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Hello. Design is beautifull, I’ve just buy it. But, there are no images inside “portfolio_1”,”portfolio_2”,”portfolio_3”. Instead of them, there are just blank squares with title “background image”. I don’t think it’s acceptable, especially for first image, which is main reason why I buy this theme. Thanks.

Hi, I’m sorry but for copyright reasons I can’t sell the item with images. I mention it in the item details. But if you contact me by email i can tell you where to find them. Ansonika

I have bought this theme but its failing to upload to wordpress!!! any idea?

I…I’m sorry but what you have bought it’s a site template not a wordpress theme. I’ll convert it in WP theme….but I don’t know when.

oh maaaan you guys should have put a note or something to notify people that this is not a theme!!!! I didn’t see that anywhere. Please let me know when are going to convert it to a theme as I don’t have any use for it as just a template.

rabihk, This theme is CLEARLY labelled as a html theme – totally seperate to the Wordpress section. I wouldn’t be blaming the author of the theme for your own lack of attention…

In terms of the theme itself – nice work Ansonika!

Are there alternative swf bakgrounds available on the download version?

Best of luck with Sales…

Thank you Sticker for your compliments…I’m sorry there are any avalilable swf backgrounds; you can buy them from Activeden. Thank you. Ansonika.

No problem at all! Just thought i’d ask!

Thanks for the quick reply…

Hi Ansonika,

could a flv video be played instead of swf ?

Hi…I don’t know really….I’ll investigate your isssue….I’ll let you know

Hi….I’ve update the item with new video fullscreen background. File supported: FVL , Youtube, Mp4.


I noticed that this theme is very similar to Rokkan.com. Another thing I noticed is the scripts. They are identical. Im talking about the portfolio section. You copied this from rokkan.com!!!!

Rokkan.com has been standing with those scripts and design for about 2 years now.

So that leads me to believe you copied the design and the scripts exactly as they are on Rokkan.com

Why are you selling something you didnt do any actual work on?!

Here is the script from your site:


and here is rokkan.coms js:


This also means you copied the css from rokkan.com as well!!!!

What do you have to say for yourself?

Hi daddy5, it’s a mistake made by one of my colleagues. I’m sorry and I’ll update that part asap.

Awesome work! Just purchased and already using it. Very easy to customize. Great mark up.

When do you think you’ll make a Wordpress version? I’ll definitely pick that up too.

Thank you….I’m sorry but now I don’t know when the wp version will be finished.

Daddy5 its OK to point that out but you could have message the programmer, don’t be a prick. Who knows it might be the same programmer under an other alias. What ever.. its just not polite to spam your anger here.

I like the template though the idea of one huge slider as background at the starting page, but that too isn’t new and is done before. The overall look is good though, It feels, looks good. I am very tempted to buy it.. as it would save me days of work re-inventing the wheel all over again. That’s why i use Tthemeforest and Canyon Code as programmer.

Thanks Ansonika for making my job easier :)


Thank you!

hi Great template!!! but video don’t work on iPad ;( !!!

I’ve pushed the wrong button…I don’t wont to report my reply :)

Hi ! Terrific job ! Do you have a link where i can see a preview with a video in the backscreen ? Thanx

Sorry ! I did not see the preview was updated ! Nice !

Can the video be the first thing people see on the page instead of the slider pics? And if so can the video be put on autoplay?


Yes…it’s possible. I can help you if you need. But it’s easy..simply rename the video page name and some changes to the menu. Autoplay is already set by default.


Thanks for the offer of helping out. I do know some coding and have done the embedding before but wanted to know if I use the video if it will in fact maintain the same look you have now.

Of course I see you have a video feature now but I wanted to double check before making a decision. Plus I’m going to add a “Snapshot” thumbnail pic of each of my sites directly under the video with links. That should be easy to implement too.

I need a short, to the point and professional “Welcome” page where I can plant an “overview” video, site thumbnails and one link to my blog. This offers me all that with a little customization and still have the look I want.

Thanks, RC

I purchased your software and look forward to using it. If I have any trouble I will contact you. You did a great job and love your work:o)


Hi…thank you for your purchase!!


I need to talk to you about doing an image to replace the stock image up in the upper left side of the layout. Please contact me at rob@robcouty.com


Hello, thanks for this great theme!

I just downloaded the theme and some files are missing. I tried to re-download the files again but still no luck. Could you help me out pls?

Files missing are:




Hi…for copyright reasons I can’t provide these files realtive to the free JW Player. You must download the files from here http://www.longtailvideo.com/players/jw-flv-player/. In the doc files you have further information about this issue. For the shadow.png….try the img folder.

IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT FREE JWPLAYER : when download the free copy, don’t include “Viral video sharing plugin”. If you do, when click on a video or pause the video, the player start a form to share the video.

Congrats on a great theme at an unbelievable price!

I believe I was the 100th buyer – many thanks!

Thank you Sticker…ask me if you need support!! Ansonika

The creative portfolio template is by far one of the best templates I’ve seen, the after sales is fantastic and I got the solution of all doubts I had via email and also i got another intelligent solutions nor offered sold in the original template. With only $ 12 I have an elegant and functional website, congratulations for the work and even more for the excellent service. tanks a lot makemyshow.net