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Hi Pez, why in my site the browser goes automatically on the center of the page,? in biografia in this site Can you help me? thanks and regards

Hi. Something on your sections content is making the container too large; i’ve check your code and is full of errors (open your site with firefox, and check the source code, all things marked in red are code wrong formatted. First try to clean up your code, if you can’t get it working, send me your site in a zip trhough my email (is on my profile page). I’ll take a look to see what could be wrong. but please, first clean up the code! ;)

Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Tnx for the quick reply. I cleaned the code, and now I have a correct sequence in portfolio, after I change the height of the div #about from 140% to 100% but now the text goes out of black background…. any suggestion is welcome. with my imac 24 no problem, but with small resolution the problem is visible..plese try now my site. I try to send you a screenshot

Hi- I got your email. will reply there, let’s track your issue by email, will be easier for both us. ;)

Hi, i just got the theme for the facebook template, but i cant seem to find instructions on how to install/upload it. I have tried looking it up but have never done a facebook template before and was wondering if you had a step by step guide i missed out on? thanks!

Hi, i just got the theme for the facebook template, but i cant seem to find instructions on how to install/upload it. I have tried looking it up but have never done a facebook template before and was wondering if you had a step by step guide i missed out on? thanks!

Hi, i just got the theme for the facebook template, but i cant seem to find instructions on how to install/upload it. I have tried looking it up but have never done a facebook template before and was wondering if you had a step by step guide i missed out on? thanks!

Hi. Check this FAQ for a tutorial and info about it. (last faq) ;)

also, really sorry i posted that three times in a row! it was an accident!

Don’t worry. Sometimes Envato interface is not the best, it also happens to me. ;) I’ve replied to your last message.

Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

working on iPad ? any support possible?

Hi. This is not a responsive template, but it should work on iPad. What problems are you having on that platform?

can you please go to:

the background has a border at the left? I dont know how to remove that…

and I removed all that color in the hole .css file… cannot find where to remove that border or switch it to border=”0”

I see. Yeah, it happens on desktop. Uhmm, strange, i see it only happens with the first 2 images, the other ones (even the third, that is also custom made by you) it does not happen. Could it be something related with the images format?

Edit: about the border, that is managed by the Vega’s plugin js. Check inside global.js, search for //BORDER ON ACTIVE THUMB – MOUSEOVER / MOUSEOUT

I could fit that issue by setting it to 0px in the global.js

thank you very much!


but you have to set all to 0px or keep 1px and switch the color to “transparent” instead of ’#ff00ff’ color-code with #

hello sir, i need a bit of help please, i need to add audio to the background, and stop this audio when contact is clicked. please we need your help…thanks

Hi. You need to implement an audio player. I highly recommend you this one, pretty straight forward to use, and simple enough to fit the template style. And the best, it’s free. ;)

I used it on my jQuery Timeline Plugin, and works quite fine on all platforms.

Hope this helps! Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Hey Sir, thank you for your help, i know how to implement an udio player, my issue is that i need to stop the music once reel button is clicked in the menu and then start again whenever anything else is pressed…please help…

keep up the great work!

Nice template and at a good price! How can I add multiple videos to the ‘Reel’ tab. It would be nice if I can show it as a slider. Hope you will help!

4 days and no answer. Wondering if you are around :)

I have some questions:

1. I want to add text to flow downwards in the AboutUs section. How can I do it?

2. Can I add some text below and above the image in the Slider section. If yes, how?

Hoping for a quick reply.

Hi. Big sorry, i missed your post! Authors check the new messages on our dashboard, i don’t check the full list here on file comments, so yours went out of my dashboard by mistake. Normally i answer all support request for my files within the same day.

So, back on topic, answers…
1. I’m making a new release including an internal scroll. I’ve make a new FB App based on this template, and i included it. It will be published in a couple of days. Check here how the new “About” section will look like:

2. Yes, you will need to create 2 divs in the html, one above the div “gallery”, the other one below, and then add the proper CSS for each div.

