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I’ve been working on this template for ages, updating its content. I really liked it. However, the template started throwing a sudden error, out of nowhere! it was working perfectly and i have done no chages whatsoever, have not logged into the admin pannel for the past one month but it simply stopped working, and guess what! no one knows what happened.

I’ve posted the error i’m getting above, this is it:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/g/l/a/glm/html/INVENTITS/portal/index.php:23) in /home/content/g/l/a/glm/html/INVENTITS/portal/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 868

If anyone have an idea, please help out


Hi, Brankic!

I tryed to contact you by e-mail so many times. Have you received my messages?

Thanks, Carol.

Hi Brankic,

Is there a way to use the same animation as seen in the demo gallery page on the homepage (for blog items)?

So that it pulls images from the blog, and when hovered, it pulls back to reveal the title of the post etc?

Right now I am in process of updating this theme. I will include this in update, but I am not sure it will be easy to implement if you are running the old version of Creative :(

Ok. No biggie.

Also, how would i remove one of the homepage sections, so if I keep the portfolio gallery, the blog section underneath and remove the 3rd section?

I’ve searched in home.php, but it seems 1 set of data controls all sections.



Hi, please send me your home.php file via email (I think that you have my email address, if not, make the first contact via email form on our profile page).

on the 3 post on the homepage, can I make one of those a video? I am struggling to do the at the moment



It’s a hard work if you are not WordPress developer. I could change the home.php file for you and embed the video into home page, but you won’t be able to change it unless you make a chaneg in this file again.
I think you have my email, so send me your home.php and video URL .


You mentioned an update for this theme to be compatible with WP 3 .1. When do you hope to have this ready?

I’m planning on moving to a different Hosting company and this might be a good oppertunity to upgrade my WP, Plugins en Theme.

Thanks in advance for the answer.

Hi dhrspek,

yes we started upgrade of this template (more than 50% finished), but we have almost finished new template.

Our focus is on that new template, so CreativeWP has to wait :(

Last question, I have tried to add a calendar to the side widget but it doesnt show up very well as the text is white, what can I change to make the text black.



You have to add new rule in css file. We didn’t make rules for calendar widget. Check the source of your page and create new rule (something like)
Just replace calendar with the class of calendar table.

Final question, I promise.

How can I move the menu to the right (or adjust the width ) so that it lines up with the body of the website

Many Thanks


For this kind of questions, please use Firebug add-on for Firefox which helps you to inspect each element on your website. Find the UL with the menu and Firebug will show you which lines you have to edit. Then you should add margin-left or margin-top to align the menu…


Got firebug and I cant quit e work out how to use it yet! a bit cheeky but can you help me out for the last time?

pretty please?


OK, send me your wp-admin URL , u/p (and question please) via email…


We are using the light-colour-version and would like to change text-colour in the news section:

especially under “most recent news”: The content-colour is light grey. How can we change it to darker grey?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Firebug – Inspect Element (Firefox add-on) says that you have to change color in .intro_longer ul li in style.css, line 1690…


Many Thanks – it works. Great support!




i can´t manage put the categories in the portfolio dropdown in the main menu, nor on the page itself. can u help me?


Sorry guys.

This is very old template and we don’t offer support any more.

Hi there, I have been using this theme for a while and made quite a number of modifications on it:

I am now having problems with editing the Google maps. Can you assist me since I would like to have a dynamic Google Map that can contain the physical address details as well as the contacts on the pop-up blob. Kindly assist


I have two questions please;

1. How can i add a sub-page (submenu) under the portfolio? 2. How can I add a vidoe under a single portfolio page?


sorry, but we don’t offer support for this theme anymore :(

So, i simply cannot add a video in the old version?

Is it possible to fix the Live Preview??

Thank you very much for noticing this. We’ve changed hosting, and we’ll try to fix CreativeWP ASAP .

Hi, When i try to download the two plugins indicated on the help file on preparing WP chapter – custom_article and testimonials, the URL goes to a Error 404 page. Can anyone tell me where i can find this two plugins? Thanks a lot

Sorry, but this theme is very old and we don’t give support any more. In fact, we don’t have original files any more…