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Hi We are still having some issues with the theme:

1) On the demo site, when you click on an individual portfolio in the Portfolio section, you get a page which brings up a slideshow. This is not happening on the CPES site:

2) In the demo, in the Gallery section, you are able to embed youtube & vimeo videos – this is not working on the CPES site

3) On the homepage, the 2nd row of blue boxes – these should contain images like the demo does – they are instead displaying text

If you could please advise?


1) Looks like you have a post called ‘advertisements’ here. I also found it confusing, but for the portfolio, you need a ‘portfolio’ page and category called ‘portfolio’ as well. You then make a note of the category id for it and insert it in the custom field on the Portfolio page. Create a post for your portfolio items and add it to the portfolio category.

2) haven’t embedded anything on my site, but seems straightforward from the help doc.

3) This only pulls images once you have set up the category as per 1) above. Make sure you add the ‘portfolio’ page id in the theme options as well for that section.

Hope this helps


Hi Phil

Thanks for your input.

Please could the creator/developer send me a link or point me towards a tutorial for image/video uploading on the portfolio and gallery pages?


Hi Brankic, I am almost ready to use your great Creative Theme for my site; I really hope I can do it before 2011. I still have few problems : • The slide on my homepage doesn’t work properly / Can you please check this pb here for me : • Before the upgrade of your theme I was able to insert video into the body of any portfolio post. None for the description of it but in the body. Now the video doesn’t appear at all !!! / Can you please check this pb here for me : • I have a strange white line that appears on your service cat that I renamed Corporate. Can you please check this pb here for me : • I added 2 differents steps at the service cat you can see on the page that looks great at first but as you click on one of them the other one is broken while it is not the same. Is there a way to fix that easily u think? Thank you in advance to have a quick look on my questions. I wish you a merry Christmas and all the best for 2011. Best regards, Karl

  • Slider problem – You can try to change values in home.php and header.php
    if ($posts_no == 3) $desc_width = 857 - 86;
    if ($posts_no == 3) $horizontal_slider_image_width = 857;
  • In single.php add “object” and “embed” tag in list of tags
    $content_ = strip_tags($content, "........");
  • Have you changed anything in css files? I’ve inserted calendar widget and there is no line (like on your page)
  • You should duplicate all instances of this script and change it a bit. In header.php duplicate this
    <!-- Sliding tabs JavaScript Files -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function() {    
      $('#tabMenu > li').click(function(){
        $('#tabMenu > li').removeClass('selected');
        $('.boxBody div').slideUp('1500');
            $('.boxBody div:eq(' + $('#tabMenu > li').index(this) + ')').slideDown('1500');    
    and change tabMenu to tabMenu2 and boxBody to boxBody2. In functions.php duplicate function function The_process and change its name to function The_process2 and add this after
    add_shortcode('the_process2', 'The_process2');
    Shortcode for 2nd steps will be [the_process2 …]

Hi Brankic

We are still really looking for an answer to our question that we posted:

2) In the demo, in the Gallery section, you are able to embed youtube & vimeo videos – this is not working on the CPES site

If you could send me a link or point me towards a tutorial for image/video uploading on the portfolio and gallery pages?

Please respond as soon as you are able.

Many thanks

You just have to add Custom Field – Video with URL of Youtube or Vimeo page with video. Screenshot


Trying to install a different featured wordpress gallary onto the home.php as seen here.

code from home.php

[ <?php get_header(); ?>

this is the custom code for the new gallery <?php include (ABSPATH . ’/wp-content/plugins/featured-content-gallery/gallery.php’); ?>

<!-END container->

The gallery does not show up correctly, but does on the default wp theme. Is there a conflict with coding with the 9-1 theme?


^ Figured it out

It is indeed a jQuery conflict. Inserted this before the coding


Hi Brankic

How do I adjust the email output details to a custom message that is sent to new users who subscribe to the newsletter?

In page_thank_you.php under
if ($_POST["Submit_news"] != "")
are email details. This is php mail() function.

Hi Branick

I’m in the process of updating the theme to “CreativeWP21” and I’m having some issues with the Advertisement Widget. I could not find the widget in the updated theme so I installed the widget form the previous version. (wich functions correct on the previous version of the Theme)

I created a post called “Advertisement” in the category “Uncategorized” and added 2 images as a unordered list.

The images do show up, the problem is that is doesnot stop there. it imports other content as wel.

Is there an update for the Advertisement widget that i missed? Or do you know another solution for this problem?

Hey Brankic

Where do I put the html for the favicon (.ico) to show up in the theme?

in header.php, but you must use absolute path (http://www…) to your ico file.

The links in the “helpfile.html” are outdated and go to:

Which is no longer online.

The plugins that are linked in the helpfile.html are offline due to this.

Also, a good number of links on the Creative WP21 theme site are still linked to that old address and therefore no longer work.

Can you fix this please? Thanks!

Thank you for noticing this (we’ve change our web hosting few month ago). We’ll fix this very soon.

How would I go about customizing the font used with the Cufon script? Also do you guys have an ETA for the suggested fixes I mentioned below for the HELP FILES ?

This would help me and future customers out greatly.

In javascript folder, there is file kabel-font.js. You should replace this file with new file generated with . In header.php replace kabel-font.js with new file name.

New URLs for plugins are:

Hi There,

I’m trying for a picture in the middle of text for example in the portfolio in a post but I do not display the image, just stays in the slideshow at the top.

You can make an image appear in the text …? And do not be presented in the slideshow at the top?

Sorry my english.

is there no sub-navigation with this theme?

I mean sub sub navigation.

I have menu items that drop-down, but child menu items underneath that don’t exist. It only shows 1 level below.

Sorry, but there is no sub-sub navigation :(

Hi, its possible images in the slideshow link to a specifik post? or to the post of the image in the slideshow …

Sorry my bad english…

I need the 5 imagem link do the page # I need. my website is:

I am still seeing pages in my main navigation that I specified not to show up also how do I remove categories from the main navigation?

Have you inserted right page IDs (something like this: 546,540,75,77,487,548)? Next option is for setting Categories to show on main menu.

Very soon we’ll release updated version which will support Wordpress 3.0 menus.

Yes, please let me know when WP 3 .0 integration is complete!

Also, I would like the images to link to specific posts (as requested by: euluism) as well.

X2 for the WP 3 .0 integration! Please let us know!


Its possible an image in the slideshow in the index page link to a post or link do another page?