Hope this helps. And again, sorry for my mistake! ;)

No worries and thanks for the reply.

If you have the CSS for both my requests, can you share it to me here.

I need the ‘About’ section css badly as I am completely lost on how to implement it. Much appreciated!

I only have the first one done, and need to implement it on this template layout. I’m doing now, hopefully will be available for downloading tomorrow. The other thing, no srry, i don’t have any sample with text+slider. If you finally need a custom work for this let me know through my profile form. Best regards.

that would be awesome as I have a demo tomorrow. Looking forward to the first one being done. Yes I will require some custom work after my demo is done.

Hi. The file is still on queue. If you are in a hurry, contact me through my profile form, i’ll send you the new zip by email. ;)

I have sent you an email with the Subject “Create Single Page – Scroll bar”


Just replied.

New version 2.0 available for download. Refer to FAQS to see update log:


jdt Purchased

Hi man.

Thanks for adding the scroller. Is there a way to let the scoll-box automatically resize in height relative to the resizing of the window or screen resolution.

Hi. That would need an extra script on global.js, to dynamically check window height and resize text box element. Uhmmm, will think for an easy tweak for that.

Hi pezflash,

I dont really know how to describe my problem… The picture previews in the prettyPhoto does not crop those as he does in your preview.

And the video does not stop playing when I change from Reel to another tab. As I have just bought the template I thought this would not happen.

Thanks in advance.

Hi. Send me your url through my profile form (not here, please), i’ll take a look what could be wrong on those issues. Samples provided in the pack are the same as the previews i’ve on my server, so you get the same functionality. Maybe some code typo is making the issues.

Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Hi Jacob, I just bought your theme set up my Facebook App and realized that its not a wordpress theme!

Any Suggestions?

Would it be terribly hard to adapt to wp?

It’s been years since I’ve developed in straight html, css and don’t know a thing about java script!

Look forward to hearing from you


Hi Sri. Sorry you misunderstood the file category, just as a future reference, note that pricing for html5 templates are between $12-17, meanwhile the WP themes are from $35-50.

About WP version, one partner did it while ago, but note i’m not giving support for that product, is all under the other author profile.

I hope you can use anyway this html version.
Let me know if i can be of further assistance. Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

pd. (my name is Jesús. ;) )

mathieuthonon PURCHASED 2 days ago Flag Hi I have purchased your theme yesterday (wich is kind of great and good looking), i just have an issue finding how to create different portfolio. I don’t understand how to separate the projects so they don’t appeare on every pages where i put the [portfolio] shortcode. Is there any way to cathegorise them? I appologize if my request is not clear, i’m french so english is my second language, i hope you will understand my problem! Waiting for your reply. Have a nice day! Mathieu Thonon.

Hi Mathieu. I created a FAQ with the step to duplicate modules, check it here:

But i’m not sure if your request is about the PrettyPohot plugin, as i checked your site and all seems to be working fine, each project opens its own images, as you have different ids inside the prettyPhoto call (prettyPhoto[random_])

Anyway, just realised you have the WP version, but you have also purchased this HTML version, so not sure if this would help! Let me know if i can be of further assistance.

Hi Indeed my question was about the wordpress theme and somebody in the support team have started to help me. sorry for the mistake and good day !


Ok. Hope you could be lucky with the support there. Note that i’m not managing that account, i shared my design for that WP version. ;)

Hi Dude, Please help me to add png logo instead this text field..Thanks

Hi. Just need to change the following lines on html:

<div id="header">
        <span class="title">Matt Khalley</span>
        <span class="subtitle">ART DIRECTOR & PHOTOGRAPHER</span>


<div id="header">
    <img src="your_logo.png" alt="" />

Depending on your logo you would need to add a class for the img or edit the header class. Hope this helps. Let me know if i can be of further assistance.

Thank you very much