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Terrific work Jesús! Very unique, with your handwriting all over it :)

Thanks guys, and thanks @lulianN for the direct url. Seems that i haven’t started with too much luck here on TF, my first template and my first broken preview. :( I hope support can solve it asap.

For those missing the preview:

GoGoGo Jesus, quality as per usual :)


Awesome, love it! :)

Hooooolllaaaaa J. :-) Great Job – Very Cool ... did you plan a WP-Version?

Greetings Olli

Well, let’s see how sales of this version goes. Thanks for suggestion! ;)

Is there going to be a WP-Version released (soon)?

Hi. Check my answer above!

^ :P

Well done J ;-)

Hey, great template, but if i start to see the vimeo video and i don’t stop it and change the page, the sound keeps going, thanks! and also, it’s possible to start with the slideshow on? thanks a lot!

Hi. Couldn’t find time to investigate a bit about your issue (as i told you, video is stopping well for me and i guess also for other users). Will try during the weekend. Anyway, contact me through my profile form, so i can track this case by email, will be easier for both us.


hi, just send you a private message, thanks :)

Got it. Will reply you later today. Best.

PEZ – ive followed u on flashden for years…GREAT WORK …NOW JUST NEED TO CONVERT THIS INTO WORDPRESS …:)

Terrific design + functionality :)


Thanks all for your kind comments!! Really appreciated, mostly being my first template here any feedback (much more if positive! :) ) is welcome.

very unique! congrats!!! any plan to a WP version? Should be great…

Hey Pez totally sick man, nice work.



Awesome template Jesus :)

- Chris

Great! Wordpress please!!!

A simple couple of words defines your work: You are a “fabulous crack”!

Thanks for compliments Marc! ;)

Again, thanks guys for your kindness. Now go and buy it…
:) (just joking!)