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Thanks Brankic!

This is what worked:

under .menu-header ul li ul li {

change from list-style: none outside none;

to list-style: none;

Hi Brankic,

Just after a little help with changing the background. I have replaced the image/body.jpg with a custom created image using the PSD layer in photoshop, and now trying to do same with the ‘background’ layer in the PSD file. I want to change the dark grey background colour (body { background-color: #282828;)

to an image instead. Is this possible? Or can I only select # colours? I want the container to remain the same dark grey background, just change the background colour. Thanks and regards, hope it makes sense.

OK. Got a new one. I am trying to use the FancyFlickr plugin which enables you to pull Flickr images in to be displayed by WP-PrettyPhoto. However, when I use FancyFlickr with the Creative Theme, it only shows the photos in a single column and when you click on any of them it shows the image in a new page (not within the PrettyPhoto lightbox).

It works great when I switch back to the default Twenty Ten theme that comes with Wordpress 3.0, but only does not work when I use the Creative theme.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

The page I am trying to display the images on is here:

and here is the link to the plugin: - or here -

Any help is appreciated. Thanks !

We are trying to figure out why some plugins won’t work with our template. As soon as we find the solution we’ll let you know.

Hi there, I already posted this question on the clean “creative” template. Got a problem with the gallery section of this websitte: It doesnt look like the template and there’s no next pic button. If I accidentally enable the html version how can I enable the normal template version? Thanks S

Hi Simon,

first of all it seems you haven’t purchased our template, if you did, there would be a ribbon with purchase on it in top right corner. Second, it seems you haven’t purchased any of template on themeforest, if you did there would be a little icon bellow your avatar. Third, there is nothing to see when click on link you posted. We are obligate to answer and help only to those who have purchase our template. So sorry, but hope you can understand us.


Hello Brankic !

I have send you a message there are some days (maybe one week).

I have alway the same problem, the link on the home slideshow pictures don’t work (it’s the same on your demo website) !

Can you help me ?

Thx !



We’ve changed our email server so this is the reason why we didn’t answered to you. Please email us via email form on our profile page.

Hi Brankic,

The contact form sends fine from every browser except Safari. It allows you to fill out the form but when you press send nothing happens. Can you help?

Thanks again,


Hi Brankic,

Has anyone found installing All in one SEO has caused page titles to stop working?

It only happens with this template installed so I’m wondering if there’s anything you know about that modifies the pages causing All in one SEO to not being able to create page titles.


We purchased the theme and have a question. We need to show portfolio images on the second row of the homepage ‘boxes’.

There is the option to post content, but not images as in your home page demo.

This is what we want to be able to do:

How to do this does not seem to appear in your help files- so if you could possibly help with any instructions?

Many thanks


Our developer inserted the category id in the portfolio page, but due to this the portfolio changed and the drop down menus do not work under the portfolio navigation. Please advise!

Hi- also, how do you create a sub menu under the category menu?


Sorry, but I click on Report instead of Reply.
Question was about Submenu under Category: You must have subcategories of category shown on top menu. These subcategories will be shown as submenu.
About category Id, – Custom field is Category ID (case sensitive).

Hi there, I already posted this question on the clean “creative” template. Got a problem with the gallery section of this websitte: It doesnt look like the template and there’s no next pic button. If I accidentally enable the html version how can I enable the normal template version? Thanks S

Hi Brankic.

Will upgrading to Wordpress 3.1 ruin my website?

I’m using version 2.0 of your Creative theme as moving to version 2.1 was a huge head-ache for our business.

Wordpress upgrade to 3.1 won’t affect this theme.

Hey Brankic1979,

Love the theme – one question though:

Updated to WP 3 .1 and have this issue on “portfolio-single” pages:

“Warning: array_search() [function.array-search]: Wrong datatype for second argument in /wp-content/themes/creative/template_portfolio_single.php on line 44”

Tried updating your theme but it caused too many issues so i’m using version ‘Creative 1.1’

Any help would be appreciated.

thanks, Bobby

Can you send me username and password (via email form on our profile page) to see what’s wrong?

