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Very nice work ! :)

Nice – but how come this is priced so low?

I am suprised as you are!

I thought the same thing about the price…

This is very nice!

Thanks, we hope our future WordPress templates (yeah, there will be more) will have higher price :)

awesome work again mate…

Thanks mate ;)

This is a professional looking and well designed theme for a business, I also wonder why it’s priced so low, seen other themes here that are much simpeler and cost more.

Hi naofilm,

thanks for purchase, we are glad you like the theme. Like we said before, we are very surprised with price, don`t really know why`s that so.

Way too low for the effort! I Guess the amount of sales you gonna get, it will make up for it ;) Good luck man! I will be adding a sale to your tally!

Hi Trixation,

thanks for support, we really appreciate that. ;-)

Hi Trixation,

thanks for support, we really appreciate that. ;-)


very well done, nice job.

just purchased it and got confirmation email, serial no. but it is not in the downloads page. and don’t know how to download it..

am quite new to this so is there anything am missing ?

thanks in advanced.

what a fantastic template by the way :)

Hi ShadyEMohamed,

thanks for purchase. We honestly don`t know where went wrong, as we know if you want to purchase any template, you have click on purchase button, after you have choose between payment option, and we think the finally step is download. After that you can search for template on your computer, depends on how you set the path of download items, and where they are saved after downloading. Hope this will help, if you have any other difficulties you should emial support, since we really don`t know what can make suh troubles.


i bougght this but was shocked!

i tried opening/un-zipping it with WIN ZIP , it didn’t work

i tried opening it with WinAce as suggested but it took me to a website that’s asking me to purchase another stupid software in order to get the free WinAce application

i downloaded winAce from, it couldn’t open it!

I’m getting the “The file header is damaged” in all applications i tried to open these files with

What do i do?

please help

Maybe there was a problem while downloading files to your computer (sometimes files could be damaged if there is a problem with connection during the download. This could be the reason for your problm with unpacking the zip package).


First time using this website and came across your theme, it looks excellent.

I’ve purchased it, went through paypal all fine.

I then logged back in here, went to my account, then downloads.

Here is where your template is displayed and I am just downloading it as we speak.

Thanks ever so much,


Hi Brankic – Can we see a functioning version of the light design as well or is that only PSD ?


It has 99% same design as HTML version Sorry, but we will provide links to all color version very soon.


Just to update.

It downloaded fine (using OSX )

Have followed instructions and in the process of setting it up.

There is a lot to do in order to get it up and running, but it’s all perfectly explained bit by bit, the help file is extremely clear.

I am around 40% done, i’ll report back once complete.



After having been playing with it I now see why it’s priced lower, most of the more expensive themes have solid back-end options, some don’t even require you changing any php code, you can do all that with a lot of options right inside wordpress. Just to give an example, changing the look or color of a theme is always a matter of clicking an option inside wordpress admin panel and clicking on save, here it’s required to do that inside the php file. This theme requires some extensive code changing to get it working and for a medium knowledge php user like me, that is quite a challenge. Nevertheless I”m sure that it’s worthwhile to spend time on it to get it right.

Yeah, I’m sure that this is the reason why the price is low. But, the code is very clear and with lots of comments, so changing shouldn’t be a problem at all. Help file is very detailed and straightforward, so it is not a hard task to set it up.

Ugh, I have to learn to read properly. I was working with my own content (xml file) which I exported from my online site and imported back into a wordpress site that is running locally on my pc. When I read the instructions again I saw to start with importing the included xml file that came with “creative” and after that it all made more sense. Good thing the help file is there :)

One question, it all seems to function ok but I get a error message on the “about” and “services” page. it says: “Warning: explode() expects parameter 2 to be string, object given in C:\xampplite\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes\creative\functions.php on line 245” this warning is displayed just above the text and below the navigation. Any idea what is causing it?

Thanks for detailed information about error. Try this. Open functions.php (wp-admin Appearance->Editor and find functions.php on the right hand side) In 245th row (approximately little before middle) you fill find function parent_category()

replace this function with this

function parent_category($string) { if ($string != “Object”) { $array = explode(”|||”, $string); return $array0; } else return ””; }

If you have any other question contact me via contact form on our profile page.

there is typo error in my reply. Around 0 in return $array0 you should place square brackets

I think this theme has the BEST potential in the world..but MY GOSH , is it hard to get going…I have been at it for over an hour, and still run into errors for ABOUT and SERVICES pages… I have purchased over 100 themes, and never had that much ” thinking ” to install…

To be the Devil’s Advocate, I think it may be a Language Barrier ?

Brankic, your theme is AWESOME , but make it wayyyy easier to install etc, otherwise possible negative feedback may ruin your future themes, and that would be VERY UNFORTUNATE because you show much potential…

Let me know when Services and About bug is resolved…

Wish you the best

Please check FAQ to fix this error.

Hi there,

sorry as I already sent you a small pb while configuring the install, but I’d like to share it with anybody in case the pb occurs to someone else.

After the install, I get the following message on the About and Services pages only :

Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP5.3.0\www\Simopelli\wordpress\wp-content\themes\creative\functions.php on line 245

Thanks for your kind help and I hope you’ll meet success with this theme. Regards Oligo11

Thanks for the prompt reply…and for anyone who has the ABOUT and SERVICES issue..MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FAQ which INSTANTLY fixed it all!!!

Again Thank You and Best Of Luck on a fabulous Theme!!!

Thanks for support!!!

All working ok on mine.

Very clever stuff, well done.

Many thanks,


Hi, Thanks for the feedback but function parent_category($string) { if ($string != “Object”) { $array = explode(”|||”, $string); return $array[0]; } else return ””; } is resulting in a syntax error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '|' in C:\xampplite\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes\creative\functions.php on line 245

Please check FAQ , there is correct code. This syntax error you got is because those double quotes are wrong.

Hi, love this theme, just a few questions before I decide to purchase:

1) The ‘external link’ button you click on the portfolio thumbnails is something I’d rather have open up a lightbox to view a quick image preview. Is this possible or easy to hack? I mostly need video support too.

2) The actual pages for the portfolio items have a nice little clickable slideshow thing. Could I instead just have the large main image be a video? Say I have a video to show instead of images, I just want to get rid of the slideshow for this page and only show a video to fit the page. (Stuff from YouTube of Vimeo).

Many Thanks!

1) I you have any PHP coding experience than it is easy tweak. 2) This theme isn’t predicted for video files on Portfolio and Gallery pages. You can enter video in News or Blog category, but without those effects which you can see on Portfolio and Gallery page.