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Muy bueno kaiser. Mis felicitaciones.

Gracias querido!

Man wow… !!! superb design

Thanks dude!

awesome design!


Genial, maestro. Espero ver pronto el HTML .

Gracias Eugenio! Antes que este HTML tenemos que ver tu primer template en Envato! Saludos!

Very beautifull design. Any thought to see it soon in wordpress or HTML also?

Thanks for your purchase! I have many other templates to convert first but yeah, this is one of my favourites for HTML /CSS conversion. Cheers!

After i see the wonderful job you done in PSD , im gonna be the first to buy also the converted :)

Hi great job i like your graphic style – awsome

Thank you guys!


I’ll definitely purchase this one if it’s converted to html! :)

Stay tuned!

Hello, i bought this template, but the middle part – with the yellow arrow – ist not a layered psd-file… so it´s not possible to change the text. The screenshot on the right side is just a demo-pic – that´s clear, but the middle design element ist main part of the template and was the reason i bought it !!!!! Is it possible to get the psd. Otherwise change the decription and send my money back.

Take a look to this screenshot: http://www.kaisersosa.com.ar/envato/demos/screenshots/sidemenu_layers.jpg

I’m showing that the yellow part of this template is a layered file, fully editable. In this screenshot you can see the text edition of the yellow arrow button in the menu scroller on the left side. On your right you can see the Layers Windows with all the editable layers.

Maybe you are using an older version of Photoshop? (we need CS3 here) Thanks for your purchase!

thank you for your quick response. Now i have CS3 and everything is fine. The template is fully editable !!! Great Design !!