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anybody that could help with this layout? ive tried contacting the author but no response…

i work on it today..try to do my best

He fixed it for me, very quickly and amazing layout 5 stars totally!

thank you!!

Hi Ansonika

Great product. Is there a way I can have more than 4 images on the background home slider.

Regards, Tourist

Yes…if do you mean the background images, to add more images open bg_images_1.js and add your new images with correct path…be careful that the last one ha no comma…. cheers

Thanks, it was the comma at the end that was making it not work!

hello, i am thinking about purchasing your theme, but i still have one question: is it possible to get the navigation menu show on which part of the site you are at the moment? maybe the demo is not working like it should on my mac and chrome, safari and firefox browser, but i only see a color change on the menu if i hover over or click with the mouse on it, but it won´t stay colored like (i wish) it should… best regards

Good day I am having issues with videos playing on apple products they aren’t coming up at all. Mp4 I am only getting sound on all browsers. Do I need to update the player?

Hello…please leave your email or contact me at info@ansonika.com...i will send a copy with mp4 video support. demo:http://www.ansonika.com/test/creative_ipad/video_3.html

Hi There,

I used this template (I love it by the way excellent features!) However, the client is reporting a HUGE amount of spam coming through to the point that the template is no longer able to function. Is there anyway you are able to implement a simple Captcha box to avoid spam? many thanks


Hi there. This theme does not work onHTC M8 latest version…. Can you help with this??

i am sorry but this theme is not responsive (as you can read in the item details page)...not supported by mobile devices

How does this site work? Does he have an administrative panel?

hi, no i am sorry…any admin panel.it’s an html site template. all the best

which fields should I change for the contact form to work correctly?