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Love the design, but I have questions about your coding…

Why wouldn’t you include all of the modules within the #base div instead of using a bunch of line breaks to keep the text from spilling outside the edge?

I also noticed you don’t use paragraph or header tags, but instead use classes like .paragraph_title, .title, and .text

Using the proper tags are important for SEO no?

Not trying to bash your code or be rude, but I feel like I need to go through everything and “correct” your formatting.

- Blake

Hi Blake. Don’t worry about feeling rude, not at all. I appreciate your code hints, in fact, i’ve coded my new template (agora) in other way, as this was my first template on html (i come from flash world) and obviously there are many things that could be improved. I’ve in mind a future update (hopefully soon!) and i’ll be fixing some of this improvements.

About the #base question, i did it that way as i wanted to control the full cpntemts of all section from a same id, so i could use positions for all at once. But as you point out, there are other ways of approaching and maybe more clever.

Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Hi, I am extremely new to this and thought i would purchase your item and give it a go. I’m trying to work out how to load the background images into the prettyphoto plugin. I see there is a light/rounnded/dark etc themes in the prettyphoto.css, however i am stumped on how to customise it with my own images? any help would be appricatied as this is my first website.

I cant even seem to find where the background images in the sample are from. are they from an external source?

Basically asking how i can get my images from my computer into the background gallery that runs like a slide show?

Thanks in advance. Sorry if these questions are stupid, im like i said very new at this

also, with prettyphoto gallerys in the projects section, where are the images uploaded to? (the area where it says 13images/21 images) are they online or local sources? where is the code located to change the images? is it in the source file, or one of the css files?

Hi. I’m returning from holidays. Will reply you back with some code hints once at home, tonight (european time). But note that all references to images (both on fullscreen gallery and on portfolio galleries prettyphoto are setup in the index.html.

Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

To give you some code hints to help you out about localizate the portions of code where your doubts are located:

About the fullscreen slideshow, find this portion of code (almost at the end of the html):

Each entry on tags are one image and one thumb. The thumb is referenced in the tag, and the fullscreen image is referenced in the tag.

About the prettyphoto, I’ve created a pastie code so you can get a full example of how prettyPhoto galleries must be constructed inside the portfolio DIV . Basically is the same that is on the sample you got on the pack, although that in that one i just left the same images for the three galleries.
Take a look here:

Basically, you will see that in each gallery tag there is a different data-rel prettyphoto ID ( prettyPhoto[commercial] for example. So, each portfolio entry has its own ID, and that ID is used after on hidden galleries. So, in the above sample code, commercial has 2 items, fashion 1 and experimental 1. Hope this helps! Give it a try and let me know if i can be of further assistance. The best way is contacting me through my profile form.

Hope this helps! Let me know if i can be of further assistance. ;)

Excelente trabajo!!! Muchas gracias!

Gracias por el cumplido! ;) Disfruta del template y dime si puedo serte de alguna ayuda.

love the designs. I’m more interested in 365 degrees template. I need that design to work for an IT professional, can you please provide more themes focusing that ? I mean just a background that represents more about being a programmer.

Hi. This template can be customized to match other kind of business sectors, not only the ones i used in the previews. Understand i can’t make themes based on customer needs, but thanks for suggesion. ;)

If you need any custom work based on freelance let me know.
Kind regards.

Gracias a ti por hacer un template que no parece un template!!

Por cierto, ayer terminé más o menos de hacer la página que tenía prevista y tengo un pequeño inconveniente. Si visualizo la web en mi imac de 27 pulgadas se ve todo correctamente pero al comprobarla en un macbook de 13 y de 15,4 pulgadas, las fotos que sirven de background quedan demasiado grandes y desproporcionadas en relación a cómo se ve en el de 27”. Por otro lado, en la segunda pestaña del menú he quitado el código y he colocado una fotografía que contiene texto (soy incapaz de programar en html) En el de 27” se ve perfectamente pero en los otros dos más pequeños la cortinilla negra que se despliega de izquierda a derecha al entrar en la pestaña, llega sólo hasta la mitad de la pantalla quedando parte de la foto debajo de ésta. Supongo que achicando la foto se solucionaría pero quizás exista otra opción. La web es

Muchas gracias!!


Hola Ignacio. Sobre el tema de las fotos, el script que gestiona los fondos hace un escalado “proporcional” al ratio de la imagen y al tamaño de pantalla. Lo extraño es que cuando se debería ver algo desproporcionado de escala como dices es en pantallas más grandes, por lo que no sé si el problema puede ser otro. No hay forma de que el script discrimine po tamaño de pantalla, pero sí puedes hacer que cada background se ajuste de una o otra forma a la pantalla, bien arriba/abajo o izda/derecha. Veo que tienes una de las imágenes con esa propiedad activada, pero bueno, te lo comento por si puede solucionar el tema que dices:

La etiqueta es:

Puede ser left, right, top y bottom.

Al margen, sobre lo otro que me comentas en la sección filmografía, lo ideal es que usaras texto real (por tema buscadores, sobre todo), pero si es mucho quizá puedas usar un script de scroll tipo “jscrollpane” ( es gratuito y fácil de integrar. Si no te haces con ello contáctame y puedo pasarte un presu (será poco, cuestión de una hora, que es lo mínimo que puedo presupuestar para freelance aquí) y ves si te encaja.

Un saludo

Hello, Why we could find your template with 12$ and with 40$ on themeforest ? What is the difference ?

This is a full HTML template. The other one (priced at $40) is a Wordpress theme. I team up with RDever author to develop that wp version. Hope this makes sense. ;)

Great template! I do have a question, though…

When you fill out the email contact form and click send, it takes you to a blank white page that says “Form successfully sent!” Then you have to click the back buttom to return to the site. Is there anything that can be done so that you aren’t taken to a blank message page like that? Instead have just a text message briefly pop up that says “form successfully sent” or something? Thank you.

