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Hi. Well, any template could be used for any sector, but in that case, maybe is lacking some music player. Will think about! ;) Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Hi, love your theme!! Glad I purchased

Can I make the opacity of the black space for the text slightly less – I’d like to see just a little more of the image behind, while still being able to read the words.


Hi. Sure, just adjust the alpha value (default 0.9) on the #base element on styles.css (line 146):

#base {
   background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.9) url();

Hope this helps. Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Thank you so much! You rock!

I have another question;

Is there a way to change the background image to one still image, and then have the slider on the home page, make one of those play a video that pops up? Does that make sense?


Hi. Just leave 1 image entry on “thumbs” div, then the image will be enlarged and stopped. Regarding the video functionality, well, there is no out-of-box for that, but you can get somehow easily done using PrettyPhoto to open video (vime, youtube or custom video) on lightbox.

Hope this helps.

Last question, I swear!

I got the single background image and then a popup video on the slideshow. Is there somewhere in the CSS to just set the background image without having to deal with the slideshow? And then just have the single popup video in the slideshow box?

But if I take off the thumbnail slide show, it takes off the background? How can I fix that? I want a static background that doesn’t have to do correspond with the thumbnails. Does that makes sense? I absolutely LOVE this theme so much! I just want a few different thumbnails that links to different pages for my school project.

So a solid background that doesn’t move. And then the thumbnails will link to a “Donate” page and a “Trailer” YouTube link that both open in new tabs.

Never mind, I got it all figured out! :) Thank YOUUUU for all of your help :)

Nice you got it running. ;) Let me know if i can be of further assistance.

Hi There, I noticed the project is no longer properly loading fullscreen background slider images on mobile safari, specifically on iOS 7. Do you have a solution for this? Also what are the best practices for updating the Vegas components? I’m assuming this is what’s causing the issue?

I’ll try to review the code asap, can’t promise a day, thought, bit busy with personal projects… I’ll activate the update for customers, so also active the option for this file on your downloads page and you’ll get an alert when the update is published and available for download.


Just checking in on the update. I know you didn’t promise a date, however I’d figure I’d reach out and see how it’s going? I’ve been stalling on doing the update myself in hopes of some fresh code from the guy who made it ;) Cheers.

The fresh code will come, soon, hopefully! :)

Hi! Realy nice theme! But can you say me, why I found it here again:

Hi. As it says on that file description, is the WP version of my template (this one) made by my partner XiaoThemes.

Note that this file is the HTML5 template, is not a wordpress theme. ;) Also note that we are different authors, with different support system.

Hey! I am again!

Can you tell me any way to autoplay the Background-Slideshow?

Yeah I have the WP Version. But XiaoThemes didn’t respond…

The only thing I also search is a way to autoplay the Background-Slideshow :).

Hi. Not sure if you can solve it the same way, but in my template, you would need to search for this on js/global.js file:

var autoSlideOnInit = false;

Just turn it to true.

Try to open a ticket on their system if this doesn’t work. But as i said, we have different support systems (i can’t do nothing about it, i’m afraid, in fact i wonder to! ;)


Thank you ;)! Yeah, XiaoThemes replied now to my comment.

But thank you for the answer :)!

I’m having issues placing this code into the Homepage. Any ideas? <script async src=”//”></script>

Sorry for my inexperience in this section of things. This is a code I received form Band Page which is suppose to be a music widget. Their instructions state to copy and paste code into my hmtl but of course it’s not showing. I attempted to add the http: and even tried https: but still nothing. Also tried just placing the script into the header and the div in the body but still nothing. Are you saying I need to go to the url in the ‘script async’ and copy that code and paste into a javascript file? Do I create a new javascript file or can I use

Hi. Send me your URL through my profile form, si i can take a look the code on your real site and make some testing. I’ll be checking it tomorrow during the day, bit late here right now. ;)

Will do, thanks

Hi, I also noticed the project is no longer properly loading fullscreen background slider images on a OSX safari and on iOS 7. I really hope you have a solution for this soon?

Yeah, will try to have the update published asap.

Hi Paul. Issue has been solved. Update uploaded, hopefully it will be ready for download tomorrow, once Envato approves it. ;)

Tnx, works perfect again!

Slide bar/menu (Which appears down in home page) is not showing the thumbnail of background images. Can you please help?

Hope you got what i am saying….

I am browsing in my computer using “Firefox v23.0.1”. I Emailed (gmail id which you mentioned in your profile) my URL link, please have a look.

Answered by email.

Hi… I have replied to your mail… I have some queries which i have mentioned in mail… Could you please solve those?

Thanks in advance :)

In portfolio, how should i upload pics category wise ( Commercial, Fashion and Experimental). As of now there is no option to segregate the pics… Please help

Hi. I created a pastie code so you can get a full example of how prettyPhoto galleries must be constructed inside the portfolio DIV. Basically is the same that is on the sample you got on the pack, although that in that one i just left the same images for the three> Take a look here:
Basically, you will see that in each gallery tag there is a different data-rel prettyphoto ID ( prettyPhoto[commercial] for example. So, each portfolio entry has its own ID, and that ID is used after on hidden galleries. So, in the above sample code, commercial has 2 items, fashion 1 and experimental

Hi again, Jesús; I purchased this theme some time ago, and I’m very satisfied with it.

