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Nice, Especially the client area and pricing tables.

Awesome design! Good luck with sales

Fantastic! I am wowed! Good luck with sales

Great template! Good luck with sales!

Awesome template! Clean and neat. Good luck with sales :)

nice work as usual..

Very nice looking. Good luck with sales!

Good luck with sales, congrats :)

Looks very nice! Good luck with sales ;)

Very nice ! Good job !

Very nice template, once you have an Wordpress version out I’m first to buy it!!

In the near future!

Really nice template there Mahdi, best of luck with sales :)

woww awesome template..good luck with sales..any update for HTML ??and Which Font you are using ?

Thank you all guys!


It will be available soon!

Used Fonts:


Folder: SLIDESHOW 2 > iMac

Why it made as layer? I want to put my image inside mac, iphone and ipad

I didn’t include the PSD of the iMac mockup in this version, It’s for sale on Graphicriver.

Here’s a Free version of the mockup that i have included in Jungle PSD template!

If you don’t know how to manipulate layers, Please contact me via my profile

PS: I’ll try to update the iMac mockup with a free one so you can be able to change the screen images.


Do you provide the PSD files of the layout design, still in layers and all its elements in the page? I would like to make some adjustments on it. Please advise. Thanks.

Yes you can! I have updated all the PSD files with free elements!

iMac PSD Mockup Template Included:

Any progress on the HTML version yet? I’ll pay up to $100 on themeforest for this!!

I’ve sent you an email via your profile!


HTML5/CSS3 Version is available here:

Creative | Responsive Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template