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Hi Ansonika; I need asistance with spanish language, because when I use some text like í,á,ó,é,ú,ñ, online this apparece like another simbol, so this ones are very important in spanish language. Please Help me, Thank you

contact me at info@ansonika.com so i can provide more assistance

I also have the same problem with words in spanish, (á,é,í,ó,ú,ñ) they doesn’t appear.

Also because of the header_wrapper has a fixed position it has scroll problems with mobiles browsers. (when part of the menu is hidden you can not scroll horizontal to see it)

Contact me by email and i will send you a new cufon file. For the header remove the position fixed…when i created creative i was not thinking about on mobile support

whats the name of the font used in the nav bar? is it anywhere in the file?

hi… Yanone Kaffeesatz

Hi Ansonika, Is this not a wordpress theme.

hi…no, it’s an html site template


At first, thanks for your amazing working on this template!

After downloaded this template, I didn’t find this file: Flash BG (Green with bubbles)

Where is this file please ?

Best regards

Please help me !!

what’s your issue?

Hi I have sent you a message @ info@ansonika.com with more dettails : I have some problem with the portfolio and the URL rewrite, with the non rewrited url, it’s working fine, with the rewrite it doesn’t works.

hi…it seems to work now!

Unfortunally not, only the version without url rewrite, but I need to use the other one with it. Wich part of code is involved ?

hi…i am sorry but i don’t know why.


At first, thanks for your amazing working on this template!

After downloaded this template, I didn’t find this file: Flash BG (Green with bubbles)

Where is this file please ?

Best regards

contact me by email…i’ll send you

Nice template! My question is how do I make the slides on the home page clickable (hyperlinks) to other pages?


the nivo slider or the background images?

Whatever is easiest!!! I need for users to be able to click on an image and move to another section of the website..


for nivo simply place an href: <div id="slider" class="nivoSlider home"> <a href="#"><img src="img/project_1_home.jpg" alt="" /></a> </div>

for the background images please write an email at info@ansonika.com...i will reply with the code


I bought your creative portfolio template , but when I want to install the jw-flv-player it doesn’t give me a zip file with the files to set up the video backgrounds.

Can you help me set my video backgrounds up or send me the files?

i’ve send you an email

I didn’t receive an email can you send it again ?

Could u please help me with the slide show on the home page? is there a way to fix it so it always adjusts it self to every resolution? ive had many different pics and most of them cut off…

the only way is open bg_images.js…there you will find some settings under Size & Position that you can define for your purporses…

Thank you for this wonderful template! I need your help to get the video to work. The JW Player files listed in your instruction file are not the ones that downloaded with JW Player 6 at the link you provided. It downloaded: jwplayer.js, jwplayer.html5.js, jwplayer.flash.swf. Your instruction file lists we should have: player.swf, jwplayer.js, yt.swf, swfobject.js. Can you please help me with the needed code? I have emailed this question too and look forward to your response. Thanks! :)

Hi. Thanks for the great template. I’ve upgraded my Mac OSX 10.7.5 and when preview in Firefox, I don’t get the background images and nivo slider. Please help. On mac lower that 10.7.5, I can see the images. Do I need to include or update Javascript?? My e-mail is gmashonga@yahoo.com


issues usally depends only on browser and browser version. update firefox..check if firefox has js disabled…and check other sites if you encounter the same problem

Hi, thanks for your work and support. Before to buy this theme, i read about the vimeo support on some comments. Since i work only with it, did you add some support to vimeo? Or, is there some way to obtain it? Thank you.

what are you needs about vimeo?

i want put a full width background video using vimeo instead the other options as on the demo. I read that you can use a plugin from another theme. Did you update the sold theme or it was a singular edit? Thanks

Hi, you can buy creative, contact me via profile page so i can check that you’ve bought the theme, then i will send you a page with vimeo in full screen mode. the difference from the other theme (Escape) is that it works better on Ipad

Good Day, Will this be responsive one day? Thanks

mmm…quite difficult..sorry

Hi there! Great template, very happy with it! I wonder how to imply the loading.gif? I appreciate your answer! Best, Moritz

Ahh, easy! Solved it myself…. Greeting anyway!

Argh! It’s not that easy, I see. I just put the loading.gif inside the but that of course makes the loading image the first image to display…. that’s not quite what i want! Bummer. So, Ansonika, I know you’re a busy man (or woman), but c’mon, give me a hint at least. Cheers! Moritz

No worries…but explain better what you need. i understood you wont to replace the loading gif for the fullscreen images

Hi there! No, you got me wrong. My problem was, that I have pretty big containers of images inside the project.html and it takes some time to load them. Here is where i wanted the loading.gif to appear before all images are loaded. What i did now is the following:

!—start nivo slider div id=”loading” class=”nivoSlider margin_pro”> img src=”images/loading.gif” width=”16” height=”11”> /div>

div id=”slider” class=”nivoSlider margin_pro” > img src=”img/project.jpg” alt=”” /> img src=”img/project_b.jpg” alt=”” /> img src=”img/project_c.jpg” alt=”” /> .....tons more images…. /div> !—end nivo slider

So, I created a new entry in master.css for the loading with display: inline. That works pretty well now.

So again I solved the problem myself.

Another question though is: Where does the fancy box appear at all within your template? Just so I know… I’d like all the images inside the project.html as well to be shown full screen inside the fancy box.

Have a nice day! Don’t work too much. Moritz

the video home page wont work on ipads/iphones etc. is there a way to make this non flash? or is there a way to be able to make mobile viewers thorugh to normall gallery version and desktop users to go through to vid?

has anyone here had any joy with making this more responsive for mobile browsers? works ok with ipad, but some phones skew it.