Now I need to remove the pattern that covers the background but I have no idea which file I have to check to change this.

Many thanks in advance for your response and congrats for your work.

Hi. Edit js/vegas/ file. Remove (or comment) the full entry for .vegas-overlay element, that’s all. ;)

Muchas gracias!


I am building my new webpage with this template ( but have added too many galleries on the portfolio tab so you have to scroll down to see them. I am happy with this but the issue with doing this is that the black background does not float down as you scroll. How can I get this to move when you scroll to see the rest of the galleries?

Thanks, Steve

That works perfectly. Thanks for your help

Sorry to bother you with this one again. Inside of dreamweaver the site worked correctly with the added size in the portfolio height but now that I have published it there is now an issue on all pages where the window automatically scrolls down the page too far rather than defaulting to the top of the page – its like its trying to centralise everything with the added height. Its live at if you want to see what happens.

Is there an easy fix that I could put in so that it does not scroll part the way down the page when clicking on the tabs?

Hi, Try inserting this on line 311 on your js/global-js file (replace the console.log(id); which is not needed, is just for testing)

$("html, body").animate({ scrollTop: 0 });

Hi! Where settings div “alert”? (floating rate)

Hi. I’m not sure about what you mean. The alert widget is controlled with jquery on your js/global.js file, line 191. The styling is setup on css/styles.css, line 577, #alert element.

Hope this helps…


Hi, Photos are not sliding according to pattern, i guess its may be because of size of images, so could you please let me know how to delay the slide show at home page so that images get sufficient time to get loaded.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for quick response..

Not able to find the file“vegas.home.config.js”(Sent an Email with screen shot attached for more clarity)... If i am not wrong, are you asking me to check ” js/global.js ”?

OMG, big sorry, i thought i was giving support to my Agora template!! :)

Open js/global.js file. On line 46 you will find the preloadBackgrounds value. If you want to change the time between salides, change the “5000” value on line 73.

Sorry for the mistake.

No Problem :) Let me check how it works. Thanks for your support.

Hi! How to make all the TITLES in syte style as the social network (black)? sorry – translate :)


Hi. Not sure what you mean. Social networks are small icons with tooltip event on mouse over. If you want to apply the same tooltip on any element on site just replicate the tipsy call as is on global.js file. Just change the element id and asign a title for that element. Hope this helps.

I really love your theme, and it has integrated well with my content. I just have one problem. In the portfolio page, I want to have more than 6 thumbnails to click on for the image gallery. Is it possible to integrate a next/previous button within the portfolio page? At present, I have ten thumbnails, so they are going beyond the black box and it has caused a scrollbar to appear on the main page. I really don’t want that. Would appreciate any help. Thank you!

Well, to integrate an internal arrow system could be tricky, but can be done with jquery, somehow easily depending on your coding skills. Other option i gave to another user (4 comments before yours) to enlarge the base up to your portfolio height, no matter which:

Insert the following code on line 37 on your js/global.js file:

var portfolioHeight = portfolio.height() + 210;

Also add this on line 311 on same js file (replace the console.log(id); which is not needed, is just for testing):

$("html, body").animate({ scrollTop: 0 });

That should work. ;)
Hope this helps! Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Thank you!

Hi, pre sales question, do you think I can upload my own logo to themes? How about the font can I easily change the color, size and type for the menu and content (title and body)? Do you have a plan to update this to responsive themes that would fit on the mobile phone? right now is not easy to see the content and navigate…

Hi. First of all, just in case you didn’t realise, this is not a WP theme, but a html5 template, it can’t be used as a WP theme. This said, yeah, you can use you own logo replacing the current text one, same as color scheme, you can edit the provided CSS up to your needs.

Regarding responsiveness, sorry but i don’t think i’ll move this template to responsive, it would require to recode it from scratch. Right now i’m working on a new minimal responsive template, fyi. ;)

Hope this helps. Let me know if i can be of further assistance.

oh I might mix with this one… but when I look on their pages seem that the guy always referring to you if people asking more about themes coding..

Hi. XiaoThemes has a support forum, and all code related to WP should be driven by them. We just joined for the design use, i’ve nothing to do with their code, nor with their support system, unfortunately.

Hope this makes sense! :)

hi ,i purchased this template its very good. but i want to change some main structure of teh template, can you make a custom work for me upgrading and working on this template with extra fee.,im waiting your answer,i you interest we will talk about the details ,thanks

Hi. Send me your details through my profile form, i’ll be replying by email during the weekend (today is bank holiday here in Spain ;) ). Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Hi. Can I use this with Joomla?! Please reply soon. Thanks.

Hi. No, it’s not a Joomla theme, but a HTML5 template. Hope this helps.