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I like the concept. You’re layout is nice too :)

Thank you, wrwipeout! :)

Questions about the timer:

- If I set this to 7 days, then upload the site to my server. Will 7 days count down from then. Or is 7 days the count down from when the user visits the site, i.e. if they visit on day 6 of the site uploading, will they see 7 days or under 2 days?

- How do I remove the spacing between the day/hour/min, etc? I’ve reduced the font size but unsure how to get the countdown closer together.

- I’ve updated the countdown to start at 7 days, 0hrs, 0min, 0sec. When I look at the site it still displays a countdown from 305 days. I’ve cleared my cache and cookies but it hasn’t refreshed. I’m updating only in the HTML, am I missing something?


To set the timer, open index.html and replace the date inside the jquery script (line 173) with your date (ex. “21 august 2013”). The timer automatically starts the countdown from the present time to that date (so, your visitors will see the same values you see).

To minimize the space between days, hours etc., open style.css and find ‘ul#countdown li’ (line 172). Replace the ‘width’ value with a smaller one.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else. Thank you for purchasing.

Have a nice day!

Thanks. Got it!

What time zone is the count-down timer on? If I set to 30th September, what time zone does that end (i.e. Australia which is a day a head, or US PST time?) . Thanks for a quick reply!

Thanks, louiejie! :)

Doriana, Love this theme—very interested in purchasing. I’m new to bootstrap so this looks like a good one to start with. Two questions: 1. Can the countdown bar be removed? 2. Any suggestions on Bootstrap support sites?


Hi, The countdown bar can be removed (just delete or comment its code in index.html).

Regarding bootstrap, there are many tutorials online. For ex.:

Have a nice day!


Have you got this theme for Wordpress?


Hi, Unfortunately I don’t have this theme for Wordpress.

What is the font of the logo?

I do not have the files

Where the emails are stored?

After you replace the email “” in contactform.php (and subscribe.php) with your own adress, all the e-mails are going to be sent automatically on your email address.