Thanks for the reply Brancic,

I bit the bullet and updated your theme to 2.1 – everything works fine now… Thanks for the great theme – It’s not exactly meant for the WP novice but a great way to get familiar with how WP really works.

thanks again, Bobby

sorry i posted this question on the html template, and I bought the wordpress one well

hello guys

love this template

I cant find the advertise widget

the help file says I already installed but the only 2 widgets I installes are the testimonials and the custom article

what m i missing?

2nd question Im using the slider for the front page but i can make the links work :( Im doing everything you said on the help file but nothing happens.

Im using wordpress 3.0

thanks in advance


1) There is no adverts widget. You have to create article (post) with adverts and then with custom article widget assign this article to widget
2) You have to use Custom Fields Link text and Link URL (case sensitive) for link on slides. These links works only with Horizontal Slider (not with Cu3er and Fancy Transitions)

Hey thanks for the prompt response, you guys are the best

I followed the instructions for the adverts and is working! I’m slow some times ha ha

On the slider, I used the Link URL and on the value I put my link (absolute) and nothing. also on my list didn’t appear the Link text option, so I created one but nothing happened. I have the image on the post and has the text below.

does the excerpt field has to do something with it?

can you be more specific? Dumb proof explanation please

it might be some detail that I’m missing.

thanks nobox

P.S. again thank you for the awesome support

Please contact us via email form on our profile page. Then I will fix this for you.

Hi Brankic,

I have added an Upload File field to the Contact Form page, and although the email still sends correctly the function to deal with the attachment hasn’t yet been added. Is there a simple way to add this? If so, should it be added to the page_thank_you.php or the page_contact.php? I have googled around and found various code snippets that sorts this, but not sure how it fits into your code. Figured I should post this because others would probably find it useful too?

ps – theme is very good to work with! Best I’ve seen in a while!

Please contact us via email form on our profile page. I will add few lines of code when you send me your wordpress username and password.

Many thanks for sorting this for me Brankic, all works fine, even that email address is picking up attachments now for some reason! To anyone else still thinking about buying, I’d suggest that you do. Not only do you get the theme and subsequent updates, but more importantly (for me anyway) you get the hands on support, which I have found to be not only excellent, but fast, efficient and fully communicative. I urge anyone to buy as it is well worth it. Thanks again Brankic your a legend.

Hi there, I already posted this question on the clean “creative” template. Got a problem with the gallery section of this websitte: It doesnt look like the template and there’s no next pic button. If I accidentally enable the html version how can I enable the normal template version? Thanks S

Have you changed anything in source files? I see date next to number of image.

Quick question: In your earlier version you have 4 color(s) cute little bubbly creatures with faces. Could you email to me ( I searched psd files and can’t seem to find them.

Thank you muchly! -E

I cannot get the portfolio images to display on the homepage like the example. Can you send of snapshot of what a post page would look like.

Page for portfolio must have page template Page Portfolio and right Category ID custom field with ID of category where portfolio images (in articles) are.

I have not changed anything! :(

Hi Brankic, quick one (promise)

Have added a subcategory into Gallery, and added a post linked to that subcategory. Post has first thumb image that shows up on gallery page fine, and then have 1st bigger version of image that opens up when rolled over thumb and clicked. Am trying to add a 2nd bigger image so that when I roll over thumb and click, the window opens and there are two different images. When I add this into post I dont see 2nd image. Is code likely to be wrong or can it not support two images?

It can’t support more than one big image per thumb :(

Ah I see. Presumably the viewer on the live demo that can click and left and right to different images within the gallery, is part of the June 2010 upgrade? Or is there any way to integrate within the Feb 2010 version that I am running?

Hi Brankic,

When I go onto the Gallery page, by default it shows all posts added into Gallery subcategories. How can I amend this so that when I click on Gallery page it shows a paragraph of text by default, but obviously with the gallery subcategories still showing as links above it? I basically want to inform the user that login is required to see images, prior to then browsing gallery by category. Am fairly sure it requires a post with a subcategory, but not sure how to set it as default and stop all images showing.


Hi, without a lots of coding this isn’t possible in this template.