Hi. I think you have something broke on your version, unless it happens to you also on my samples, then i guess you have something disabled on your browser. I used AJAX to process the form, no other window is opened, text and preloading icon appears side to the form.

Also, consider you should be testing the form online for real preview. But anyway it should displays the same on local.

If you want, send me your url through my profile form (not here), and i’ll be checking what could be wrong on your end.

Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

If this theme were for Wordpress, i would buy it imediately… arrrgh :(

Hello, I have a problem with the about section. I want to put a link inside the . In the html code, the link is between the span tags, but when I open the page in Firefox the link appears in the right column and the pictures section is on the right border of the browser window. When I open the source code from within Firefox the link is after the span tags.

Kind regards Max

Hi Max. Please, send me your URL through my profile form (not here) so i can take a look and give your further support. Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Thanks, I already solved it myself.

Nice you got it running. Replying also your email, just in case i’m missing some request. Kind regards.

I am attempting to update the menu names, but when I modify the href name the section no longer shows any content. I have also tried to modify the href, id, and css to reflect the new name, but it still does not work. Could you provide some direction on the easiest way to change menu names (that will be reflected in the #href when live).

The way is changing the href / id both on html, css (as you did) and also on js/global.js file. That’s where all functionality is constructed.

Hope this helps, kind regards and thanks for purchase.

I tried that and it now it is showing the correct link in the browser and the section comes up properly but when I click on another link, that section stays open and the other section opens on top of that one. Is there another file I need to update?

Hi. Send me your URL through my profile form (not here), i’ll check what could be wrong, i guess some variable name without being changed inside the global.js file. ;)

Is there a way to either remove or narrow the slide out content area that appears from the left?

Thanks for your help. Great template! Simple, clean, very nice!

Hi. Yes, you will will need to adjust the css width value for #base element on css/styles.css file (line 135), also make the proper adjustments in the css os the sections contents (all of them are properly labeled inside the css file).

Hope this helps. Kind regards and thanks for purchase.


jdt Purchased

Hi pezflash

Great theme! We are trying to create links (like a jpeg with a <href>) within one of the pages to a named anchor which we have created from one of the existing pages, but whatever we try the links does not want to work internally. But when we link to an external link it works. We updated the js files. Can you please help?


Hi. I’m not sure if have understood your issue. Could you please send a ref link through my profile form (not here, please)? So i can check what could be going wrong.

Kind regards and thanks for purchase

This is a five star theme, I will be back with questions if needed. thank you so much!

Thanks for your kind words. Sure, don’t hesitate to contact me for further support. Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Hello Author,

Great theme, just purchased it. I’m having an issue when viewing the theme in Chrome and Safari though. A black border shows up at the footer on the homepage, firefox doesn’t show this issue.

I didn’t modify the theme yet, so this is the original sample.

Any help would be great.

Thanks! :)

Hi. Is strange, are you getting that issue on my online samples? Chrome is working fine here. I’ll check Safari again on monday, in case some update on browser version could have changed something.

Hello pezflash,

I noticed that your demo site, along with my site, isn’t displaying the first full screen background image properly on the latest iOS /safari version with the iPhone5. It forces the image to fit at the top of the window, additionally, the images after the first will display in a similarly.

You help with this bug is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the work, so far, so good!

Hi. I still don’t have iPhone5 for testing, i’ll try to debug on that platform as soon as possible to see if i can improve the code. Keep in touch for new updates.

hello again, I checked the demo site against an iPhone4 as well, and it produced the same issue, the first image is fit to the window width, only after the slideshow starts does the second image display properly… curious on which parameter would fix this…

I’ll try to make some testing on Vega’s plugin, which seems to be causing that error. Thanks for the heads up!

Hi there, I really like your template and have managed to customise it easily for my client.

I am having one tricky issue though, where I have a large amount of text content in one of the pages, the ‘base’ background sometimes doesn’t reach the bottom of the browser, leaving a gap which the text content then runs over.

It seems to happen on smaller screen sizes where the text content goes below the bottom of the broswer, creating a scrollbar. If you have any advice on how I could remedy this I would be very grateful.

Thanks again!

Hi. For large amount of text on section, due to the design of the template, i recommend to use internal scroll. Wrap your text inside a div, setup the css property overflow to auto
overflow: auto;

And if you want to style the scrollbar a bit you can use any plugin like this (, which is pretty straigh forward to apply.

Anyway, this is something i’ll include on future release, so stay tunned. ;)

Kind regards

Hi again, thanks for your quick reply to my previous post. I have another small issue which has been mentioned by a previous poster. When submitting the contact form, the ‘Form successfully sent’ message appears on a new blank page.

Can you advise how I can correct the below section in contact.php file to have the message appear on the same page? Thanks again for your help!

if ( mail($destination,$subject,$mailMessage,$mailHeader) ) {
                echo 'Form succesfully sent!';

Hi. Something must be wrong on your code, so ajax functionality (loaded at the end of global.js file) is not working. Send me your URL through my profile form (not ehre, please) and i’ll check what could be wrong.

Thanks. ;)

Hi again, thanks for your reply. Somehow the problem is fixed but I don’t know why :) I tried changing the echo to a redirect (which didn’t work) but when I changed it back and resaved the file on the server it started working as it should. I thought I would post that here just in case it helps anyone else.

Thanks again for your excellent template and support, my client is very pleased with their site.

Nice you got it running. Not sure, maybe is something not well saved on previous attemp. Enjoy the file! Best.