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Hi, I just purchased this template and I think its super clean and great.

Quick question though, where do i edit the captions on the images for the full screen slider? Right now it currently by default says “your image caption” and so forth.


Thank you!! To edit the captions you have to open bg_images_1.js in js folder. Here you’ll find the path of the images, the captions….and other settings.


I just bought your theme and uploaded it but it seems as though the player is not loading. The YouTube and mp4 I tried does not work. Can you please take a look at smashlefunk.com and let me know where I went wrong? Also.. If I could play my Vimeo files the way that that YouTube is integrated….that woould be grandiose! Thanks

Hi Doremila, are sure that Youtube video doesn’t work?? I’ve checked this page http://smashlefunk.com/video_1.html .I can play the Youtube video…everything it’s ok. Maybe you have to update the flashplayer….the page require Flash Player 9….you can update or download from adobe website. For the mp4…you have to use your mp4 video…it’s not allowed by Themeforest to provide my own in the item files. I’m sorry but Vimeo video it’s not supported. Tell me if you have further problems with the Youtube Video. If yes, specifies which browser and operating system you are using.


When downloading the jwplayer with out the “Viral video sharing plugin” i don’t get the yt.swf file which i guess is necessary . Could you pls help me out?


Yes sure….they update recentrly the player from 5.5 to 5.6. now you don’t need animore yt.swf. I’ll update my documentation asap. Try to use only jwplayer.js, player.swf, swfobject.js. remember tha you can not test youtube videos locally…you have to do an online test. regards

Thx for your fast reply!

:) you’re welcome

I just purchased your product. I have changed the rotating images on your index template by changing the bg_images1, but for all the other pages the background seems to pick up the js for the index backgrounds.

How can I stop this from happening?

Hi…for the other pages you have to edit bg_images_2.js inside js folder….or if you wont you can use the same of the index. you have to the edit at the bottom of each html pages…another difference is that in the second js the images are not rotating….but you can change the default settings simply. tell me if you need further assistance.

Great theme one question, when editing the code to include my Mp4 video file, which js file am i supposed to be editing, cant seem to find the one you use in ur example.

No js to edit….only download the JW player without viral pluging…and follow my instructions in the doc files to use you own mp4. Regards

Hey Ansonika,

I have recently purchased this and I was wondering if it is available as a Wordpress theme or any other CMS theme? Thanks in advance


Maybe in june… Ansonika

ah ok figured it out thanks. This template was really great. thought i would post my website i made with it in case any of else needs inspiration on what this theme can look like fully fleshed out. www.paulhannadesigns.com best 12$ purchase ive made in a while thanks Ansonika!

Thank you very much!!!

Firstly, thanks for the great design I have just purchased, I’m really enjoying setting it up as I like it. All very easy at the moment but spent hours now trying to figure out how to make the same logo as creative in the default (dark) theme but with my own text – ‘t-hill.com’ and ‘Since the beginning’ in small text above. I’m not the worst with CS5 but not the best either. Can anyone give tips on creating a finished PNG logo?? Hard to advise I know ;)

Thanks again!! Tim

Email sent Ansonika ;)

Regards Tim

NONE of the video pages work please advise…........

Hi… 1) Download Jwplayer without viral plugin 2) Follow the instructions in the doc files (yt.swf it’s not necessary) 3) Use your own files or youtube link


Hi there.

This template looks great, I am new to this whole web design stuff. If I buy the template, what software do i need to be able to edit the website to my customization?



Hi…Dreamweaver would be perfect; or search on the web other free solutions or an online editor. I think you need some basic knowledge of html….but try. I offer customization if you need…

Any word on a full CMS with this template… wordpress?


not this month…I’m sorry :)

Hi can anyone tell me how big (pixels), the main front page image is if used full width?

(Not video, but normal background image)

This is so fresh ! I luv it! :bigsmile:

just one question, because my client doesnt know anything about html, can they just upload the pictures by using ftp, using the same name to rename them, would this work for the rotating background pics ?

You can upload via FTP the background images using the same file names.


I love the template… I had already purchased a WP one similar to this one, but I really like the ability to edit in DW…

question 1: documentation says images should be 900×320 for home page backgrounds; however, upon resizing/cropping/editing all my images to that size…. they are too small – lol – or they are blown-up WAY too much – what is the correct size for the background images? or do I have something else wrong? I haven’t edited any of the css files for this, just the bg_images_1.js – so far….

I’m investigating further – wondered if you could help?

question 2: I haven’t tried yet, but I wanted to change the “footer” region to look like a wooden dock – My them is a pirate theme – I’m a Webdesign / Hosting Reseller / etc… I’m sure I can figure it out, just looking for short-cuts :)

Great Work, and would love to collaborate on some projects!


Hi, first of all thank you…

1) for the background images I’ve used in the demo, that looks fine, 1920×1200… you can find some good big images from interfacelift.com …. I suggest to reduce the file size to 500-800kb with photoshop

2) for the footer simply write you text inside this div on the bottom of the page <div id="social_copy">© 2011 Creative. All rights reserved. <img src="img/social.png" height="18" alt="" width="90" /> </div>

if you send me the text you wont to put….I can do it for you. Not too long text

Regards Ansonika

Thanks for your reply to my previous question, I’m finding your theme to be extremely workable, but I need some help with something.

Where are the menu and submenu titles held? I can change the menu titles/submenu titles on each page, but isn’t there somewhere (some file) that defines these? That I can make 1 change so all my pages are updated?

Thanks so much for the theme, I love the look, and versatility of it.


Hi…the structure of menu is: <li><a href="">Portfolio</a> <div id="portfolio"> <ul> <li class="menu_heading">Photo galleries</li> <li><a href="gallery_thumb_nav.html">Fullscreen Thumbs</a></li> <li><a href="flip_gallery.html">Flip Gallery</a></li> <li><a href="gallery_supersize.html">Fullscreen Supersize V1</a></li> <li><a href="gallery_supersize_2.html">Fullscreen Supersize V2</a></li> </ul> <ul> <li class="menu_heading">Projects</li> <li><a href="portfolio.html">Vertical scroll</a></li> <li><a href="portfolio_horizontal_scroll.html">Horizontal scroll</a></li> </ul> <ul class="last"> <li class="menu_heading">Videos</li> <li><a href="video_1.html">Full screen Youtube</a></li> <li><a href="video_2.html">Full screen Mp4</a></li> <li><a href="video_3.html">Full screen Vimeo</a></li> </ul> </div> </li>


Hi, I want purchase this template, but last please How i can brackground sound add any section?


You can add sound on each page…using a flash player or jequey player…but you have to do it by yourself or ask me for a quotation…


Is this template available in wordpress format? Or do you have any wordpress compatible templates?

No…I’m sorry…any wordpress theme at the moment

When I place a video as the background Im getting black bars at the top and bottom. Is there a setting to make the video fill the background area???

hi….I think it depends from the video file you wont to play, usually they have the black bars; but try to declare the stretching param in the player like the example below: <script type="text/javascript"> jwplayer('mediaspace').setup({ 'flashplayer': 'js/player.swf', 'file': 'http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnkXaGiXkAw', 'controlbar': 'over', 'stretching': 'exactfit', 'autostart': 'true', 'icons': 'false', 'width': '100%', 'height': '100%' }); </script>