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Ivor Envato Team

Hey dude, congratulations! great design.-

wow beautiful.. please html!!!!!!! It’s great

going to buy it, right now at airport flying to the sun :D

Wow, really good! Tricky one to code though!

Hi Guys, thank you all for the compliments!

@miles-ws, Indeed it’s gonna be a big challange to code it the way I got it in mind :-)

this is wow…. I like this one, you should code it for more sales.

Clean…. Sharp… and Colorful. Just what I needed! Thanks for the PSD . I will put this to good use! Keep em’ coming. I’ll let you know when I get my coding done and send you a link to view the coded site! Thanks!


Thanks for buying!

Looking forward to your version

HTML CSS template of this theme is now available:



Love your work, and want it all!!! but i just bought this one and a lot of layers of locked. Can you supply me the PSD ’s without the locked layers?


Hi Saze,

If you are using photoshop just simply unlock the layers.

Open de layers panel>select the layer that is locked>Press the lock icon at the top of the layers panel.

Now you can edit the layer as you like