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You need to put up a live preview f you want people to purchase this

ok I put a live preview as soon as possible. :)

The sliders don’t work properly. Specially the one that comes by default. It loads all the images and then hides them

Hi, wftsl

Regarding to your question I will fix it Immediately!

Here are some codes that you may edit or fix. If you want to edit it alone First look for style.css then find the ID (#featured #slider) then after that, you can add more codes,

Here are some codes that I add, put it after the ID (#featured #slider)

/#featured #slider img{ position:absolute; }/

Thank you so much wftsl for commenting this template ;)

Best regards, louiejie

Any chance you can fix client login so it doesn’t extend of the page? (goes to the right beyond the layout) Otherwise, this is pretty good.

Hi, Ciroza

Regarding to your question about client login, It takes time to finished since there’s a 14 style I can’t fixed it immediately but I will do my best :)

If you want to edit or fix it alone the problem I will help you through this, Look the style.css then find the class .toggle_content:

BEFORE I didn’t fix it looks like this : .toggle_content { background:url(../images/login-panel.png) no-repeat bottom; float:left; font-size: 1.2em; left:60.7em; overflow: hidden; padding: 0 0 20px 0; position:absolute; top:176px; width: 300px; z-index:100; }

AFTER I FIXED . I changed only the (left:60.7em) to (left:60.5em) here you can see below the changes:

.toggle_content { background:url(../images/login-panel.png) no-repeat bottom; float:left; font-size: 1.2em; left:60.5em; overflow: hidden; padding: 0 0 20px 0; position:absolute; top:176px; width: 300px; z-index:100; }

If you have some more question regarding to my Template Creative theme, Please send me a message and I am willing to help you.

thank you so much for your comment Ciroza :)

I’ll work on it :) , thanks for the code! Cheers!

Great template….one issue. When using the Nivo Slider, when you first load the page, you see two images. One below where it’s supposed to go. It’s the second image. Then it goes away. I see it happening on the your demo also.

Is this the same issue someone mentioned above?

Can we stop that from happening?


Sent an email and no reply and no reply here.

This problem makes the template unusable. Wish I had seen it on the demo…it’s there.

Hi Louiejie,

I have purchased your site and have found a lot of issues with IE6 .

I have some screen shots I would like to send you. Could you please contact me via email. It is:


I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks, Joran

just wanted to post that Louiejie contacted me by e-mail and we worked that problem out.



I would love to know how to change the style and size of the text in the slider.

i dont seem to be able to find the relevant CSS and would be grateful of some assistance.



Hi Oliver

There are 4 slider in creative theme, from what slider do you want to change the text?

thanks, louiejie

Hi There

I have purchased this design and must say it is superb and very easy to configure. Just have 2 doubts.

1> When i click on thumbnails using my compy, lightbox thing works and image expands as a slideshow. but when i upload it on my website and when i click on thumbnails, it opens the big image in same window like simple html. I have copied all the files and folders as it is on my website. Please guide me where am i wrong.

2> How do i change the title of my contact.php page? When i do it in html, it works fine but for contact.php, how to do it?

Please reply as fast as possible.

-warm regards Nisheet Mehta. India.

Crap. Just purchased this thinking it was a WordPress theme. Bye-bye money….

To the author:

Hi, I’m about to pay for this template as it looks like it might be what I’m looking for. However, I need to ask a few questions. 1. client login: what does it enable the clients to see? What I’m after is a section with hi-res photos which customer could download or view&order 2. blog section – can it be linked with Blogger.com? where can it get the feeds from?

3. overall – I’m opening a photography studio so you can imagine the sort of features I’m after. If you have any suggestions please feel free to e-mail me at jan(a)xcen3.com

Of course, I’m prepared to pay either for this template or for a different one, should you have a better alternative. (Sorry, I’m new to this site so if personnal messaging is available somewhere here, I did not find it.)

Thanks and regards,


I must be doing something wrong. Purchased the template, sent message to author, sent e-mail to author… I’m running out of ideas and desperately need some help!



I am looking for a template that allows users to login and create and modify there resume/portfolio for everyone to see.