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When you resize the home window with video slide, for a small (bot not too small) size, the video disappear. How can this be fixed? I compared with other themes with full widht video in home and the others are working fine.

I tested with Mac/Chrome

PS: I was testing the demo in your site


the demo is in 1.0 version and does not include fitvid script that solves this issue. I’ll updated asap.

Thank you for the comment TDGR

Another question… I know is not included themes for jomsocial and virtuemart, BUT i will install these two extensions. Will the theme work fine with it?

I think that you will not have any big problems. But if you do I’m here to help you.

Also Revolution Slider is included in the package for free.

Thank you

We are in a group of three, each one has voted for a different theme. So we were now measuring the support response time to see wich one will be the winner… maybe is a coincidende that you are now online, but you are by far the fastest pre-sale responses

thank you very much for your comment :)

Another question: in the description is written that the unite revolution slider is $25. Isn’t it included with the theme?

Revolution Slider is included in the package for free.

Hi, how do I change the color of the button on the homepage, the send button on the contactform and the back to top button?


Hi Woeler please contact me through the contact form of my profile page so I can explain you briefly.

Hi there, I sent an email. I purchased and can’t get the map to show up on my contact page.. Thanks. Would also like to know how to get the address beside the contact form. Thanks

Hi Normee, I have answered you in your email. If you have a problem I will resend it. Thanks for the contact

Hi there, I ‘ve seen your demo template and I really liked it! In my computer it is really responsive, I was changing my browser’s window’s size and it worked fine. Then I tried it to my 4,5’’ smartphone and it was nothing like it should be! The width was OK, but there was a big problem with the hight. I was not able to scroll down the screen, so I was seeing only the place of the page that was fitted in my phone’s screen! Also, the full page slider was not working at all. Is it something known to you? Thank you..

Hi, thank you for the comment. Can you send me more information cause I haven’t notice an issue like this. Also did you remove themeforest frame? You can contact me for detailend and faster responce through my profile contact form. Regards

hi – i like this theme. Is it possible to keep the background image visible at all times, and have semi-transparent pages open in front of it? Can these pages be a smaller size than the background image? Can they be each of a different colour? Many thanks.

Hi. With a little customization I believe you can achieve what you ask , this template it’s fully customizable and of course I’m here if you need my help.. Thank you very much for your comment!

Hi TDGR team! Great template (if I have not said already!) – do you have a ZIP with individual updates from your releases on 13/02? Many Thanks 8-) DK

Thank you very much demokaras! No, but I can send you via email :)

Excellent! Thanks TDGR, look forward to receiving. Have a good one!

I recently purchased this template and I think it’s cool, nice and fast! But the real reason for my positive comments is TDGR himself! I contacted him several times for some minor issues and always responed to me with a solve.. Do you want to know the maximum response time?? ONE HOUR!!! I ‘ve never seen something like that… Thanks man..

Thank you so much for your comment!

Hi, does the menu support Mega menu? Or at least multi-column and menu icons before text?


Hi rj8Media,

you can use mega menu or other menu as an extension.

Thank you

Hi TDGR, im trying to get the video slider just like the demo one but i cant do it, can you help me with this,


Hi sebastian-mind please contact me through the contact form of my profile page so I can help you via email


Great template, but when I use the quote module the photo behind the quote doesn’t show in full size.

It looks like this

Hi Woeler,

can you send me a link through the contact form. As I see you may have to enable “parallax” in admin panel, layout settings.

Regards, TDGR

Alright, I sent you a message.

Hello. Great Template! I love it. But I got some problems. I insert the shortcode for the Team [figure] but instead of the social Icons on mouseover I only see the Sourcecode. As it is shown in the documentation PDF the Links are places between ] here [/figure] Why this won´t work…?

Hi ceewee,

Maybe you should use code mirror editor but contact me through the form of my profile page so I can explain you better via email .

Thank you, TDGR

Thanx for the MEGAFAST Answer!! I did it and guess what: It works ;-)

Thank you for the contact!

Regards, TDGR

I have not yet purchased this template but I wanted to comment on how wonderful the author is to communicate with. He’s willing to help and it really makes a difference in our decision to buy this.. Which we will do today!!

Thank you so much!

The permissions seem all messed up on the files in quickstart. Am getting either blank screens or Internal Server Errors. Also there is a _MACX folder with what appears to be a duplicate of the site.

EG: I had to type in /installation/ otherwise it was blank and didn’t progress.

and now, when I try logging into the Admin area, it’s just a blank page and I’m not logged in as if I refresh it asks me to log in again.


I tried installing Joomla and then just installing the template and get this

Warning: include(admin/options.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/dreamw/public_html/templates/td_creative/index.php on line 65

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘admin/options.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/dreamw/public_html/templates/td_creative/index.php on line 65

I am looking at my database, at not everything is there. EG: the content table has no rows at all.

Do you have a version that is not so messed up?

EDIT: Think I might have figured it out. DUDE, your SQL is f-d up. You have table names hard coded.

I’m working on it! Thank you for reporting this. It’s Quickstart v1.9.4 issue. Regards


For the record Envision Design is working with me on my site.. We were hitting a NUMBER of server errors that had nothing to do with the template. After hours and hours of battles, we got to the point where we could begin to install the actual theme. And we ran into some issues as stated above. Since then we’ve gotten up and running, and the Theme performs even better than I expected. Any little bumps have been met with a fast response. So don’t take the above comment too seriously, we were so tired I guess we snapped a little. I will try to take the both down when I am able, but did not want to give anyone the wrong impression. I cannot recommend this theme or the support you get with it highly enough.

Thank you Arther01!


when open the site in a smartphone the logo and menu appears in wrong position. is superimposed over the slideshow, when I scroll down then placed in its right place. that it can be?



Rodanet could you contact me through my profile? I’ll help you from there.

Regards, TDGR

wow, You started in themeforest perfectly. I wish that you are one of best sellers. Good luck

Thank you very much! Best wishes :)

Hi TGDR, i installed properly the template and was following the documentation pdf and when you say: “Now you need to upload and install all the extensions from the “Extensions” folder” in the template package i can’t see an Extensions folder, am i missing something or could it be the Assets folder? Thanksin advance and sorry for the stupid question :D


it’s my fault. I mean assets folder!

Kind regards, TDGR

Hi TGR i am having some issue with the accordion shortcode. I copied the source code from the documentation pdf and pasted to code mirror editor in a new single article but i just can see the source code in the rendered browser window. Any suggestion please? Thanksssss

Hi, can you contact me through my profile form so I can assist you better via email? Thank you!

yes contacting you right now, thanks!

sent you an email