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Hi Jacob, I just bought your theme. Thanks for your beautiful template. I have a question. How to put autostart for full-screen gallery? Tnx in advance.

Tnx so much!!! Now i will not forget your name!

Apart from the name, don’t forget to rate the file! :P

Sure! 6 stars ok?? ;-)

Hello Pezflash,

First I would like to congratulate you for the great work!

Second, I would like to ask how can I add some words above the gallery boxes in the Portfolio.

That would do for now….

I’m not a coder… Thanks for the explanation, but it doesn’t help me because I have no idea what you talk about :)

I know it’s not your job to teach me CSS and HTML because I did a $15 purchase but maybe you have a little time to tell me how to “Add your CSS styles for that new div and set the position to absolute and a negative top value, like -60px.”. I understood the rest. Thanks in advance

Hi Michael. Contact me through my profile form. I’ll be replying by email tomorrow monday.

There seems to be a bug with the initial #marker position when the page is loaded with a hashtag (eg. a menu item active), it’s off center from the menu item slightly to the right. Didn’t have time to pinpoint the issue, but I was thinking you would appreciate the report or maybe knew how to fix it quickly. Second problem would be about loading Galleria into a display: none element – rarely it may happen that it throws a “Could not extract a stage height from the CSS: Traced height 0px” error due to the load timing. Easily fixed with some different hiding CSS mechanism for the Galleria wrapper and a slight extension of the openContent function. Fine looking template in any case, good job.

Hi. I’m checking the issue you are mentioning about the marker, but everything seems to be working fine on my preview. For example:

Not sure if maybe could be something on your end, due to some code changes. About the other issue, i knew that (about the display: none elements tracing empty values) but it should not affect displaying. Not sure if you are meaning some error on content display, let me know.

Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I see the #marker issue happening on the exact link you posted in both latest Chrome and FF. It’s initially positioned at left: 105px instead of 100px, which it correctly adjusts to if you click some other menu item and then switch back to About (in the case you linked).

Mind that I did some adjustments to fit my needs in my impletentation, but it looks like the issue is present even in your default template. It’s really quite minor, but dances with my OCD :)

As for the Galleria problem with display: none – I didn’t have it as long as I was using only images, but once I started loading video embeds in it, it manifested at random occasions – must have to do with the video embed construction (Galleria does some way too “smart” HTML parsing on the video items) and the general problem of timing CSS grabs from JavaScript. I solved it by moving the whole #slider item out of view (left: -xxxx) instead of display: none and adding an exception function to openContent, something like:

if (section == ’#slider’){$(section).css({left: ‘auto’})};

Uhmm strange… it looks fine for me (exact position, pixel) on Chrome and FF too while opening the direct hashtag url. About the galleria thing, honestly, i didn’t try videos, but looks like you solved it smartly. I get the trick, and i debt you a beer ;)

TF commenting support system sucks. For longer threads, better write me from profile form, i’ll be replying by email. Will be easier for both us.

Hi there! Awesome theme, very simple and minimalist! I had only one problem with it, i have too many menu items, and i would like to make sub-menus, is there any simple ways to do that? Thanks and regards Adam

Hi. There is no out-of-box option for this. Some customers have moved the current menu to one built with superfish, which is free and easy to manage. You will need some web dev skills for that, ofc.

Also, just if it helps, you can hide some of your menu items (using css display:none for each menu id you want to hide) and then call the internal pages from other pages, with the method you can see in this faq:

Hope this helps!
Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Hallo, I downloaded the Creative theme and it is awesome!!! I’m trying to instal it in my WordPress site but it doesn’t work and there is no documentation that show how to do it… It suppose to be a WordPress theme so how do I make it work with WordPress dashboard?? thanks!!!

Hi. This not a WP theme, but a HTML5 template. Sorry you got this confussion. There is a WP version of this template, but it was made by other author. Here you have the link:

(this is a common issue on Themeforest, some other auser has fall in the same issue, so try to contact Envato support, don’t think you can get a refun, but at least they will know they must do something to clearly separate categories).

