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Really nice! Great work.

looking great

Kudos to you again, very nice. I’m really glad the nav/button bar is capable of having the buttons/font smaller to include more buttons, that’s what was holding me back on the previous release from you (although that was spectacular as well).

Now to find someone who can slice and code this without tables and a good turn-around time so I can purchase this.

Thank you for putting this up Kaiserosa, you’ve outdone yourself again.

Thanks CyberSpy, only .PSDs for now!

Very attractive design.

It’s amazing!

Thank you guys!

Ok this is insane . . . the template is $8 and the font required to edit said template is $100

How about we include the fonts that are used in the design with the design like every other commercial template in existence.

Vag Rounded font is an Adobe® Font. Sharing any commercial font is strictly prohibited and Adobe Fonts does not release free fonts. Sharing of commercial font software (even without monetary gain) is considered piracy and is protected under the laws of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Many template creators using free fonts, so you could try to find a similar font (with free download) at www.dafont.com. Thanks for your purchase!

Gah! I am looking for a design for my personal site but its just to hard with all of this brilliant work! well done sir other than making us pull our hair out in indecisiveness.

Thanks for your feedback!


How to make all the links in the PSD after convert to HTML template are CLICKABLE ?

Cheers, Basyir