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how do I change the image caption on the main slider home page?

hi…open bg_images_1.js inside the js folder


Great theme and perfect for video backgrounds! Just two questions:

1. Because I make use of YouTube videos, the background show ‘YouTube HD’ watermark in the right bottom corner. Is there a chance to remove this?

2. How can I make the video play in loop?


hi 1) try to write in your youtube link modestbranding=0, it remove the logo…but on hover it appear. search on google for more details

2) try loop=0, but i don’t know if it works

Example: http://www.youtube.com/embed/NvrBbugrcJU?HD=0&rel=0&showinfo=0&controls=0&loop=1&modestbranding=0

Hey, I built my first site off your theme, and wanted to say thank you for making it so easy! I was just wondering, would it be possible to make it so that images on the project page do that thing where they expand when you click them? I’m having a hard time explaining it. Here is my page: http://www.robinsmangat.com/project_1.html I want to make it so that when you click the images one of those windows pops up with a higher resolution picture. Is there any way I could do this? Thanks a lot! You have really helped me a whole lot!

Hi…yes is possible. Contact me by email please at info@ansonika.com.

Also, is there a way to get the Blog part to work with Wordpress? I want to use wordpress for the blog section of my site, but I also want to keep the look and feel of my site.

Hi, i have a problem using IE 8 and so on. The fullscreen image won´t appear. Can you fix ?



Hi…Escape works fine in IE 8 . Your site, only the first page doesn’t work…the other works fine. There is something wrong in that page…I give a short look…but didn’t find the error. in js/bg_images_1.js try to remove the comma (,) after the image here
{image : ‘img/portfolio_2.jpg’, title : ‘Your image Caption’},

{image : ‘img/portfolio_2.jpg’, title : ‘Your image Caption’}

Let me know

Hello very nice template and thinking of buying. Does this have the ability to have one static image on homepage without slideshow? thanks in advance!

Having problems with the home page: www.ma2architects.com/html_ma2

The first time it comes up on a computer some of the images may be squeezed in with black side bars and not full width, does not happen everytime and not to the same picture, if the image is messed up and i refresh the page it corrects the image. Also the slide show does not always start. If it’s stuck and I click on the forward arrow and it will start the show.

Love the look but need a consistant rendering of the site, any help is appreciated.

Which browser and operating system do you use?

Ansonika, the squeezing occured on 2 different computers one with windows 7 and IE8 , one with windows 7 and IE9 a different glitch occurs on my ipad and my macBook, Safari5, for these 2 one of the images will randomly look like it’s sliding in from the bottom rather than fading in. In the Apple cases the glitch goes away after a full cycle of the slideshow. Explorer seems to need a refresh.

Is it just not preloading the images correctly?

Thank you very much for responding.

hi…fo these image (http://www.ma2architects.com/html_ma2/img/portfolio_3_ma2.jpg), i see it have square proportion…not lanscape and not portrait…maybe the problem is this…otherwise try to open bg_images_1.js and set fit_portrait : 0

Thinking about buying your theme. Question first. Does it do vimeo video?

Yes, I can create a page for you with the script i’ve used in another my theme: http://www.ansonika.com/escape/video_3.html

Ansonika, very strange, I double checked my original jpg files and they are all 1024×768. I downloaded the file from the server and it was 1024×768. Not sure why it’s reading as square for you. I changed the fit_portrait to 0 and that seems to have worked. But will need to monitor it.

Thinking about buying your theme. Vimeo is good on the other template AND it works on ipad which is good. I realized that it is not wordpress though.

Do you do this theme in wordpress and if so is adjusting the CSS easy?

thank you…no I’m sorry at the moment no plans to create a wordpress version.

Well, I give up. I took down the Site, , reloaded your original files, changed the portfolio_1 picture to one of mine, tried it and it seemed to work. I copied the exact same file 3 times as portfolio_2 through 4 and it messed up the rendering of the photos. here is the path to screen shots of the 1st slide rendered properly and then the second slide (exact same image) squeezed in: Slide 1, Slide 2

As I said, don’t get it and I’m about to give up, I can’t have a site that does not render properly.

I’m sorry you’re frustrated…After 400 sales I never had problems about this jquery plug in…also with Escape that have same plug in. Please send me your site files with pictures at info@ansonika.com ...I’ll try to correct this issue (with IE9 i suppose).

Hi, I’ve bought this template and it’s great. Can you suggest a way to be able to add an mp3 player that is capable of playing a number of tracks within the project html page (just under the ‘additional info section).

Thanks very much.

hi..contact me at info@ansonika.com

Can the portfolio be revised to use lightbox instead of opening to a new window?


Is this available for wordpress?

no plans at the moment to convert into wp version

How do we get the blog working? Can’t find any information other than that which tells us the theme has Blog post pages?

What back-end was it designed to use? How do we get a working blog that uses the themed pages you include ?

The blog page is for users or developers that wont to convert the html theme in wordpress. Creative is an html site template, and has no backend. You can manage it manually and use the same php script that i use for the contact form to take commnents from that page. sorry

Hi Ansonika.

I have a similar question to the one above (Advoc8tr). Are you aware of any blogger / news widget that can be placed in the HTML to pull blogs from external sources? For example, lets say on Blogger or Wordpress I post a news item with the title “new website launch”, I want this item to appear on the “blog” section of this website, and a list of the latest headlines from previous blogs.

A twitter widget for example will pull tweets from my Twitter page, so why is there not a widget that will pull blogs and blog headlines?


Hi BorisDollar..your request it’s beyond the scope of the theme…I’m sorry this period I’m very busy with other projects.

Hey…..great theme….Am having an interesting issue…..Finally gave up trying to figure it out myself. See the following for an example of the problem. After the site loads click on either About or Services in the menu and the entire site does a slight shift to the right. I have converted this site to php pages and am using a common header and footer include so all should be identical. This problem was happening before this. It only started after deleting most of the sample content that came with each page to suit my needs. I have tried multiple fixes and even stripping all content out entirely and the problem persists. So far checked in FF10 ….....IE8 and 9. Please help.

Cheers Scott

Hi Ansonika.

I’ve sent a couple of support requests via your profile page and havent heard anything back for a while. Just making sure you got them :-)


i’ll check today. i’ll contact you asap

you can use text with accents, contents, menus, etc.? example of accent: ç ã õ O is t …... translation into Portuguese of Brazil

let’s try…i remember that cufon has some problems with some accents….it happen with turkish…but i can help you(i’ll provide all the files) to use the same font using another tecnique….@font-face.