If you finally can use this template, don’t hesitate to contact me for further support. Kind regards.

Thanks for the fast reply. I have decided to go with this. Is it possible to modify this template the be a wordpress theme? If not, can you direct me to some documentation for the basic of customization and editing this template.

Thank you for the help!!!

Hi. Moving to WP is not an easy thing (if not, i would do it myself time ago :) ). About customizing, the provided helps docs should be emough. If you know nothing about html-css, check the useful links on help file, you will find tutorials to get started.

Jesus, the contact form informs me the following error: Warning: mail () has been disabled for security Reasons in mysite / public_html / contact.php on line 45 Server error. Please, try again later.

How should I proceed?

Hi. Is this happening since installation or it has started to happen recently? If last, try to contact your hosting provider, as seems like a change on their server security configuration.

It may be a problem with the server is compatible with ajax? There is that possibility? Since the installation is showing this error.

I don’t think it’s related with Ajax, but with your server PHP security configuration. Contact your hosting provider to ask why you have PHP mail() functionality disabled. This is required in order to send the form.

Hello PezFlash, First at all, really great Works! I have tested your live preview with an iPad. So my question is about the X cross to close a layer. But everytime, I click on it (the X cross), a mention (sorry I forget the name of it) appears next to this button where it’s written “close”. But when the layer with content disappear, this mention “close” still visible. To make it disappear, we have to click on another button (like the menu for example). Do you have an idea to make it invisible in the same time when we click on the X cross? Best regards, Florent

Hi. Ipad triggers the mouse over events on first click, so the rollOver tooltip remains on site after clicking. I’ll try to digg in this issue in the upcoming days, thanks for the heads up!

Hey PezFlash, this design is really nice :) Iam thinking about to buy it, but one more question. Is it possible to have a fullscreen background video instead of the fullscreen image gallery like it is at the moment? Thank you and greetings!

Hi. There is no built-in option of this, but it can be done with a bit of dev knowledge. You can use a free library like

hi Thank you for the wonderful template. could you pl let me know if i can add a scrollbar for the portfolio section as well. i have 12 boxes now and this spills over when i add them.

thanks deepa

Hi… Pl refer to my query above. its resolved…thanks anyway :) deepa

Nice you got it running! ;) Let me know if i can be of further assistance.

Hi all. Glad to announce that a new HTML5 template is now available for purchase on Themeforest. Check it here:

HI Pez,

Just a quick question (not sure if its been answered already – but i couldn’t find it). When you add a lot of images, text or pretty photo albums, the black background that pops out from the left does not seem to extend downwards as more text or images are added.

Is there any where to edit so that it extends down? or ant info on a scrolling feature?

I just have an issue where, if there is a lot of text (white font) and the rotating album in the background is a light colour, i really need the black pop our screen to extend downwards so the text is readable.

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi. Not sure if you have the latest version, where the about text is filled up inside an autoscroll textbox. For other contents, you can wrap them inside an upper div, add it a css (like “wrapper”) and add the following entry on the css (fill up your desired size in pixels)

.wrapper {
   width: ---px;
   height: ---px;
   overflow: scroll;

Hope this helps. Let me know if i can be of further assistance.

Great framework.

I’m having an issue with the template on webkit browsers. The feature photos on the initial visit to the page the images do not fill the entire browser. Any thoughts? Here is where you can see the site:

Thanks in advance

Hi. Have just checked your url on Firefox and Chrome, and fullscreen images are displaying fine. Please, send me to my email (it’s on my profile page) the images with your bug issues, so i can take a look. If possible, don’t share more URLs here on file comments.

Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Sure thing.


Sorry if this question is asked earlier, but can you tell me how can I add ‘next’ & ‘previous’ button & functionality to the existing full screen background image slideshow plugin. Please let me know


Hey, thanks for your quick reply. however, im not sure i understand where I can add these lines in global.js & will i need have some elements in the index.html file as well?

