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Awesome Template.

I noticed on the JQuery Vegas website they do not have the thumbnail slider showing at the bottom left handside, but the images still change. I would like to remove the thumbnail box from the front page but still have it go through my images. Hope my query makes sense.

How do I do this?

Many Thanks

Thanks for the reply…could you show me an example of how the code should be then I can add it to mine?....many thanks

Hi. Easier solution, place thumbs div outside boundaries. Add this to your styles.css

#thumbs { left: -2000px; }

That worked great…many thanks….here is my portfolio site using your template:


I recently downloaded your theme here, but I’m trying to install it on Wordpress.

Usually, it’s necessary decompress the main .zip file that we download here. But I can’t find any other .zip file inside the folders to upload on my wordpress page all the settings about this theme.

What .zip file should I upload on Wordpress on appearence menu?


Hi Javier (guess you talk spanish, you can ask support in spanish too ;) )

Note that this is not a Wordpress theme, but a HTML5 template, both are different things. It can’t be installe don Wordpress as a WP theme. Sadly, is a common issue, we authors have ask Envato many times to try to change something on the interface to avoid this confussion, but still some users fall into it.

Try to contact Envato openning a ticket. Not sure if you can get your money back, but at least they will have another complain about this issue.

HI, there I am just wondering if you can set the full screen images to auto play rather than being static and having to click on the thumbnail images below. Also can you change the page screen from Black to White? If you would please reply it would be appreciated, I have a client that is interested in the template. Thanks

Hi. You will find the autoslideshow feature on /js/global.js file, line 45:

var autoSlideOnInit = false;

Just set it to true.

About the background color, you just need to change the color css for the .base element on styles.css. Of course rest of elements (texts…) would need to move from white to dark scheme, i guess.

Hope this helps.

Any guess why I’m getting a Parse error with contact.php?

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’@’ in /home/content/29/10316129/html/2007compass/contact.php on line 20

Is there an error in my file?


////////////////////// EDIT HERE /////////////////////////

$subject="New message received from website contact form";
$mailMessage = utf8_decode($mailMessage);
////////////////////// END EDIT  /////////////////////////

Hi. Send me your live URL (through my profile form, not here please), i’ll be checking what could be going wrong.


Hello, I purchased this website a long time ago and the only thing that remained of it is the contact form, I have one question thou, I only kept the contact form (modified) with the css and html for it and I need a little help in order to display the echo message in the same page (just like in your website) and I can’t seam to make it, can you help me out with this ? thanks :D

Hi. Send me your URL through my profile form, i’ll be what could be wrong or missing on your code. Site on pack should work the same as my preview.

I just sent you :D The site on pack does but I made another one and kept only the php and some html for the contact form and I wanted to give it that effect on the echo.


I really like this template, however, I am having formatting issues in IE for the ‘testimonials’ section of my website. I used the styling that was used for the awards section in the template. Can you help me out?

Hi. Try to remove those tags after the span > text. If that does not work, try to add this rule on your styles.css, awards section:

#awards span {
   display: block;

Okay, I tried that, but it didn’t work. I finally narrowed it down to the float:left; property on the text portion, once I removed that it worked fine. Thanks for your help!

Nice you got it working. Optimizing for IE is somethings exhausting! :)

Let me know if i can be of further assistance.

Just got a call from someone about fullscreen slideshow on new Safari. Looked here and you’ve already got it fixed. Thanks – Good job.

Hallo, I have problem to visualize the background slideshow with Safari on Mac. It does not appear

Could you help me? Thank you

Hi. please download the latest update, which solved that issue, apart from other library upgrades. Check update log:

Can I ovewrite only some .js or .css ? Could you write only the part that in changed to correct the bug with Safari?

Thank you

I did several changes on the code, also html but mostly js and css, so you can give it a try to replace all folders.

Hey guys. You’ve done an amazing job with this design. I’m ready to buy it but have a question. Can I add video to the main background instead of still image?

Hi Andy. The template includes a fullscreen gallery background, but not a video background. It can be integrated somehow easily with any library as Vide (tehre are many others, also Youtube and Vimeo).

Just as a side note, my other template does include video capabilities for background and media, and it has a similar minimal desgin, in case you could be interested. ;)

Thank you for detailed reply.))

Is it easily possible to invoke a second use of the contact form? It would be going to the same server and email address.

Hi. First, if you need to replicate the whole module, follow up this faq:
Second, replicate the form div, using different IDs for the form and the ajax loader and loader icon. The replicate the js call on global.js file, at the end, changing the IDs with the new ones.


    var formOpt = { beforeSubmit:showLoader, success:checkStatus };

    function showLoader(){

    function checkStatus(status){
        document.getElementById('ajax_loader').innerHTML = status;

Din’t tested but that should be all. PHP will process both of them.

Thanks for the prompt reply

Hi, I need text layer over this slider images? Is it possible?

Hi. I’ve replied this same ticket i got by email. Check your inbox. ;)

Hi, I want to buy this template. You can confirm that It’s a html5 template?

Hi. Yes, it is an HTML5 template. ;) Let me know if i can be of further assistance.