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Nice job….

Your server is extremely slow for the live preview.

Sorry about that, thanks for your feedback!

Really nice template, good work! On the about us page, the footer is covering the words below What we offer. Safari on a MacBook Pro

Fixed! Thanks for your feedback.

Es una obra de arte! te felicito.

Gracias compatriota!

very nice and spritey site ’ clean and bright :) well worth the purchase

Thanks for your purchase!

Thank you baklach!

Could I play video and/or mp3 files in the Portfolio iFrames?

This template was made for images only, thanks for your question.

Excuse me but I am having difficult chaning the favicon…I even overwrote your switch my own and deleted yours….

Any idea why yours is still showing?

Thank you!


Your favicon looks OK! I can see the KC with pink color gradient and drop shadow.

I can’t seem to edit the folder with the image of a person on the about us page. I opened it up in photoshop, but I’m not really sure how to remove it. What do I do?

Do you want to replace with another image, or just remove it?

I wanted to remove it, but don’t worry. I figured it out. It was in layers so I jsut removed them and saved it. But thx anyway.

Is there anyway to remove the logo with the starts and stripes. I found a psd named kaisersosa_creative_portfolio… and I went it and edited it but It doesn’t do anything. Where do I go to edit the background? How do I edit the bg-wrap because it’s not a psd file.

Easy! Open “kaisersosa_creative_portfolio_v4.psd”, hide all unnecessary layers (including “logo FX” folder), go to Image>Canvas Size, modify width to 1960 pixels and export to JPG . Thanks for your purchase!

Do I need all 10 MUSEO fonts? They’re $64!

The only font you need to buy is Museo 900 ($16.50) and the rest are free (Museo 300, 500 and 700). Thanks for your purchase!

Thanks so much!

Very poorly coded in my opinion.

Relies on hiding text behind images so site is readable by search engines. A very dangerous idea from a Google point of view.

Should have been coded with css font-face instead.

Thanks for your purchase!

In Development matters, we can arrive to same results using different approaches. The CSS Sprite’s technique is a valid one and also approved by TF ;)

Thanks again! K

Creative Portfolio Template #04 HTML +CSS+PSD interested in this template design for a client however he wants to be able to make changes from time to time with Dreamweaver CS3 . The question is can it be done? Most HTML templates sold here do not seem to layout correctly and there is no DWT Starter files. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time and patience.

The text “who we are” is that included?

I just purchased this great template today. Could you please explain how to edit the man’s image in the About page. I would like to replace the picture with another one of mine. I am not familiar with sprites. Just a quick instruction will help me.

Thanks so much, Terri


Do you have basic skills with Photoshop? It’s all what you need. You must to replace that image in PS and export as a PNG again.

Perfect!!!!! it works great, after I followed your instructions on how to make my changes it is easy. Thanks so much for such an amazing template.

Best regards, Terri

Thank you for your purchase!