Hi. Yes, you will need to place your next/prev buttons somewhere on the html (i would place them close to the play/pause button, but it’s up to you), then add the mentioned functions (vegas) inside a click event for each one respectively. Well, didn’t tested, but that’s how i would proceed.

got it. thanks so much!! Appreciate your help :)

Hello, Very nice theme. I have an issue uploading the theme: it says: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Newbie here, please reply with step by step.

Hi. First of all, i think ti could be better if you use Notepad++ or SublimeText2 for code edit (both are free), i don’t trust too much on DreamWeaver, much more if you use the designer system, which adds a lot of rubbish code and it’s far from being something “clean” to work with.

About the images, i’m not sure about your issue. Maybe it could be better if you can upload what you have and send me the url through my profile form (not here, please) so i can take a look at what could be wrong on the code.

Nice you finally decided to use it. ;)

Kind regards

My issue is: For example I am trying to add an image on the first page and on the bottom of the first page where you have several images. I don’t know where to change or to add the images. Is it here: <!- MENU MARKER -> marker, Is it here: <!- BASE -> close I am very new to this coding thing, maybe it is obvious, please be patient.

Hi. As you can see posting code on comments is difficult, you have to wrap it inside a tag. So i think is easier if you send me your code through my profile form, i’ll be replying by email.

Anyway, as an advice, the best way to customize a template is following the existing content scheme, tags, formats, etc. and try to duplicate them in the same way.

Youtube has altered their embedding (awhile ago really) and you might want to update your embedding code instructions. As dim as I am, I figured it out, but it would be smoother with updated commenting.

I find this template impressive, clean and smooth. Superlative job!

Thanks for the heads up. Yeah, this was something on my to-do list from weeks, along with some small code improvements, i’ll have it updated soon.

Also, thanks for your nice comments, i appreciate it. Enjoy the file and don’t hesiatet to contact me for further support, if needed. Kind regards.

Hallo, is it possible to setup the homepage with youtube video in background?

Thank you

Hi. Follow the instructions for embed code on YouTube support center. Insert the code on the html creating a new div, and apply css rules for it to make it fullscreen (width / height …). Also you would need to disable (remove or comment) the thumbs div, of course.

Hope this helps.

Have you a support address to write privately?

write me from my profile form, i’ll be replying by email. ;)

This is a different question: You responded to an earlier one like it in this thread “Is there a possibility to play a movie in the background? (instead of images)

Hi. Yes, of course, i left all the galleries linking with the same images just for preview purposes. You just need to create different IDs inside the prettyPhoto call. Like this: prettyPhoto[portfolio1] prettyPhoto[portfolio2] And use the same IDs for your hidden gallery items.

I don’t quite follow how to substitue an mp4 and/or webm motion picture as background. Adjust prettyphoto in html and global.js? I’ve tried simple changes and gotten negative results. I’m looking at the pastie of code you put up (changes in global.js?) and not making that work either.

Will having a video loop run as the background work? Do changes need to be made since it would be the background via vegas in the global.js? Or something else? Can it be done? Am I just trying to make a cat bark like a dog? That’s a lot of question marks for one question, eh?

Hi. I’m a bit confussed about your question(s). First of all, the prettyPhoto plugin (lightbox) has nothing to do with the background image management (which is driven by Vegas script). Not sure if you mixed too posts or too of my replies.

I don’t recommend to mix video in the Vegas slideshow, but trying to make a new DOM (html) element and integrate there the video (which could be an embed code from Vimeo or Youtube or a custom js to display a local vid).

Anyway, maybe will be easier if you contact me through my profile form (not here please) and you sent me an URL of what you have achived and your concrete doubts about it.

Hope this makes sense. Kind regards.

I’m not being clear. Sorry. Will PM from your profile

Glad to announce a new template, a minimal vCard perfect for creatives and small agencies: