

Creative Juice Support Forum

Thanks a lot for the understanding and patience.